7.11.2016 Daily Links

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http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/11/arts/honoring-garcia-lorcas-genius-a-bout-over-a-22-million-archive.html – From the New York Times, an engaging romp through the underside of a Spanish cultural brouhaha, in which the archives of Federico Garcia Lorca are at risk of dispersal or sale to whomever will pay the highest price because family, National, and local interests, including the erstwhile ‘nonprofit’ foundation that has the overall charge to manage the entire affair of the great poets papers, are all fighting with each other and failing to progress in making Lorca’s remnants available to scholars and researchers, further proof–if a bizarre and complex sort of demonstration–that property relations are especially malapropos as a way of dealing with the knowledge and wisdom of the past and our absolute need, as humans to have access to it.

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Around our globe today is World Population Day, while Ireland celebrates a Day of Commemoration on the Sunday nearest to this date, Argentina marks the Day of the Bandoneon, and China honors National Maritime Day; in the environs of what we now know as Turkey, near Constantinople, eighteen hundred sixty-two years ago, a favored child of nobility entered the world who would bear the name of his birthplace, as Bardaisan, en route to his life as a chronicler of the culture and people of the subcontinent and practitioner of philosophy and astrology; MORE HERE

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The culture of complaint that manifests as the American way includes intricate and complicated interconnections that all boil down to that ineffable combination of hyper-individualism and fetishistic identity that Yankeelandia’s bourgeois intellectuals have cooked up to replace mutuality, solidarity, and class consciousness, the upshot of which, universally and without fail, always creates a sideshow of victimization and vengeance instead of any possibility of an organized response to class war and profiteering rackets.

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“I think of myself as doing projects. Some of them are bigger than others. My first project was trying to understand the way in which knowledge about the brain might inform how we think about cognitive capacities. This research ultimately led to my work on the theory of Multiple Intelligence—the work of mine that got the most attention; my fifteen minutes of fame, so to speak. One reason why “MI” got a lot of attention is because you can summarize the idea very quickly: Rather than intelligence being a single thing, of which you have some, or a lot, or not much, we have a set of distinctly different intelligences. You can be very strong with musical and not with spatial or vice-versa, and so on. MORE HERE

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SEARCHDAY"teaching history" OR "history class" "secondary school" OR "high school" "u.s. history" falsehood OR lies OR distortion OR misrepresentation OR "half truth" OR propaganda ubiquitous OR omnipresent OR widespread destructive OR dangerous OR undermine OR destroy understanding OR awareness OR consciousness analysis OR assessment critique marxist OR radical = 8,040 Results.

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Hands solidarity diversity cooperationhttps://www.edge.org/conversation/mahzarin_banaji-anthony_greenwald-the-implicit-association-test – On display here, the absolutely incontrovertible fact–that humans respond prejudicially to people of other colors, as well as to folks who display identifiably different elements of ethnicity or culture–in the form of a transcript of one of Edge’s typically magnificent interviews, which in the event delineates the Implicit Association Test, a truly ingenious method for demonstrating dispositively the internal presence among most people, or at least most White people, of negative feelings and beliefs about people of color and especially Blacks, which in turn could provide a basis for all manner of discussion about race and chauvinism and so forth, even though the scientific discussion here is much more modest and hopeful to initiate discourse than it is to assert conclusive findings, a very different agenda, indeed, than what appears most commonly among the promoters of ‘leftist’ thinking, which is to say that racism, literally almost never defined at all, MORE HERE

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A sublime Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network ‘book talk’ from a few years back, an absolutely central listening and viewing experience for any scrappy scribe or stalwart citizen who cares either about political effectiveness or rational consciousness, here thanks to Information Clearinghouse’s provision of the YouTube portal to just a magnificent interview with James Loewen about his classic deconstruction of high-school history textbooks, Lies My Teacher Told Me, which is a presentation that so bursts with the demonstration of half-truth and distortion and falsehood at the heart of secondary-school teaching of history that one would hope at least that classes about the past would include exciting yarns and intoxicating lies, except that a major part of the whole point of the entire process of misrepresentation and fraud is to pretend that the American past was more or less blissfully free of vicious controversy and mayhem, which of course is precisely the opposite of anything even vaguely resembling Western Hemisphere social reality since the European arrival five and a quarter centuries ago.