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In the context of ever more amplified accusations against and attacks on Russia, an update from MintPressNews about the planned reestablishment, under the rubric of the Senate 2017 Intelligence Authorization legislation, of a Star-Chamber body that can investigate and act on spying, assassination, and other theoretical skullduggery of ‘Putin’s minions,’ when participants in the earlier program have made clear that the purpose of the process was always to silence, scrutinize, and otherwise exercise hegemony over domestic audiences, especially those that might have critical intentions in regard to imperial imprimatur and plans.

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Today among aficionados of mathematics is a date to dispute Pi and argue the superiority of a different measure – the ratio of the circumference to the radius instead of to the diameter — of a circle circumference to its size, in Tau Day; in the territory that still serves as the most fertile grounds on Earth for imperial murder and profiteering plunder of different sorts, nine hundred eighteen years ago, the ‘knights’ of the First Crusade routed the fighters of Kerbogha of Mosull in what is now Iraq; twenty-six decades and two years subsequent to that conjunction in the Levant,  in 1360, at the other end of the Mediterranean, another outbreak of erstwhile Islamic Christian conflict erupted in the final years of Islamic control over much of the Iberian Peninsula, as Muhammed VI murdered his brother-in-law to take control of the flailing imperial presence; four hundred and thirty-nine years in advance of today,the male infant first regarded the world on his way to becoming the brilliant and beloved artist Peter Paul Rubens; two years short of six decades thereafter, in 1635, France inserted its imperial imprimatur in the Caribbean with the establishment of a colony in Guadeloupe;


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To insist on collective accountability does not demean personal responsibility; instead, the former provides an inescapable contextualization of the latter, since only when humans, one by one by one, join together to claim the power of authority over such crucial aspects of social sustainability as children and agriculture and culture and governance can the potential exist even to request, let alone to require, that particular persons be answerable for themselves, the upshot of which reasoning about reality is that only fatuous fools, or tricky schemers whose agendas are hidden from view, will rail about reckless or careless or negligent individuals without a clear and insistent grounding of such complaints in a critique of the irresponsible social system that encouraged the cavalier miscues of single citizens on their own.

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“The power to become habituated to his surroundings is a marked characteristic of mankind.  Very few of us realize with conviction the intensely unusual, unstable, complicated, unreliable, temporary nature of the economic organization by which Western Europe has lived for the last half century.  We assume some of the most peculiar and temporary of our late advantages as natural, permanent, and to be depended on, and we lay our plans accordingly.”  MORE HERE

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

A Danish scholar’s overview of the life and work and thinking and practice of Rosa Luxemburg, and their plausible import and impact in the present pass, part of the International Marxist Winter School in 2014, in particular of likely use now because so much of Luxemburg’s ideation and insight involved the struggled to conjoin the absolute need for reform and the possible necessity for revolution, which many a scrappy scribe and stalwart citizen to this day also grapple with on a regular basis.


student writing arm


Summer school for investigative journalists open [Europe]

Journalists from the Baltic and EU Eastern Partnership countries can apply for a scholarship to participate in this program in Riga, Latvia.

Deadline: 07/04/2016



Escape Pod is one of the premiere sources online for high-quality audio sci-fi content, and they’re also open to submissions. Their stated mandate is simply “fun,” and they are open to works between 2000 and 6000 words that fall somewhere within the spectrum of “science fiction.” They pay $0.06 a word for original work and a non-negotiable rate of $100.00 for reprinted material. To learn more, read Escape Pod’s submission guidelines.

Glittership seeks LGBTQ-focused sci-fi and fantasy fiction from authors of all backgrounds. Episodes appear twice monthly, featuring stories of 100 to 6000 words. Authors can expect to be paid $0.01 per word. While the magazine’s remit is specifically LGBTQ speculative fiction, the editors stress that they “believe in queer as a large umbrella term and specifically include trans, genderqueer, and ace/aro identities” as well. When in doubt, they conclude, send it anyway. To learn more,read Glittership’s submission guidelines

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr



As a member of our Communications & Creative Services team, you will supply in-house clients with inspirational marketing materials in a variety of formats, such as blogs, letters, speeches, fundraising proposals, donor updates and press releases. You will have opportunities to travel to developing countries to gather stories about our life-changing work and share those stories with our donors. Location Boca Raton, FL.



