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university college classroom education teachCOMPLEX SKEINS OF OPPRESSION & PROTEST, WITH A LATIN TWIST
As America’s imperial ‘chickens come home to roost,’ in the form of trained killers who are angry and alienated enough to turn their guns on the ‘forces of order’ that are really plundering gangs anyway–extortion rackets to extract fines from the poor at home, more brutal and vicious forms of theft and ‘extraction’ abroad–a reminder from TeleSur about the ongoing general strike by Mexico City’s teachers, who are expressing a solidarity that says “Basta!” to further contentions, “No Paseran!” and more, a briefing that contrasts with the hard-won ‘peace’ that Colombia’s decades-long guerilla movement has won in the mountains and backwoods of their country, where Bill Clinton’s ‘Plan Columbia’ was much worse than America’s domestic police, an eventuality reported  by Consortium News, in the midst of the very different unfolding stories of which TeleSur once more provides documentation , on an insurgent Chilean student movement that is ferociously resisting new ‘educational reforms’ that add up to simply more cutbacks and less opportunity–reportage about the majority of the hemisphere that is Spanish speaking that also dovetails, in ways that America’s ‘news outlets’–monopolized and slanted toward empire and its “gangsters for capitalism”–fail to acknowledge, with recent eyewitness, or richly empathic accounts from or about Venezuela, where according to Countercurrents , grassroots communities are gaining strength despite a‘general strike of capital‘ against a too-liberal and too anti-colonial government, and where, as noted in the incisive commentary of Andre Vltchek in Information Clearinghouse, as he writes from Siberia, though people might “be forced to eat shit,” the strength of their principles, no matter how much they might criticize Nicolas Maduro, can still defeat fascist might in the same way that the ‘hopeless’ defense of Leningrad and socialist Soviets won out against Germany’s overwhelming war machine.

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Today is the initial point for the celebration of the Tanabata Festival in Japan, which combines a story of separated lovers who meet on this day each year for one night, with a tradition of making wishes on paper strips and tying them to trees, and fanciers of cocoa around the globe celebrate World Chocolate Day; many thousands of miles away,eight hundred ninety-two years back, in the midst of a First Crusade in the ‘Holy Lands,’ Christian Europeans succeeded in capturing and holding Tyre, a key port into what is today Lebanon and Syria, just North of contemporary Israel; MORE HERE

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annie oakley wild west gun womenThat ‘arms’ are weapons seems to transgress the handshake—or perhaps not since according to some its origins lie in the desire to assess whether a visitor might hold a dagger or other implement of destruction; so too that ‘to arm’ means to gird for mutual slaughter, a ten thousand year habit of our theretofore less martially obsessed hundred thousand year old species: but what are we to make of this apparently paradoxical duality of design and definitely socially destructive pattern of perverse behavior, in which our social actions rip society to shreds and threaten to destroy the amity and comity that our mutual engagement occasionally permits and always necessitates.

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“Compañeros of the Americas and the entire world: It would take a long time to extend individual greetings on behalf of our country to each of you, and to each of the countries represented here.  We nevertheless want to draw attention to some of those who represent countries afflicted by natural catastrophes or catastrophes caused by imperialism. MORE HERE

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SEARCHDAY"social transformation" OR "social change" OR "social revolution" "popular power" OR "people power" OR "grassroots power" necessity OR "sine qua non" OR essential method OR approach OR methodology history OR origins OR evolution marxist OR radical OR socialist = 71,000 Discoveries.

