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http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/7/7/1545897/-Woman-captures-boyfriend-s-death-on-livestream-after-he-was-shot-by-police-warning-graphic-video – In the context of over five hundred citizens whom police have murdered so far this year , a fact to which CityLab attests, a hideous right-now announcement from DailyKos about the unprovoked blowing away of one young Black man’s life in Minneapolis, another crime against humanity that took place almost immediately after the butchery of another Black innocent down the Mississippi in Baton Rouge, about which depredation one can turn to multiple sources for updates, including Atlantic Magazine , The Daily Beast , our paper-of-record, The New York Times , and last on the list here, The New Yorker, the aggregation of which reportage about impunity and official criminality makes a scrappy scribe or a stalwart citizen wonder when people will have faced so much repressive horror that they just snap and rise up in riot against a system that ranks as one of the most oppressive in history, malls and all notwithstanding.

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Today in the United States is National Fried Chicken Day, yum; at Heliopolis, in current-day Egypt, thirteen and three quarter centuries ago, Arab Islamic fighters crushed a Byzantine force in one of the initial battles to extend Muslim hegemony across Southwest Asia and North Africa; four centuries and four years hence, in 1044, troops of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry III dismantled opposition Magyars at the Battle of Menfo; three more centuries and four more years after that, in 1348, a sixth Pope Clement issued a decree absolving accused Jewish communities of causing the Plague; MORE HERE

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The notion, in a thermonuclear age, of a ‘victorious’ party in a major war, let alone of a profitable conflict that involves anything like the ‘world wars’ of the past, appears so fatuous and lacking in plausible foundation that one might well nod in comprehension at the assertion that “our leaders are insane;” however, precisely capital’s rationality and empire’s pretentious rationalizations have led to this juncture, the upshot of which is that more intelligence or more reasoning capacity will make no difference—only revolutionary systemic transformation, away from profiteering individualism and toward socialized collectivity and mutuality, can possibly salvage a human future.

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 The demand voiced by representative workingmen in the Pittsburgh district, not only on their own account but on that of their brethren the world over, for a correct and impartial history of the Homestead trouble, sufficiently explains the appearance of this volume.

CC BY-NC by State Library Victoria Collections
CC BY-NC by State Library Victoria Collections

The importance of the theme requires no demonstration.  Since labor first organized for its own protection it has passed through no period more prolific in soul-stirring events and significant developments than that extending from July to November, 1892, and including the lock-out at the Carnegie mills, the battle with 300 Pinkerton guards, the military occupation of Homestead, the trial of labor leaders on capital charges and the ultimate collapse of the Amalgamated lodges for lack of funds to continue the struggle against non-unionism.  This was a conflict of far more than local interest.  It was watched with anxiety by both friends and foes of organized labor on both sides of the Atlantic; it claimed the attention of leaders of thought in all departments of human activity; it stirred up the British House of Parliament and the United States Congress, agitated the newspaper press of both continents, became an issue in the election for President and is said to have contributed more largely to the defeat of Benjamin Harrison by Grover Cleveland than any other influence. MORE HERE

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SEARCHDAYethics OR "moral philosophy" OR morality kant bentham "john stuart mill" critique OR criticism OR deconstruction reification OR ahistorical OR bourgeois OR "petty bourgeois" OR pretentious OR surreal OR "socially false" history OR origins OR evolution radical OR marxist = 30,500 Hits.

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From the estimable Tom Feeley, whose Information Clearinghouse provides such a monumental embodiment of people’s media, three portals to briefings from the purveyors of the Chilcot Inquiry, first of all, from Vladimir Putin  secondly, with an understated buy nonetheless ferocious warning about the nuclear war that capital is planning for all of us, and from Jeremy Corbyn , finally, who proffers another low-wattage but high octane condemnation of warmongering, mass murder, and the self righteous and double-dealing profiteering of the rulers of capital’s empire.


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Next Application Deadline: October 1, 2016. Each year Millay Colony invites over 64 visual artists, writers and composers to our campus for a residency inclusive of private bedroom and studio as well as all meals. No fees are charged for these residencies. Residents are chosen anonymously by a panel of jurors.



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The Maryland State Arts Council’s annual Individual Artist Award (IAA) recognizes the importance of artists and their works of excellence to the cultural vibrancy of Maryland. Each year, awards of $1,000, $3,000 or $6,000 go to Artists from across Maryland who are selected through an anonymous process by an out-of-state jury on the basis of artistic merit alone. Deadline July 22, 2016.
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