7.10.2017 Day in History

Today in Liverpool and Hamburg is Beatles Appreciation Day, and around the world people commemorate Nikola Tesla Day; on the plains of Macedonia 2065 years back Pompeian armies came close to crushing the forces of Julius Caesar at the Battle of Dyrrachium; a millennia and twenty-nine years before today, the deference that Scandinavian royalty showed to Irish aristocrats led to the founding of the city of Dublin and a consolidation of Irish ethnic power; just two years short of a century afterward, in 1086, a peasant insurgency led to the execution of Danish king Canute IV; five hundred and eight years prior to the present pass, a baby boy was born who would rise to the stern center of reform in Protestant circles occupied by John Calvin; two hundred thirty-nine years ago, the ultimately ill-fated Louis XVI of France opportunistically made war against the English and came to the aid of the American uprising; two centuries and eleven years before the here and old american revolution-Declaration_independencenow, Indian sepoys for the first time openly rebelled against British dominion; a decade and a half subsequently, in 1821, halfway around the world, the former British colonies that formed the United States took possession of Florida in a ‘purchase’ from Spain; eleven years later, in 1832, in a favorite historical moment of libertarian thinkers who don’t really understand what it means, Andrew Jackson refused to extend the second charter of the Bank of the United States; two years further on, in 1834, the baby boy was born into a privileged family who would grow up as the libertine and combative artist and thinker, James Whistler; one hundred sixty-six  years in advance of today’s light and air, the forefather of photography, Louis Daguerre, developed his final print; five years later, in 1856, a male child uttered his first cry in Serbia, before he came to the United States and contributed volumes to the understanding of energy and electricity as Nikola Tesla; 

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 a decade and a half closer to today, in 1871, another male infant came along who would make his mark in France as the iconic writer Marcel Proust;  a century and twenty-seven years ago, in 1889 and as illustrative of the dangers and violence of the culture of the West “Buckskin” Frank Leslie murdered his lover, the Tombstone prostitute Blonde Mollie Williams, in a fit of rage;  a year later, in 1890, the United States admitted Wyoming as it’s 44th state; a century ago,  German-chancellor-Theobald Von Bethmann Hollweg resigned, as a general portrayal of tensions at the time;  ninety-six years before this moment in time, ‘BloodySunday’ occurred in Belfast as an early version of Orange-Green mayhem took place in Northern Ireland; four years hence, in 1925, across the Atlantic in the State of Tennessee, John Scopes began his ‘trial’ for the ‘crime’ of teaching his students the evolutionary facts of life; another half dozen years along the temporal road, in 1931, a baby girl entered the world in the usual way en route to a career as the masterful short story writer and critic, Nobel Laureate Alice Munro; a decade hence, in 1941, Jelly Roll Morton, Jazz great, met his musical end;  seventy-five years ago, the government of Netherlands in exile recognized the Soviet Union, which was the primary bulwark in the battle against Nazis who had conquered Holland; half a decade after that moment in time and space, in 1947, a baby boy shouted out on his way to life as crooner and activist guitar music art performanceArlo Guthrie; ten years still later, in 1957, a baby girl was born whose destiny also led her to activism, as the advocate of peace and social justice, Cindy Sheehan; just three hundred sixty-five days more, in 1958, a New York baby boy came along whose fate was to play banjo, write songs, and master many genres of music as Béla Fleck; two years even closer to our day and time, in 1960,a male child took his initial breath who would mature as the champion of technology and ethics, Seth Godin; two years later on, in 1962, the world’s first communications satellite launched as Telstar, as well, the three-point seatbelt was invented;   fourteen years thereafter, in 1976, Angolan authorities put to death four mercenaries, one of whom was American and three of whom Zulu attackgutt africawere British, who had sold their military skills to those who were seeking to overthrow the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola government of the former Portuguese colony; not quite a decade beyond that unfolding of martial law, in 1985, halfway around the world a somewhat different instance of violent conflict occurred in Auckland Harbor, New Zealand, when French Special Forces sank the Greenpeace Warrior ship there in a commando operation; five years later, in 1990, Gorbachev is re-elected head of the USSR’s Communist Party;  hone year henceforth, in 1991, South Africa’s cricket team re-entered international competition after the nation became part of the civilized world and outlawed apartheid; three hundred and sixty-six leap days later, in 1992, former CIA agent and drug trafficker Manuel Noriega, who had fallen out of favor with his imperial masters, went to prison for forty years for crimes that thus were no longer tolerable. as well, the Exxon Valdez spill captain’s conviction was overturned;  another six years subsequently, in 1997, British scientists found confirming DNA evidence from skeletal remains to support the out-of-Africa hypothesis for the origins of Homo Sapiens, at approximately 100,000 to 200,000 years BCE; a year after that, in 1998 in Dallas, the Catholic church settled sex abuse lawsuits for nine former altar boys to the tune of two and a half million dollars each; two years further on, in 2000,  the world’s second largest aerospace company came into existence with the merger of several continental European firms, designating itself the European Aeronautics Defense Space Company(EADS), which soon enough renamed itself Airbus. From Wikipedia Day in History