Democracy and Change

A Truth Dig article by a very insightful commentator worth knowing that analyzes the path to progressive victory as one that deviates extremely from what is now offered by the so-called ‘democratic’ party: “Change will not come quickly. It may take a decade or more. And it will never come by capitulating to the Democratic Party establishment. We will accept our place in the political wilderness and build alternative movements and parties to bring down corporate power or continue to watch our democracy atrophy into a police state and our ecosystem unravel.”

Estranged Families and the Internet

A thoughtful analysis from Motherboard by an insightful commentator who looks at the ramifications of family estrangement forums, a phenomenom that sheds light on a divisive role that the internet can play in our most basic family structures: “There is something unfathomably grim about estrangement forums, but what’s interesting is how they push the power of online community to its limits. Long before talk of “safe spaces” entered the cultural lexicon, forums provided just that. SeaTurtlesCanFly listed the positive effects /r/raisedbynarcissists has had: “We see reports of people taking their power back from abusers regularly. We see posts from people learning to set boundaries. We see the magic that is a person who is having their feelings about the abuse they have suffered validated for the first time.””

Selling Ourselves

An LARB book review from a very compelling writer who dissects the transactional nature of many male/female relationships in a world where gender disparities still exist: “Shopgirls, Sugar Babies, and sex workers all perform what the sociologist Arlie Hochschild calls “emotional labor.” Weigel defines it as “work that required workers to manage their feelings in order to display particular emotions.” “We speak of ‘service with a smile,’” she writes, “but in many jobs, the smile is the service.” Sex work is the ultimate in emotional labor, an industry in which workers have to simulate intense emotions of affection and sexual attraction. But almost all of what we term “women’s work” is emotional labor, and not just because so many women work as salespeople, food service workers, educators, and caregivers. Rather, women are so represented in these sectors because of our expectations of their emotions.”

Crimea and Occupation

A Smirking Chimp article that looks at the harrowing experiences suffered under western occupation of Crimea: “This news-report consists of a compilation of accounts that Crimeans have given to human rights groups or directly posted to the internet, regarding their experiences when the freely elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, who had received 75% of the votes of Crimeans, was violently overthrown during January and February of 2014.”

WRISSPoetry By The Imprisoned

An NPR audio posting that shares with readers the wonderful work of minors in juvenile centers shared through a well-meaning prize program: “”They have a national program where kids submit their work, and they go into literacy programs in the facilities,” Baca said. The students’ work “goes to several judges, and ultimately it gets to me. And I have to pick the winners out of the top 15 poems.””

Freely Available Data Organization Platform

An IJNet posting of interest to all writers and journalists looking to interact more effectively with their data: ““Atlas is becoming an open platform because we think it has potential to become the world’s largest repository of user-generated charts and data,” wrote Zach Seward, Quartz’s vice president of product and executive director. “Imagine a network of people who work with data every day, sharing it all with each other and the rest of the world. That’s the vision we’re pursuing, and hope you’ll join us in getting there.”.”


Radio Renaissance

A Media Life Magazine post that predicts exciting new developments to the world of radio: “Radio is now mostly music with some talk. What we are seeing with all the excitement over podcasting is the potential for radio to be so much more—in some regards to return to what radio was before the advent of television, as a medium for storytelling that in many ways is far more compelling than video.”

Women in the Media Workplace

An IJNet article that examines the developments of an empowering all-women media conference: “As recent FIU graduates, we compiled the agenda for the three-day mediathon thinking of things we would have liked to talk about when we were in school, such as salary negotiation, work-life balance, being the only woman in a department and being a minority in the newsroom. We also featured sessions on technology and innovation, including virtual reality, audio storytelling, building an online portfolio and social media. On the third day, we sent students onto the streets of Miami to work on stories about gentrification. Throughout these three days, the more than 150 women who attended the mediathon destroyed myths and misconceptions about women in the workplace (and out of it). It was something beautiful to watch.”



Iraqi Gains in Fallujah

An Atlantic piece that looks at military developments in the Middle East: “Iraqi forces, backed by U.S. airstrikes, retook the central part of Fallujah from the Islamic State on Friday in an assault to end the three-year-long occupation of the city 40 miles from Baghdad.”



Hillary Clinton Analysis

A Washington Post look at the probably consequences of a Mrs. Clinton presidency: “Unlike Trump, who has offered few specifics on his agenda and has at many times taken contradictory positions on issues, Clinton has laid out a consistent and largely detailed agenda, although some questions remain (such as what top corporate tax rate she favors). It is well described as an extension of President Obama’s agenda — with a notable deviation on trade — and because she has put flesh to it, it is easier to summarize and to critique than Trump’s.”