7.10.2017 Daily Links

  A Thought for the Day   

wizard ten new commandmentsWhat shall we say at the end of the day to guide us along a halcyon way?
Some believe that such a reprieve is more than we shall ever receive;
Still, at the heart of where we may start if we search for such a typecast part
Remain amendments to sacred commandments that merely ask our attention:

To wit,
1. The Golden Rule Reigns Supreme.
2. All Children Receive Priority.
1. All Who Work Are Welcome.
4. All Who Work Are Equal.
5. All Who Work Have Responsibilities & Rights.
6. All Who Work Receive Benefits & Provide Support for Others.
7. All Who Work Own Everything That Labor Transforms.
8. All Who Work Are Family.
9. All Beliefs, Congruent with the Golden Rule, Are Welcome.
10. All Other Matters Are Negotiable.

We’d hardly need a gentler creed to assist us as we try not to bleed
Away all the joy that comes, bold or coy, if only we’ll make appropriate noise.

  Quote of the Day  
“We can’t depend on the Democrats … They got there and betrayed the grass roots that put them there… .(In all of this militarist political shenanigans), I am tired of the warmakers making war with our children.  I am tired of our tired troops being sent over to do the dirty work for mob bosses who are going to squeeze the life out of Iraq and not leave until every asset and every natural resource has been raped from the country.  I am tired of seeing Iraqis burying their loved ones and hearing the reverberating screams of mothers all over our country who are being destroyed for the benefit of a very few.”  Cindy Sheehan

 This Day in History  

Today in Liverpool and Hamburg is Beatles Appreciation Day, and around the world people commemorate Nikola Tesla Day; on the plains of Macedonia 2065 years back Pompeian armies came close to crushing the forces of Julius Caesar at the Battle of Dyrrachium; a millennia and twenty-nine years before today, the deference that Scandinavian royalty showed to Irish aristocrats led to the founding of the city of Dublin and a consolidation of Irish ethnic power; just two years short of a century afterward, in 1086, a peasant insurgency led to the execution of Danish king Canute IV; five hundred and eight years prior to the present pass, a baby boy was born who would rise to the stern center of reform in Protestant circles occupied by John Calvin;  MORE HERE

     Doc of the Day    

1. Marcel Proust, 1927.
2. Jelly Roll Morton & Alan Lomax, 1938.
3. Alice Munro, 2013.
4. Seth Godin, 2017.

Numero UnoOn one of the first evenings after my return to Paris in 1916, wanting to hear about the only thing that interested me, the war, I went out after dinner to see Mme. Verdurin, for she was, together with Mme. Bontemps, one of the queens of that Paris of the war which reminded one of the Directory.  As the leavening by a small quantity of yeast appears to be a spontaneous germination, young women were running about all day wearing cylindrical turbans on their heads as though they were contemporaries of Mme. Tallien.  As a proof of public spirit they wore straight Egyptian tunics, dark and very ‘warlike’ above their short skirts, they were shod in sandals, recalling Talma’s buskin or high leggings like those of our beloved combatants.  MORE HERE

book hor2

 "david brion davis" OR "eric williams" OR "walter rodney" OR "hugh thomas" slavery "slave trade" history analysis =  108,000 results

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  Nearly Naked Links  

Puerto Rico – https://ofamerica.wordpress.com/tag/puerto-rican-statehood/

Koreans and Demian – 

Space – http://nautil.us/issue/49/the-absurd/what-is-space

The End of Retail – http://www.newgeography.com/content/005666-how-take-advantage-retail-apocalypse


 Interesting People Places Things of Note 

Channeling Ecstasy

A fascinating Aeon post by an accomplished academician who tells us a true spiritual experience is closer than we think: “Over the past five centuries, Western culture has gradually marginalised and pathologised ecstasy. That’s partly a result of our shift from a supernatural or animist worldview to a disenchanted and materialist one. In most cultures, ecstasy is a connection to the spirit world. In our culture, since the 17th century, if you suggest you’re connected to the spirit world, you’re likely to be considered ignorant, eccentric or unwell. Ecstasy has been labelled as various mental disorders: enthusiasm, hysteria, psychosis. It’s been condemned as a threat to secular government. We’ve become a more controlled, regulated and disciplinarian society, in which one’s standing as a good citizen relies on one’s ability to control one’s emotions, be polite, and do one’s job. The autonomous self has become our highest ideal,  and the idea of surrendering the self is seen as dangerous. “

 Writers Tools Issues 

Jelly Roll ‘Aural History’ Review-Essay

An Utne look at how storytelling and musicianship changed forever with this one interview: “Lomax soon realized that this was an interview like no other…. He heard the stentorian tones of Morton’s voice, part preacher, part medicine-show huckster, a rich, languid baritone that looped and slid, stretching one-syllable words into two. He saw how Morton seemed to light up as he faced the phonograph day after day, a one-time jazz has-been who had found a new purpose. And he marveled at the music that the microphone seemed to elicit: the Creole street cries, the obscene whorehouse melodies, and, most haunting of all, the formless, nameless chord progressions that he played as he spoke, changing from major to minor to augment the mood of his tale.”

 General Media & ‘Intellectual Property’ Issues 

An Establishment ‘Fake News’ Disquistion

An ongoing look, this time from Nieman Lab, as to the realities of the ‘fake news’ imbroglio: “Only Hungary has a bigger gap…” The Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report 2017, out this week, touches on all kinds of digital news trends — see here for Nieman Lab’s general roundup and here for two of the report’s authors’ takes on how social media may actually diversify people’s media diets. There’s also more on fake news in the report: “Definitions of ‘fake news’ are fraught with difficulty and respondents frequently mix up three categories: (1) news that is ‘invented’ to make money or discredit others; (2) news that has a basis in fact, but is ‘spun’ to suit a particular agenda; and (3) news that people don’t feel comfortable about or don’t agree with,” the authors write. “In our analysis very few people can accurately recall having seen items in category 1, except in the United States.”

 Recent Events 

Assessing U.S.-Russian Relations

An Information Clearing House look at the current grim relations between the two nations, as well as a historical look at what defines Russia generally: “To understand how Russians usually respond to Western power a little time travel, starting 1219 AD, is more than useful. … 

Russia’s greatest fear begins here – crushed between their European foes to the West and the Mongols to the East. Russians were to develop a paranoid dread of invasion and encirclement which has tormented their foreign relations ever since. Hardly ever has an experience left such deep and ever-lasting scars on a nation’s psyche as this cataclysm did on Russians. This explains, among other things, their stoical acceptance of harsh rule at home.”

 General Past & Present Issues 

Deep State Deep History

A Consortium News article that contextualizes the history of America’s elitist deep state: “The idea of an elitist Deep State – erasing a “mistake”  by the people – pervades current efforts to remove buffoonish President Trump, but the concept has deep historical roots dating from the Founding, writes Jada Thacker