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http://lawnewz.com/video/viral-video-black-cop-blasts-racist-officers-with-god-complex-following-alton-sterling-shooting/ –  From a Cleveland area police officer’s Facebook page, a scorching indictment of men “who took an oath” to serve and protect but instead are blatantly murdering young Black man, something about which she speaks with authority as an cop who has insisted on a ‘beat’ in a downtrodden neighborhood, where fights and disturbances that require negotiation, empathy, and deescalation occur on a regular basis and which should almost never entail a need for lethal force, for which, to tell the truth, she shames the United States of America–which institutionally and systemically enables the men whom she herself calls out–in searing and certain language, a potent expression of passion that fits perfectly with a pair of Jonathan Capeheart presentations in an article that he just posted about theterror that is the daily lot of Black people in the ‘land of the free,’ that forms part of a mandatory contemplation of commitment to reform by scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens that DemocracyNow! recommends , that dovetails seamlessly with a powerful ‘Dutch Uncle’ talk from Trevor Noah, via Salon ,  that insists on rubbing faces in the at best false and idiotic duality between protections of citizens and fulfillment of ‘police duties,’ the inescapable subtext of which is that the United States has become a police state and will remain so until folks awaken from their long slumber and demand, no command, as the sovereign people, a different outcome; all of which makes required watching of James Corbett’s Boiling Frog Video, helpfully conveyed by Forbidden Knowledge TV , in which the estimable golden-throated commentator establishes that a psychological affliction, cognitive dissonance, is destroying citizens’ capacity to see and understand the world in just such situations as those of the murders of Black cousins of ours, such as Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Meagan Hockaday, Freddie Gray, Ezell Ford, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, and now Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, a state of mind on the part of vast quantities of White people, and too many people of color, in which one “refuses to believe” what the eye plainly shows, a refusal that stems from the insistence that ‘everything’s okay’ and ‘America is a place of freedom and justice.’


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PLAYA, in south central Oregon, is a retreat for creative individuals who are committed and passionate about their work and who will benefit from time spent in a remote location. PLAYA offers seclusion and quiet in a natural environment and the opportunity for interaction, if desired, with a cohort of residents and the local rural community. A residency provides the time and space to create substantive work or to research and reflect upon one’s creative or scientific processes. PLAYA’s residencies are open to artists, scientists, naturalists, and individuals engaged in forms of creative research. Residencies are awarded for two to eight weeks and include housing, work or studio space, and twice weekly group dinners at no cost. There is a $35 application fee for individuals ($70 for collaborative teams). Deadline September 1, 2016.


Individual Artist Fellowships are awarded to practicing New Jersey artists through an anonymous, competitive application process to help them pursue their artistic goals. Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation provides administrative support and organizes application review for the New Jersey State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Fellowships program. Deadline July 15, 2016.

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GEORGIA Magazine is the most widely read magazine for and about Georgians. Each issue celebrates the Georgia lifestyle in word and photo, revealing the spirit of its people and the flavor of its past in a friendly, conversational tone. As a nonprofit publication, fees, including expenses, start at $500 for features (first-time North American rights), and photography support is required either by providing actual slides, prints or digital images (minimum 300 dpi) that serve as illustration or as examples for photo shoot possibilities. Shorter articles and departments range from $400 to $500, depending on subject matter or time involved. Second-use rights pay one-half the usual fees. Fees are paid upon publication.


Providence publishes widely on matters intersecting Christian faith and theology with national security and foreign policy, international relations, political theory, defense, war, terrorism, global economy, energy, etc. Operating generally from within a Christian realist perspective, we have a strong focus on presenting the classic just war tradition as an alternative to pacifist idealism; on presenting moral claims as real claims as an alternative to cynical realism and therefore on expanding the definition of national interest to include more than security and economic, cultural, or political well-being. Website: We prefer to publish 500-1,000 words but are willing to publish longer pieces so long as they are highly readable. Print journal: Book Reviews: 800-1,200; Essays: 1,500-3,000; Lead features: 3,250-4,000. Website pays $100 per post. For print journal we pay $250 for book reviews and $500-$1,000 for essays and features.




A New Yorker article by an incisive writer who looks at the philosophy of happiness: ” But Aristotle proposed a third option. In his Nicomachean Ethics, he described the idea of eudaemonic happiness, which said, essentially, that happiness was not merely a feeling, or a golden promise, but a practice. “It’s living in a way that fulfills our purpose,” Helen Morales, a classicist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, told me. “It’s flourishing. Aristotle was saying, ‘Stop hoping for happiness tomorrow. Happiness is being engaged in the process.’ ” Now, thousands of years later, evidence that Aristotle may have been onto something has been detected in the most surprising of places: the human genome.”

WRISSLearning to Read and Write

A New Yorker piece that looks at learning English as a foreigner:  “Reading and writing, like any other crafts, come to the mind slowly, in pieces. But for me, as an E.S.L. student from a family of illiterate rice farmers, who saw reading as snobby, or worse, the experience of working through a book, even one as simple as “Where the Wild Things Are,” was akin to standing in quicksand, your loved ones corralled at its safe edges, their arms folded in suspicion and doubt as you sink.”