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Noting one’s own inauguration, as a once yearly celebration, gives every sojourner here an opportunity to delve the range of opinion and argument in her life, to ponder the contrasting and concentric aspects of his mind and spirit; for example, an observer might examine the case of a particular ‘thinker’s’ way of thinking, where a pair of ideas might present themselves as one set of boundaries of the thoughtful fellow’s thoughtfulness, so to speak: to wit, on the one hand, as simple a notion as the belief that almost anyone would pay a small fortune for a magic needle that could sew up all self-inflicted wounds, or the much more complex conceptualization that humanity incriminates itself, most criminally so, with its toleration for, or even enthusiastic promulgation of, regimes that embody social regimens of holocaust, and quite probably mass collective suicide, even plausibly of ecocide for complex forms of life, in preference to a fierce determination to negotiate terms for our mutual amity and comity, a readily achievable expression of human survival that also expresses, willy nilly, the only programmatic approach to a world in which Homo Sapiens’ thriving transpires.

                    This Day in History                  

Just one year shy of eight centuries ago, as if the past were truly merely prologue, the Fifth Crusade left its occupation headquarters in Acre, now in Syria, for an invasion of Egypt; three and a quarter centuries further along the temporal arc, in 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus, a monumental scientist and typically ‘modern’ gadfly of reactionary views of the world, breathed his last; in another portent of the current context, fifty-two years subsequently, in 1595, Leiden University’s library issued the first printed catalog of such an institution’s holdings; a dozen years onward from that juncture, in 1607, across the wide Atlantic, plus-or-minus one hundred colonists left their conveyance from England behind to set foot in what they would call Jamestown, Virginia; just short of two decades past that point, in 1626, the Dutchman Peter Minuit ‘bought’ Manhattan from its indigenous occupants for a ‘mess of pottage,’ or beads, as the case may be; MORE HERE

                  Quote of the Day                       
  • As you are reading this letter, the young men and, women shown above are in Mississippi performing an act of faith and courage that is so extraordinary that I find myself struggling for words to describe my feelings toward them.  They are some of the more than 1000 volunteers who have come from all over our country to spend this summer in the most terror-stricken area of the south – Mississippi, where 900, 000 Negroes live in feudal conditions unimaginable to the outsider. ” more here
                   Doc of the Day                      
1. Leon Trotsky, 1938.
2. Concerned Officer’s Movement, 1971.
3. Joseph Brodsky, 1987.
4. George Lakoff, 2006.

Numero Uno“Certain Professional, ultra-left phrase-mongers are attempting at all cost to ‘correct’ the thesis of the Secretariat of the Fourth International on war in accordance with their own ossified prejudices.  They especially attack that part of the thesis which states that in all imperialist countries the revolutionary party, while remaining in irreconcilable opposition to its own government in time of war, should, nevertheless, mold its practical politics in each country to the internal situation and to the international groupings, sharply differentiating a workers’ state from a bourgeois state, a colonial country from an imperialist country. MORE HERE

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rebellion OR insurrection OR insurgency OR uprising "tipping point" OR inception OR initiation necessity OR inevitability revolution OR socialism OR "social democracy" versus barbarism OR fascism OR plutocracy = 1,710,000

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