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In relation to such absurdities as objecting to Black-and-White unions or other instances of ‘mixing,’ not only do these pretensions about ‘different’ human races make zero biological sense, as if we decided to outlaw and imprison Poodles that responded to Great Danes in heat, but the simple, basic, most elementary aspects of sexual reproduction, which is to say an inescapable inclination in the first place to promote the advantages of mixtures, also means that all of us with any proclivity to procreate ought to be keeping our eyes peeled for those who are as disparate from our own origins as possible, thereby promoting the most mellifluous melanges that are manageable in all the wild realms of creation’s crazy-quilt concatenations.

  Quote of the Day  
.The (best Chinese works) are the vindication of that literature of the common people, the Chinese novel.  They stand as completed monuments of that popular literature, if not of letters.  They, too, were ignored by men of letters and banned by censors and damned in succeeding dynasties as dangerous, revolutionary, decadent.  But they lived on, because people read them and told them as stories and sang them as songs and ballads and acted them as dramas, until at last grudgingly even the scholars were compelled to notice them and to begin to say they were not novels at all but allegories, and if they were allegories perhaps then they could be looked upon as literature after all, though the people paid no heed to such theories and never read the long treatises which scholars wrote to prove them.  They rejoiced in the novels they had made as novels and for no purpose except for joy in story and in story through which they could express themselves.” Pearl S. Buck: Nobel Acceptance Lecture

 This Day in History  

Today is an International Day in Support of Victims of Torture and, in an anomalous concomitant celebration, an International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking; MORE HERE

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6.26.2017 Doc of the Day


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  Nearly Naked Links  

Assange & Hacker Underground – http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/4686/pg4686-images.html 

McChesney – http://bostonreview.net/archives/BR23.3/mcchesney.html

Lecture by William Golding – http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1983/golding-lecture.html


 Writers Tools Issues 

Tackling Journalism’s Class Taboos

A Nieman Lab post that provides insight into a very important aspect of journalistic inquiry: “In all of the coverage of the aftermath of Trump’s election, “working class” is often synonymous with “white working class.” It’s a trap that Reed is trying very hard to avoid. “I was recently reading about how there are three million female cashiers in the U.S. — a lot of them non-white,” she said. “An awful lot of their jobs are threatened by automation. A lot of those women can’t make ends meet, and they’re caught in the two-or-three gigs economy. As for miners, a group we are reading about a lot since they are being used rightly or wrongly as shorthand for ‘Trump voters’ [most Trump voters were not working class] well…there are 80,000 of them by contrast. This really brings home, to me, how journalists who want to cover class should do it with a sense of scale.”

 General Media & ‘Intellectual Property’ Issues 

How Guardian Lost America

A Buzzfeed analysis on the reasons of the British rag’s failure to capture America’s audiences: “The Guardian’s US newsroom didn’t become the voice of the Bernie left during the election. It didn’t break huge campaign scoops. Years after winning a Pulitzer for the Edward Snowden story, Guardian US has slashed costs, leaving employees stewing about mismanagement, infighting, a sexual harassment allegation, and unrealistic business expectations.”

 Recent Events 

Iran and Cuba

A TeleSur posting that looks at Iran’s position on US Cuba relations: “Calling Trump’s renewed sanctions “erroneous,” “useless” and “coercive,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Bahram Qasemi recalled the “black history” of U.S. leaders in their imposition of restrictions on “independent nations.””

 General Past & Present Issues 

Computing History Briefing

A look at the history of a technology we all rely upon: “Historically, computers were human clerks who calculated in accordance with effective methods. These human computers did the sorts of calculation nowadays carried out by electronic computers, and many thousands of them were employed in commerce, government, and research establishments. The term computing machine, used increasingly from the 1920s, refers to any machine that does the work of a human computer, i.e. any machine that calculates in accordance with effective methods. During the late 1940s and early 1950s, with the advent of electronic computing machines, the phrase ‘computing machine’ gradually gave way simply to ‘computer’, initially usually with the prefix ‘electronic’ or ‘digital’.”