6.27.2017 Daily Links

  A Thought for the Day   

However palpable the likely substantial majority of sojourners who would consider as odd, or even crazed, all attempts to flee the comforts of home and the warm regularity that one’s original hearth-fires provided, some noticeable number of humanity’s cousins do in fact intend, from an early age, to abscond with themselves, only to discover that many efforts to escape one’s home environment require bouts of draconian drudgery or other instances of blood, sweat, and tears, as if the very endeavor to establish a new locus for life necessitates supreme exertion, and even sacrifice, in order to accomplish anything even vaguely kindred with the stable sustenance, no matter how humble, of one’s original circumstances.

 This Day in History  

On this date, the United States marks National PTSD Awareness Day, National HIV Testing Day, and Helen Keller Day, at the same time that Canada celebrates National Multiculturalism Day and Brazil commemorates Mixed-Race Day; in a final horror of Catholic imprimatur in England forty-six decades and one year ago, thirteen Protestants died when authorities burned them alive at the stake as the Stratford Martyrs, events that unfolded near London; two hundred three years past that particular passage, in 1759, in one of the most important battles of the colonial period, the English General James Wolfe led forces in the British siege of Quebec that eliminated most French capacity in Canada; MORE HERE

     Doc of the Day    

1. Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1903.
2. Grace Lee Boggs, 1942.
3. Jim Hickey, 2014.

Numero UnoIn considering who and what are representative Negroes there are circumstances which compel one to question what is a representative man of the colored race.  Some men are born great, some achieve greatness and others lived during the reconstruction period.  To have achieved something for the betterment of his race rather than for the aggrandizement of himself, seems to be a man’s best title to be called representative.  The street corner politician, who through questionable methods or even through skillful manipulation, succeeds in securing the janitorship of the Court House, may be written up in the local papers as ‘representative,’ but is he?  MORE HERE

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"ruling class" OR "ruling classes" OR "dominant elite" OR "ruling elite" power OR hegemony OR dominance OR dictatorship split OR faction OR fissure OR divisions "finance capital" OR financialization "banking establishment" OR banksters OR central banks versus OR against OR opposition manufacturing OR "industrial capital" OR "petty bourgeois" = 80,200 results 

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  Nearly Naked Links  

Militarized Police State – http://mailchi.mp/rutherford/commentary-execution-by-firing-squad-the-militarized-police-state-opens-fire

Laplanche Interview – http://pmc.iath.virginia.edu//text-only/issue.101/11.2caruth.txt

Miller v. California – https://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/413/15/case.html


 Interesting People Places Things of Note 

Deconstructing Music’s Political Power

A look at the power of music, through the words of one who would know: “I felt, when I was a young musician, that I was hearing all these incredible stories of music and politics coming together. Be it the story of Beethoven furiously scribbling out the dedication to Napoleon Bonaparte, or Rock Against Racism, or stories of the early days of hip-hop. All these different stories, but I couldn’t find them gathered together in a single book. There were several books that I thought were very good and written from a left-wing perspective, like Frank Kofsky’s Black Nationalism and the Revolution in Music (1970), Ernst Fischer’s The Necessity of Art (1963) and the works of Sidney Finkelstein – an American Marxist writing in the late 1940s. But these are all quite old and tended to focus on a specific genre. More recent books that impressed me include How Music Works by David Byrne, and The Rest is Noise by Alex Ross. But these newer books either side-step politics or come from a liberal rather than a Marxist perspective. So I felt that a book was missing. Since I didn’t know of anyone else writing it, I thought I’d give it a go.”


 General Media & ‘Intellectual Property’ Issues 

Defending Student Journalists

A Washington Post look at the work of a lawyer who helps defend young journalism from the oppressive forces of today: “Thousands of times a year, student journalists in crisis call the SPLC’s hotline. They may have had a camera confiscated by police, or had their public-records requests denied, or be facing censorship or stonewalling.


“We’re like the public defenders for student journalists,” LoMonte told me. They respond to every request, and they never charge a fee.”

 Recent Events 

Puerto Rican Statehood Overview

A look at recent events in Puerto Rico: “Check out this month’s issue of NACLA Report on the Americas, where you will find several solid stories analyzing the ongoing debate around ending the colonial status of Puerto Rico. Included in the issue is the article below, written by my friend, longtime Boricua and Latino thinker and activist, Angelo Falcon of the National Latino Policy Institute.”

 General Past & Present Issues 

Exposing CIA Drug Connections

A Black Listed News look at the murky underpinnings of the War on Drugs: “the CIA represents the main head of the octopus that controls America’s society on behalf of their Illuminati owners, it is only fitting that the CIA has its hand in the international drug trade.  It is also an interesting side note that since its early days the CIA has been interested in drugs for the use of interrogation, mind control, crowd control, and other purposes.  In fact there have been suggestions based on circumstantial evidence that the entire ‘hippie’ movement came straight out of a CIA drug lab vis a vis Tim Leary and other affiliated icons.”