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A massive paradox in relation to language, perhaps as huge an apparent communicative contradiction as any other, revolves around two obvious truisms, both of which must be true simultaneously as they also appear, ineluctably, to be mutually exclusive: thus, on the one hand linguistic legerdemain cannot be other than a key necessity of human viability, at once a determinant of biological fitness and of social survival, at one and the same time that this very often entertaining proclivity to communicate provides, or at least elicits, the sorts of distractions that threaten to permit, if not mandate, such venal viciousness and abhorrent evisceration that the durable endurance of our kind seems at risk, altogether a conundrum that requires a combination of an awareness that one’s personal point-of-view, no matter how dearly held and passionately believed, must account for and listen to other perspectives, and an actual commitment to paying attention to the need for all of us to engage in discourse and debate that leads to action, the ultimate upshot of all of which delineates the ways and means for nouns and verbs and adjectives, in the form of our reasoned speaking and listening, reading and writing, to play their evolutionary role in making more salubrious human development possible, itself in turn the bedrock of any future that would be fit for humanity’s habitation.

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Today in the U.S.A. is National Paper Airplane Day, while, more soulfully, Australia marks this date as a National Day of Healing; in Rome two thousand years back, Germanicus returned to Rome as a conqueror of German tribes west of the Elbe river; four hundred and thirty four years subsequently, in 451, the rising Persian Sassanid Empire sent forces to defeat Armenian rebels at the Battle of Avarayr, the upshot of which was the Armenian right to practice Christianity; six hundred and eighty-nine years before this point in time, William of Ockham and some of his Franciscan colleagues fled Avignon in anticipation of excommunication or worse from the Pope as schism loomed; two hundred ten years subsequently, in 1538, the leaders of the Swiss canton centered on Geneva exiled John Calvin and all of his ‘protesting’ followers; MORE HERE

                  Quote of the Day                       

You put your camera around your neck in the morning, along with putting on your shoes, and there it is, an appendage of the body that shares your life with you. The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.

Dorothea Lange (1978) Dorothea Lange: A Photographer’s Life. p. vii

                   Doc of the Day                      
1. Andrew Jackson, 1830.
2. Martin Heidegger, 1949.
3. Sharon Kaye, Paul Vincent Spade; Circa 2000, 2015.
4. Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, 2013.
5. Jeremy Corbyn, 2017.
Numero Uno“It gives me pleasure to announce to Congress that the benevolent policy of the Government, steadily pursued for nearly thirty years, in relation to the removal of the Indians beyond the white settlements is approaching to a happy consummation.  Two important tribes have accepted the provision made for their removal at the last session of Congress, and it is believed that their example will induce the remaining tribes also to seek the same obvious advantages. MORE HERE

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monopoly OR oligopoly OR plutocracy agriculture pesticides OR fertilizers OR gmo OR "genetically modified" resistance OR rejection OR opposition grassroots OR democracy OR "community organizing" expertise OR authority fraud OR fake OR "bought off" critique OR criticism OR analysis OR deconstruction = 897,000

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From Thursday’s Files

Canadian Imperial Geopolitical Propaganda –

Bloomberg on Heroin & Ukraine –

Deconstructing Nationalism –



student writing arm


The Vignette Review seeks to wed short fiction with fine art for a sensuous reading experience.

In addition to accepting poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography, and artwork that relates in some way to grief, loss, or mourning, The Grief Diaries is holding a Tote Bag Design Contest.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Teaching Artists, Assistant Artists, and Program Interns wanted by the Fleisher Art Memorial, the nation’s oldest tuition-free community art school.

California College of the Arts has open positions in Industrial Design, Animation, and Curatorial Practice.

The Contemporary, a nomadic, non-collecting art museum in Baltimore, offers a paid internship for emerging arts scholars to design, research, and produce an issue of its annual intern publication.


Sweatshop Realities Documented

A Conversation look at the work of a fellow traveller and documentarian who shows us the true cost of our commodities, and who is willing to be part of the conversation about labor, justice, and humanity: “One image above all captures the working poverty of sweatshops for me: Amelia Peláez’s painting La Costurera, which can be admired at the Malba museum in Buenos Aires. It is a simple sketch of a woman in the act of stitching. Crucially, the bundle of cloth she is using is her own body. In the act of toiling, she is also “manufacturing” herself into a worker. Peláez powerfully reminds us what is at the very centre of production: the body, which, as the feminist Silvia Federici reminds us, is the first ever machine invented by capitalism.”

WRISSA Long View of Art’s Purposes

A Conversation piece that discusses the actual purpose and role of art and creative expression generally, and whether it persists to this day or not: “Why should individuals engage in a preoccupation that requires significant effort, effort that could be better directed towards more immediately gainful activities, such as the search for food or other vital resources? One clue comes from the fact that art objects have special resonance because they come into being through human agency. This involves considerable emotional investment and, consequently, art acts as a crucial node in the complex web of things that make up a culture.”


Double Standards on Death Machines

A Global Research piece that contextualizes the deep hypocrisy and danger of the current administration’s role in the Middle East: “Syria, of course is one of seven countries (Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Iran and Yemen) that General Wesley Clark was told by a Pentagon pal shortly after 9/11, “was going to be taken out.”

Trump has followed his warmongering predecessors declaring himself Judge, jury and executioner within 48 hours of the chemical release, with apparently no thought as to who might have been storing lethal substances in an area entirely controlled by the “moderate” Western backed organ eaters, head choppers and child executioners.

International law, the UN Charter, diplomacy has been damned, ditched and shredded by yet another self appointed “leader of the free world.” The attack on Syria another US illegal assault on a sovereign nation.”

GENISSInformation Theory As Libertarian Foil

A Naked Capitalism post that looks at a huge academic fallacy that, though ubiquitous, is fatally flawed and destined to give us the mess we’re in: “However, Hayek was writing in a time before information theory. (Hayek’s The Use of Knowledge in Society was written in 1945, a just few years before Claude Shannon’s A Mathematical Theory of Communication in 1948.) Hayek thought a large amount of knowledge about biological or ecological systems, population, and social systems could be communicated by a single number: a price. Can you imagine the number of variables you’d need to describe crop failures, population booms, and market bubbles? Thousands? Millions? How many variables of information do you get from the price of blueberries? One. Hayek dreams of compressing a complex multidimensional space of possibilities that includes the state of the world and the states of mind of thousands or millions of agents into a single dimension (i.e. price), inevitably losing a great deal of information in the process.”