6.12.2017 Day in History

Today in the United States is Loving Day, to commemorate the key civil rights case, Loving v. Virginia, and, around the our fair planet—in spite of over a century of U.S. Supreme Court opposition from the mid-1800’s to the mid-1900’s—celebrates World Day Against Child Labor; in jolly England six hundred thirty four years back, insurgents in the Peasants’ Revolt gathered together at Blackheath, in contemporary suburban London, in preparation for battle; a hundred twenty-one years subsequently, in 1550, a

“Silja Symphony and icy sea lane South Harbor Helsinki Finland” by Pöllö

Swedish King took credit for founding a city, Helsinki, that now is part of the Finnish nation; a century and half a decade henceforth, in 1665, one result of Anglo-Dutch conflict resulted in the establishment of a British municipal authority in New York City, just a short time before New Amsterdam; another hundred ten years further on, in 1775, British military authorities in Massachusetts declared martial law in response to growing unrest and organized resistance; a year later on, to the South in Virginia in 1776, the still-colonial administration issued its Declaration of Rights that signaled revolution; just a year past a quarter century further along time’s arc, in 1802, the Martineau textile manufacturing family welcomed a baby girl into their midst who would rise as a bourgeois feminist voice of immense reach and substantial popularity in Victorian England; one hundred fifty-seven years ago, Russia formed its central bank, the State Bank of the Russian Empire; sixteen years closer to now, in 1876, the journalist creating the Little Bighorn dispatch sets off;  fourteen years thereafter, in 1890, a baby boy was born whose brief but brilliant life as artist Egon Schiele would raise many eyebrows among conservatives and reactionaries and puritanical sorts; eight years closer to now, in 1898, Emilio Aguinaldo led Filipinos to declare independence from Spain, though he did not then foresee the enforcement of a United States replacement of Spanish authority with a Yankee imprimatur; eighty-eight years ago, a baby girl entered the world in the usual way who would mature as the young diarist and martyr, Anne Frank; seven hundred thirty days hence, across the Atlantic in 1931, a male infant came along who would grow up as film critic Rodney Whitaker, who wrote popular novels under the pseudonym, Trevanian; three further years down the road, in 1934, the well-to-do Manhattan Jaffes brought a little girl into the world whose fate would be to write cultural commentary and popular fiction as Rona Jaffe; half a decade more proximate to the present, in 1939, Dr. Cyclops became the first film to shoot in three strip Technicolor; a mere year in the future, in 1940, Paris finds itself on the verge of war, and Edsel Ford agrees to make engines for the war effort;  two years further along, in 1942, young Anne Frank received a diary as a gift on her thirteenth birthday; the very next year, in nearby Poland in 1943, Nazi soldiers carried out their ‘orders’ to murder close to two thousand Jews in what is now Berezhany; two decades to the day beyond that conjunction, in 1963, a slightly different flavor of fascist, Byron De La Beckwith committed a more singular murder, gunning down civil rights leader

"Selma to Montgomery Marches" by Peter Pettus - Library of Congress.
“Selma to Montgomery Marches” by Peter Pettus – Library of Congress.

Medgar Evers in Jackson, Mississippi; the very next year, in 1964, more or less seven thousand miles Southeast, an additional fascist variation caused Nelson Mandela to receive a sentence of life in prison in South Africa; three years still nearer the now, in 1967, the Supreme Court finally disallowed laws against so-called miscegenation in Loving v. Virginia, and the Venera 4 spacecraft launched on its journey, to Venus, to become the first craft to enter another planet’s atmosphere; a year more along time’s path, in 1968, across the Atlantic in England, the aristocratic anarchist Herbert Read, a poet and critic of some acclaim, breathed his last; twenty-three years back, someone murdered O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her lover, Ronald Goldman; two years subsequent to that bloody fray, in 1996, a panel of Federal judges ruled that a blanket law that censored porn and other ‘libertine’ speech online was unconstitutional; two years still more in today’s vicinity, in 1998, the beloved prophet of love, Leo Buscaglia, had his final loving moments; three years in advance of this point in time, the civil rights activist and leader, Annie Martin, died. From Wikipedia Day in History