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An astonishing display of class and imperial solidarity on the part of the ruling elites, here in the form of multiple articles from England’s erstwhile ‘liberal’ and ‘objective’ academic journalistic exercise, The Conversation, about the hell and fury and doom that will descend on England if it dares to vote to exit the European Union, an astounding example not so much for the notion that a ‘Brexit’ would serve English workers in and of itself, but amazing for how in lockstep the adherents of capital are when times demand unity, a lesson, if nothing else, for working people everywhere, who have trouble agreeing on what to serve for lunch, let along coming to terms about how to maintain or increase our collective strength, an instance of upper-class solidarity that, interestingly enough, no less an ‘independent’ voice than John Oliver affirmed in a hot-off-the-presses installment of Last Week Tonight, altogether a fascinating object lesson in how the ‘better sorts, manipulate matters to achieve whatever is their desired end.

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Today around the globe, quite pertinently, is World Refugee Day; as Roman imperial power declined and imploded fifteen hundred and sixty-five years ago, the fighters of Flavius Aetius grappled with the forces of Attila the Hun at the Battle of Chalons, in what is now France, the Romans sanguine to declare ‘victory’ when Attila’s troops temporarily withdrew; just three years shy of eight centuries subsequently, in 1248, a first intellectual bastion of a lineal descendant of Roman imprimatur, Oxford University, obtained a Royal Charter in Norman England; in a sort of ‘reverse crusade’ three hundred eighty-five years before this point in time,the Irish town of Baltimore suffered a sacking at the hands of wide ranging Algerian pirates; MORE HERE

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Repressing human sexual energy essentially induces fascism or other forms of social pathology that operate at the level of existential threats to every single sector, or expression, of human society, such oppressive machinations a popular method, for all that, since they assist in turning young men into butchers and fiends to do the empire’s bidding, though the results are often ‘unfortunate’ in any aftermath to such hostilities or in the eventuality of those soldiers who survive and return to keep company and make marriages and rear infants into children and youth with less, or, even worse, equally brainwashed women.

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“Sirs and Brothers—A cruel wrong against our great order, perpetrated by Wm. A. Woods, United States Circuit Judge, has been approved by the United States Supreme Court, and from under its shadow I address this communication to you; but though prison walls frown upon myself and others whom you chose as officials, I assure you that neither despondency nor despair has taken the place of the courage which has characterized our order since the storms of persecution first began to beat upon us.  Hope has not deserted us.  Our faith  in the future of our great order is as strong as when our banners waved triumphantly over the Great Northern from St. Paul to the coast.  Our order is still the undaunted friend of the toiling masses and our battle-cry now, as ever, is the emancipation of labor from degrading, starving and enslaving conditions.  We have not lost faith in the ultimate triumph of truth over perjury, of justice over wrong, however exalted may be the stations of those who perpetrate the outrages. MORE HERE

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SEARCHDAY"project mockingbird" OR "operation mockingbird" cia OR "central intelligence agency" journalism OR "news media" infiltration OR plant OR informants OR operatives propaganda OR spin OR corruption OR falsehood history OR origins analysis OR explication OR documentation = 26,200 Finds.

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https://newcoldwar.org/el-bloqueo-the-u-s-economic-embargo-against-cuba-continues/ – Among the plethora of regular output about the nine percent of humankind that resides in Latin American and Caribbean jurisdictions–which is to say about one of every eleven people on Earth–a selection of materials that begins with a report from Roger Annis’ TheNewColdWar, via the Harper’s Magazineblog about the continuation of the American blockade against Cuba, all promises and assertions about a glorious rapprochement aside, which gives readers a good chance to ponder the U.S. attitude about these matters in relation to a Global Research article  that examines the powerful role that 20,000,000 Cubans–with arguably the highest standard of living in the Western Hemisphere except, possibly, for Canada– MORE HERE

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A graphic and factual reenactment of the last five minutes of the youngest child ever murdered by vicious bigots and abuse of judicial process, in the event a South Carolina fourteen year old by the name of George Stinney, who died in “Old Sparky” for a crime that he had nothing to do with, as multiple historical investigations, documentary work, and journalistic reportage  make brutally plain, to the extent that now even South Carolina admits its hideous permission of homicidal injustice, an appropriate interlude the day after Juneteenth and a year a few years following the first dark anniversary of mass murder in Charleston by a killer with a similar mindset as the South Carolina ‘authorities’ in 1944.


