6.22.2016 Daily Links

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CC BY-SA by joelogon


In relation to a wild upheaval in Congress that must fulfill more than anything else a marvelous thrill of surprise–after all, who would suspect that such a body would actually do something in the way of taking tangible action–a simple note from Poynter about how C-SPAN undercut the ‘Grand Old Party’s’ attempt to isolate the sit-in against murdering a vote on a gun-control act–No Bill, No Break! shouted more than a mere handful of actual protesters who were also Congressional Representatives–a principled stand that said that mere procedure would not in this case override moral commitment, at least not without a fight, a newsworthy enough contrariety that C-SPAN refused to attenuate its live feed, one result of which has been that such outfits as The Hill are now carrying some of this streaming video and providing actual on-the-ground reporting from a completely unexpected battle zone in corporate-ruled America, the halls of Congress.

                    This Day in History                  

Today in El Salvador is Teacher Day, and in Croatia, Anti-Fascist Resistance Day; in a battle, in some ways redolent of contemporary struggle, to determine control of what is now Gaza and parts of Palestine, two thousand two hundred thirty-three years ago, a fourth Egyptian Ptolemy led forces that routed Greek fighters under the aegis of a third, so-called ‘Great,’ Antiochus; not quite half a century afterward, in 168 BCE, Roman troops won the day over the armies of Macedonian King Perseus at the battle of Pydna, thereby at once ending the Third Macedonian War and extending Roman hegemony into the Southern Balkans; nine hundred eighty-one years onward from there, in the same region in 813, local fighters under Bulgar direction turned the tables and decimated Byzantine forces at the Battle of Versinikia in what is now Western Turkey; MORE HERE

                A Thought for the Day                

Privation no more causes disaffection or uprising than does bounty; happiness despite want and misery amidst plenty occur almost as commonly as vice versa: what absolutely guarantees outbursts of popular fury, and the carnage and chaos that accompany such mayhem, are arrogantly presumptuous entitlements that are obviously undeserved and unfair and that rest on hypocritical rationalization of how ‘it’s just got to be that way’—only complete fools fail to recognize such a dynamic, so that most ruling classes, who may countenance barbarity and butchery but pride themselves on realism and insight, put into place elaborate schemes to divide and conquer the unfairly oppressed and the unjustly downtrodden, so as to forestall the potential recognition of unity among the masses that would be the death knell for parasitical empire and its protocols of legitimized plunder and pragmatic corruption.

                  Quote of the Day                       

“This Nation in the past two years has become an active partner in the world’s greatest war against human slavery.We have joined with like-minded people in order to defend ourselves in a world that has been gravely threatened with gangster rule.

But I do not think that any of us Americans can be content with mere survival.  Sacrifices that we and our allies are making impose upon us all a sacred obligation to see to it that out of this war we and our children will gain something better than mere survival. MORE HERE

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From the native Russian speaker who provides the energy and genius at Forbidden Knowledge Televisiona packed briefing from the Crimean Peninsula of blatant acts of war by the United States, routine drone incursions into Russian airspace, unmanned craft that Moscow’s forces are shooting down and, in at least two cases on camera, taking over remotely and landing for themselves as prizes of the fight against a piratical empire, a chilling glimpse of provoking war that Thom Hartmann lets his viewers and listeners in on when he interviews  Russian history and policy expert Steven Cohen, who warns in the most sobering language imaginable that the potential for the end of most life, possibly all human life, lies dead ahead unless America’s scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens get a clue and insist on scaling back the rush to a war that will almost certainly end badly at best, ecocidally at worst.


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All Write Now! Writers’ Conference

 Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Event Date:
July 16, 2016
Application Deadline:
June 27, 2016

The third annual All Write Now! Writers’ Conference will be held on July 16 at the Southeast Missouri State University Campus in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Sponsored by the Heartland Writers Guild and the Southeast Missouri Writers’ Guild, the conference features workshops in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, panels, pitch sessions, one-on-one critiques with agents, editors, or publishers, as well as writing contests and book sales.


VoiceCatcher accepts submissions of poetry, prose, and visual art from women who consider themselves greater Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, and Washington writers and artists.

The Queens Museum, in partnership with NYC Parks and ArtBuilt, is accepting proposals for ‘Studio in the Park – Residency #3.’

Arts Learning Collaboration Grants enhance the work of arts educators, classroom teachers and school-based arts programs through collaborative projects taking place in-school (during regular school hours), after-school, or during summer/inter-session and in-services.