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http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/25/world/europe/britain-brexit-european-union-referendum.html?emc=edit_na_20160623&nlid=66212615&ref=cta –  From the paper of record, a first-impression of the ‘madness’ of the “Leave” vote in England, roughly seventeen million to sixteen million for “Remain,’ a phenomenon with many unexplored nuances and layers of conflict and contradictions, symptomatic of the paradoxes of polarity that characterize the current context, in which class war and predatory plutocracy are meeting increasingly stiff resistance, whether of a ‘conscious’ or reactionary sort, something that a deeply analytical essay  in Counterpunch explores as an exemplification of ‘fissures’ among the ‘kings and queens, masters and mistresses,’ of empire and its imprimatur.

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In the Andean Southern Hemisphere today, while various ‘midsummer’ celebrations take place in Northern latitudes, the Winter Solstice Incan ceremony of Inti Raymi occurs in areas of Peru and its environs, and St. John’s Day continues the celebration of the Summer Solstice in Europe, while Ukraine marks this date as Youth Day; in Rome’s imperial travails two thousand two hundred thirty-two years ago, Roman forces encountered an ambush by Hannibal’s fighters and faced defeat at the Battle of Lake Trasimene; three hundred twenty-six years later, in 109 CE, Emperor Trajan formally opened the Aqua Traiana, an aqueduct that carried water to the metropolis from over 25 miles away; five hundred twenty-eight years beyond that, in 637, at the Northern reaches of what had been the Roman Empire, in Ireland, a fierce battle among Celts and interlopers occurred about who would rule the Emerald Isle; MORE HERE

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An apparent contradiction conjoins actual understanding with a universal propagation of propaganda in place of attempts to communicate the components of comprehension that are possible to present, a paradox perhaps in appearance only since what is likely at work are polarized processes in which dialectical dynamics dance toward the covering up of discovery with an opportunistic mixture of mendacity and obfuscation and secrecy so as to maintain a façade of fantastic authority that justifies one set of people—always a small minority, of course, with a tiny elite at its core—in their assertion of imprimatur over the entire social system: the priestly castes that knew metallurgy through trial and error began this duality of dervish division some ten thousand years ago, till, in the here and now, the United States of America has perfected this systemic playing of both ends against the middle, in which knowledge is the domain of the experts and well-paid consultants and everyone else receives a glutton’s diet of mediated horseshit so as to preclude anything but the continued constriction of awareness and the concomitant extraction of a steady and optimal profit from the ignorant.

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“The labor question is up for settlement.  It demands and commands a hearing.  The existing disorders threaten not only the peace, but the destruction of society itself.  The movement to reduce the work hours is intended by its projectors to give a peaceful solution to the difficulties between capitalists and laborers.
I have always held that there were two ways to settle this trouble-either by peaceable or violent methods.  Reduced hours- or eight hours – is a peace-offering.  It is for capitalists to give or laborers to take.  I hold that capitalists will not give eight hours.  Why?  Because the rate

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An Anonymous Content Production, an ethereal and mysterious mini-mystery that the Pocket application played some part in making available, a story of family and corporate intrigue in China in which, conveniently the Chinese profiteers are the ones plundering Africa, a fact that the hero, who is the scion of the evil monopoly and son of the mother who rules it all, must either release this information or face what appears to be the murder of his pregnant Gringo girlfriend.


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Next Application Deadline: October 1, 2016 
Each year Millay Colony invites over 64 visual artists, writers and composers to our campus for a residency inclusive of private bedroom and studio as well as all meals. No fees are charged for these residencies. Residents are chosen anonymously by a panel of jurors. The application process is competitive and The Millay Colony accepts residents solely on the basis of artistic merit. Our admissions policy does not discriminate with regard to race, sex, sexual preference, religion, marital status, disability or nation of origin. We do not require references.


University of Wisconsin Madison Creative Writing Program

Applications Will Open 12/1/16

The Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing will begin accepting fellowship applications on December 1, 2016. To read about the winners of our 2016-17 fellowships in fiction and poetry (pictured at left), please visit our “fellows” page.


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pascal maramis – flickr


Membership Campaign Producer

ideastream® , Northeast Ohio’s Public Media organization , has an exciting opportunity for a Producer who will design, implement and evaluate membership campaigns for all ideastream platforms using broadcast, web and social media.   The ideal candidate will have a moderate level of professional broadcast producing experience, and have knowledge in the areas fundraising/promotion.

Alexandria VA American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association seeks a wordsmith who is interested in merging his or her expertise in the quality assurance of written communications with our mission to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.