6.29.2017 Day in History

Today in Ecuador is Engineers Day, of all things; in the Levant eight hundred sixty-eight years ago, as part of both the Second Crusade and internecine Islamic rivalries, Raymond of Poitiers and his Hashashin allies suffered an annihilating defeat at the hand of troops under the leadership of Atabeg Nur ad-Din Zangi; just five years less than three full centuries later, in 1444, the opposite result issued forth

“Hodge’s conjectural Globe reconstruction” by C. Walter Hodges – Folger Shakespeare Library

when Ottoman forces suffered a defeat at the hands of Skanderbeg’s troops; four hundred four years before the here and now, the iconic Globe theatre’s playhouse burned to the ground in London; forty-six years subsequently, in 1659,  across the European continent, Ukrainian forces fought off Russian hegemony for a brief period; two hundred forty-one years in advance of this moment, across the North American continent from revolutionary ferment in the East, Father Francisco Palou founded the Mission that would develop into the city of San Francisco; thirty-one years hence, in 1807, eight thousand miles or so away in the Balkans, Russian naval forces destroyed and Ottoman fleet at Athos in the first Russo-Turkish War; a hundred fifty-six years before this exact moment in time, the iconic poetess of love Elizabeth Barrett Browning, lived out her final stanza; a century and thirty-seven years prior to the present pass,  France extended its imperial dominion in ‘paradise’ in Tahiti; eight years beyond that juncture, in 1888, Frenchman George Edward Gouraud made what some authorities considered to be the first permanent audio recording, of Handel’s Israel in Egypt; seven years beyond that point, in 1895, notable biologist Thomas Henry Huxley, from a notable Littleprincefamily of biologists, followed the path of all flesh and breathed his last; five years on the dot afterward, in 1900, a baby boy was born in France whose destiny was to fly and compose the classic Little Prince as Antoine de Saint-Exupery; sixty-one years back, the United States enacted the legislation that laid the basis for the interstate highway system, interestingly enough an initiative of the Department of Defense; sixteen years henceforth, in 1972, the Supreme Court of the United States ended its term with the case of Furman v. Georgia, which temporarily invalidated homicide by the state as ‘cruel and unusual punishment’; seven hundred and thirty days more proximate to the present, in 1974, dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov

gabriel saldana - flickr
gabriel saldana – flickr

defected from the Soviet Union while on tour with the Kirov Ballet in Canada; a single year later, in 1975, computer scientist Steve Wozniak began field tests of the prototype of the Apple I computer; twenty-seven years prior to today, Irving Wallace died, ending his prolific outpouring of potboilers; half a decade subsequently, in 1995, for the first time a United States space shuttle docked with the Soviet space station Mir; eleven years closer to today, in 2006, yet another Supreme Court end-of-term case, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, held that the Bush administration plans to try Guantanamo detainees in military tribunals violated the U.S. Constitution and international law; three years prior to our current pass, the variously-named Islamic State, a Frankenstinian creature of U.S. imperial policy, declared its ‘caliphate’ in Northern Iraq and Syria. From Wikipedia Day in History