6.14.2016 Quote of the Day

“I am opposed to this war not only because I think it is morally and legally wrong, but because I think it is destroying the good name and leadership of the United States.  Furthermore, I believe that the war is militarily unwinnable.

"Gas mask MUA IMGP0157" by Nikodem Nijaki
“Gas mask MUA IMGP0157” by Nikodem Nijaki
         If we should succeed in bombing the Vietnamese to rubble we will only find ourselves facing the Chinese.  I believe that thousands of American young men are being asked to die to save Lyndon Johnson’s face.  He must know by now that this war is unwinnable, but he does not know how to give up.  Therefore, I believe that young men are not only justified but to be thanked if they point this out by refusing to take part in such an outrageous war any longer.helicopter war vietnam
          (In our long and varied) constitutional history, (t)he legitimacy of authority is n not fixed once for all.  It has always been subject to testing by protest and resistance that ofthen have seemed to be illegal and occasionally have become violent, yet which have turned out to represent the general will and the mainstream of future law.Draft_card_burning_vietnam war
           Many of the most welcomed and valuable settlers of the country have been resisters, draft dodgers, conscientious objectors, civilly disobedient, revlutionary, including the Pilgrims, the Puritans, the Quakers, and the radical German Protestant sects, European revolution(aries) from many countries during the 19th century and the Russian Jews who escaped from the Czar’s army.WWI world war one

(In that vein, the Court might also need to consider the following plea).  To the young men of America, to the whole of the American people, and to all men of goodwill everywhere:submarine military war

1. An ever growing number of young American men are finding that the American war in Vietnam so outrages their deepest moral and religious sense that they cannot contribute to it in any way.  We share their moral outrage.Draft_card_burning_vietnam war
2. We further believe that the war is unconstitutional and illegal. Congress has riot declared a war as required by the Constitution.  Moreover, under the Constitution, treaties signed by the President and ratified by the Senate have the same force as the Constitution itself.  The Charter of the United Nations is such a treaty.  The Charter specifically obligates the United States to refrain from force or the threat of force in international relations.  It requires member states to exhaust every peaceful mean s of settling disputes and to submit disputes which cannot be settled peacefully to the Security Council.  The United States has systematically violated all of these Charter provisions for thirteen years.armenia, truck, military, war,
3. Moreover, this war violates international agreements, treaties and principles of law which the United States Government has solemnly endorsed.  The combat role of the United States troops in Vietnam violates the Geneva Accords of 1954 which our government pledged to support but has since subverted.  The destruction of rice, crops and livestock; the burning and bulldozing of entire villages consisting exclusively of civilian structures; the interning of civilian non-combatants in concentration camps; the summary executions of civilians in captured villages who could not produce satisfactory evidence of their loyalties or did not wish to be removed to concentration camps; the slaughter of peasants who dared to stand up in their fields and shake their fists at American helicopters; – these are all actions of the kind which the United States and the other victorious powers of World War II declared to be crimes against humanity for which individuals were to be held personally responsible even when acting under the orders of their governments and for which Germans were sentenced at Nuremberg to long prison terms and death  The prohibition of such acts as war crimes was incorporated in treaty law by the Geneva Conventions of 1949, ratified by the United States.  These are commitments to other countries and to Mankind, and they would claim our allegiance even if Congress should declare war.

CC BY-SA by joelogon
CC BY-SA by joelogon

4. We also believe it is an unconstitutional denial of religious liberty and equal protection of the laws to withhold draft exemption from men whose religious or profound philosophical beliefs are opposed to what in the Western religious tradition have been long known as unjust wars.

"MQ-9 Reaper in flight (2007)" by U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson
“MQ-9 Reaper in flight (2007)” by U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson

5. Therefore, we believe on all these grounds that every free man has a legal right and a moral duty to exert every effort to end this war, to avoid collusion with it, and to encourage others to do the same.  Young men in the armed forces or threatened with the draft face the most excruciating choices.  For them various forms of resistance risk separation from their families and their country, destruction of their careers, loss of their freedom and loss of their lives.  Each must choose the course of resistance dictated by his conscience and circumstances.  Among those already in the armed forces some are refusing to obey specific illegal and immoral orders, some are attempting to educate their fellow servicemen on the murderous and barbarous nature of the war, some are absenting themselves without official leave.  Among those not in the armed forces some are applying for status as conscientious objectors to American aggression in Vietnam, some are refusing to be inducted.  Among both groups some are resisting openly and paying a heavy penalty, some are organizing more resistance within the United States, and some have sought sanctuary in other countries.sniper war attack
6. We believe that each of these forms of resistance against illegitimate authority is courageous and justified.  Many of us believe that open resistance to the war and the draft is the course of action most likely to strengthen the moral resolve with which all of us can oppose the war and most likely to bring an end to the war.

Campaign cartoon #23 - Tom Ferguson
Campaign cartoon #23 – Tom Ferguson

7. We will continue to lend our support to those who undertake resistance to this war.  We will raise funds to organize draft resistance unions, to supply legal defense and bail, to support families and otherwise aid resistance to the war in whatever ways may seem appropriate.

CC BY-SA by joelogon
CC BY-SA by joelogon

8. We firmly believe that our statement is the sort of speech that under the First Amendment must be free, and that the actions we will undertake are as legal as is the war resistance of the young men themselves.  But we recognize that the courts may find otherwise, and that if so we might all be liable to prosecution and severe punishment.  In any case, we feel that we cannot shrink from fulfilling our responsibilities to the youth whom many of us teach, to the country whose freedom we cherish, and to the ancient traditions of religion and philosophy which we strive to preserve in this generation.

Paramilitary - Chuck Coker Flickr
Paramilitary – Chuck Coker Flickr

9. We call upon all men of good will to join us in this confrontation with immoral authority.  Especially we call upon the universities to fulfill their mission of enlightenment and religious organizations to honor their heritage of brotherhood.  Now is the time to resist.”  A partial transcript of Benjamin Spock’s statement to the Court during his criminal trial–https://research.archives.gov/id/7419672; “A Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority,” by Benjamin Spock and his codefendants, 1967: http://coursesa.matrix.msu.edu/~hst306/documents/resist.html.