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  A Thought for the Day   

Inasmuch as both geese and ganders now and again are wont to stray, despite the contrary advantages of fidelity and lasting connection, especially among the young, those couples who want at once to solidify a friendship and partnership ‘through thick and thin,’ ‘for better or for worse,’ forever, and who also recognize the inescapable likelihood of sexual infidelity will often make arrangements for which the French, especially the bourgeois, are famous or infamous depending on the observer’s predisposition, a choice that, whether it achieves lasting love on average or not, has long characterized how men and women have managed to be with each other, time out of mind.

  Quote of the Day  
You profess to believe ‘that, of one blood, God made all nations of men to dwell on the face of all the earth,’ and hath commanded all men, everywhere to love one another; yet you notoriously hate, (and glory in your hatred), all men whose skins are not colored like your own.  You declare, before the world, and are understood by the world to declare, that you ‘hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal; and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; and that, among these are, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;’ and yet, you hold securely, in a bondage which, according to your own Thomas Jefferson, ‘is worse than ages of that which your fathers rose in rebellion to oppose,’ a seventh part of the inhabitants of your country.”   Frederick Douglass on the Fourth of July

 This Day in History  

Today in Ecuador is Engineers Day, of all things; in the Levant eight hundred sixty-eight years ago, as part of both the Second Crusade and internecine Islamic rivalries, Raymond of Poitiers and his Hashashin allies suffered an annihilating defeat at the hand of troops under the leadership of Atabeg Nur ad-Din Zangi; MORE HERE

     Doc of the Day    

1. Elizabeth Barrett, Robert Browning, 1845.
2. Thomas Henry Huxley, 1860.
3. The United States Supreme Court, 1972.

Numero Uno“I love your verses with all my heart, dear Miss Barrett,—and this is no off-hand complimentary letter that I shall write,—whatever else, no prompt matter-of-course recognition of your genius, and there a graceful and natural end of the thing.  Since the day last week when I first read your poems, I quite laugh to remember how I have been turning and turning again in my mind what I should be able to tell you of their effect upon me, for in the first flush of delight I thought I would this once get out of my habit of purely passive enjoyment, when I do really enjoy, and thoroughly justify my admiration—perhaps even, as a loyal fellow-craftsman should, try and find fault and do you some little good to be proud of hereafter!—but nothing comes of it all—so into me has it gone, and part of me has it become, this great living poetry of yours, not a flower of which but took root and grew—Oh, how different that is from lying to be dried and pressed flat, and prized highly, and put in a book with a proper account at top and bottom, and shut up and put away … and the book called a ‘Flora,’ besides!  After all, I need not give up the thought of doing that, too, in time; because even now, talking with whoever is worthy, I can give a reason for my faith in one and another excellence, the fresh strange music, the affluent language, the exquisite pathos and true new brave thought; but in this addressing myself to you—your own self, and for the first time, my feeling rises altogether.  I do, as I say, love these books with all my heart—and I love you too.  Do you know I was once not very far from seeing—really seeing you?  Mr. Kenyon said to me one morning ‘Would you like to see Miss Barrett?’ then he went to announce me,—then he returned … you were too unwell, and now it is years ago, and I feel as at some untoward passage in my travels, as if I had been close, so close, to some world’s-wonder in chapel or crypt, only a screen to push and I might have entered, but there was some slight, so it now seems, slight and just sufficient bar to admission, and the half-opened door shut, and I went home my thousands of miles, and the sight was never to be?Well, these Poems were to be, and this true thankful joy and pride with which I feel myself,

Yours ever faithfully,

Robert Browning.  MORE HERE

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