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All Write Now! Writers’ Conference

Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Event Date: July 16, 2016
Application Deadline: June 27, 2016

The third annual All Write Now! Writers’ Conference will be held on July 16 at the Southeast Missouri State University Campus in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Sponsored by the Heartland Writers Guild and the Southeast Missouri Writers’ Guild, the conference features workshops in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, panels, pitch sessions, one-on-one critiques with agents, editors, or publishers, as well as writing contests and book sales.


The sixth annual Little Bird Writing Contest is now open!

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Today is a happy day at Story Is a State of Mind HQ. Little Bird opening day marks the start of our school season! And we get to give away money and prizes soon (I love giving writers money).

  • The author of the winning story will receive $1000!
  • Two runners-up will receive $250 each!

Thanks for submitting your work to Barrelhouse!

Before you proceed, a note about open and closed categories. If you don’t see the category that fits your work, we’re not open for that thing. We keep submission periods pretty short because we’re hoping that helps make our response times shorter, as well. The best way to track submission periods is probably to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook or check back later.  We pay $50 to each contributor to our print issues, as well as two contributor copies.

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pascal maramis – flickr


Part-Time Grant Writer Position (Baltimore) hide this posting

compensation: Compensation to be determined, commensurate with experience.
employment type: part-time

Job opportunity available for a part-time Grant writer.
Compensation to be determined, commensurate with experience.
Grant Writing Experince Required!
Periodic meetings may be needed, but excellent writing and communication skills necessary.
Please email detailed resume to jobs@baltimorekollel.com in addition to Grant Proposal Samples.
Please list examples of succussful grant applications with your submitted resume.
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.

News Editor Anchorage AK

compensation: Competitive DOE
employment type: full-time

Alaska Dispatch News / adn.com, Alaska’s largest news site and daily newspaper, has an opening for an editor on our news desk. You will be part of a team responsible for guiding coverage, working with reporters and driving our site and newspaper. We need someone with smarts, drive and solid news chops who can thrive in a scrappy, fast-paced, highly collaborative, online-first environment.


Escaping Poverty

A first-person account from Hechinger Report of escaping poverty in Appalachia:  “I have now been a student at the University of Kentucky for two years, and my time as a Wildcat has been the most incredible, eye opening experience of my entire life. I am a Gender and Women’s Studies major, and through my course work, I have been able to learn about the poor, Appalachian region that I come from and get a better understanding of why the things I saw and experienced while growing up in that area occurred and are still occurring every day.”


WRISSVirginia Woolf and Affection for Writers

A Vogue reprint of a great, timeless essay by an iconic writer: “To celebrate Vogue’s centenary year, we’ll be looking back at some of our favourite archive pieces from the magazine. In the November 1924 issue, Virginia Woolf penned an essay musing on how our affection for an author is based on more than their stories. “

Prize for Vegetarian

A New York Times posting that looks at a prize awarded to a deserving South Korean writer: “Widely praised by critics in the United States and Britain, “The Vegetarian” is Ms. Han’s first work to be translated into English. It was selected by a panel of five judges, who considered 155 novels in translation, and chosen over novels by more established writers, including Elena Ferrante’s “The Story of the Lost Child” and the Nobel Prize-winning Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk’s “A Strangeness in My Mind.””


Wealth and Copyright Protection

A Truth-Out that contextualizes the role of copyright and making information unavailable in terms of making the super-wealthy wealthy: “We grant patent and copyright monopolies in order to provide an incentive for innovation and creative work. It is arguable whether these mechanisms are the best way to provide these incentives. For example, in addition to making drugs very expensive, even when they would be cheap in a free market, patent protection also provides an enormous incentive for drug companies to misrepresent the safety and effectiveness of their drugs. But the key point for the inequality issue is that the strength and length of these monopolies is set by government policy.”




In the Wake of Orlando Shooting

A Reveal article that lays out some consequences and conclusions drawn from the tragic events in Orlando: “We investigate what happened in Orlando, why mass shootings in America keep happening and how individuals around the country are tracking the damage.”



The Danger of Denial and Delusion

A High Existence posting that analyses humanity’s biggest psychological Achilles tendon, especially in regards to the currently occurring environmental devastation: “But perhaps more importantly, human beings are frequently reluctant to accept uncomfortable facts. The theory of cognitive dissonance describes the unease which comes when reality conflicts with our beliefs, and how we often go to extreme lengths try to ignore or distort evidence, so that we can maintain our beliefs. We try to deal with cognitive dissonance created by global warming by ignoring it completely or attributing it to a conspiracy.”