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Very plausibly the two greatest sins of human interaction, which is to say judgment and presumption, might have very specific meanings as unethical and venal proclivities, on the one hand, either the projection of one’s own negative feelings about oneself—of inadequacy, evil, inferiority, almost ad infinitum—onto others or, one way or another, the elevation of one’s own faith or standards or behavior as an optimal norm and the observation that some other person or group fails in some way to ‘measure up,’ and, on the other hand, the fixed, almost unshakeable belief that in some comprehensive fashion one incontrovertibly understands a complex and problematic phenomenon; or that, without engaging another’s input, one can know his preferences or her opinions, or at the least ‘what’s good for them;’ or that in any meaningful fashion one can assume responsibility for one’s personal mien and performance without some authority to proclaim and institute collective methods of achieving individual accountability—the upshot of all of which contemplation could conceivably be something as simple as a twin prescription to end schooling and foster education and proscription of further mass production of merchandise of mass collective suicide.

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Today over much of the Earth marks World Crohn’s and Colitis Day, as well as World Turtle Day, while Mexico celebrates Students’ Day and Germany commemorates its Constitution; on the Iberian Peninsula eleven hundred seventy-three years ago, the Battle of Clavijo, purportedly because of a ghostly saint’s intervention, favored a significantly outnumbered force of Christian Asturians who were fighting the troops of the then-ascendant Emir of Cordoba; almost a decade and a half less than four centuries subsequent to that conjunction, in 1430, Joan of Arc, whose rebellion in a later, more internecine, European struggle threatened both the Church’s rule in and the crowned heads of Europe, fell into the hands of Burgundian captors as she led troops to relieve Compiegne MORE HERE

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  • “Folk music isn’t owned by anybody.  It is owned by everybody, like the national parks, the postal system, and the school system.  It’s our common property.  There is nobody’s name on it.  Nobody can make money on it. It’s not copywritten.” more here
                   Doc of the Day                      
1. Henrik Ibsen, 1914.
2. Par Lagerkvist, Anders Osterling, 1951.
3. Poetry Foundation, circa 2000.

Numero Uno“From Munich, on June 29, 1890, Ibsen wrote to the Swedish poet, Count Carl Soilsky: ‘Our intention has all along been to spend the summer in the Tyrol again.  But circumstances are against our doing so. I am at present engaged upon a new dramatic work, which for several reasons has made very slow progress, and I do not leave Munich until I can take with me the completed first draft.  There is little or no prospect of my being able to complete it in July.’  Ibsen did not leave Munich at all that season.  On October 30 he wrote: ‘At present I am utterly engrossed in a new play.  Not one leisure hour have I had for several months.’   MORE HERE

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oil volatility meltdown OR depression crisis interconnection OR correlation OR causation war OR "regional conflict" geopolitics empire history OR origins analysis OR explication = 906,000

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Agency Controlling MMS –  http://wakingtimesmedia.com/declassified-cia-documents-show-agencys-control-mainstream-media-academia/



A Drug Warrior’s Turnabout

 A Black Listed News post that discusses the truth moment of a previous member of the police force who was forced to confront the contradictions and cruelty of his vocation: “Yet another police officer is speaking out against the drug war, this time in the United Kingdom. Former officer Neil Woods worked as an undercover drug cop for 14 years, infiltrating some of the most violent gangs in Britain only to learn his tactics were worsening the drug epidemic. Now, he advocates ending the drug war and decriminalizing drugs as he admits his own role in fueling violence and the proliferation of narcotics.”


Positing Proletarian Power Agendas

A World Socialist Web Site look at an actual alternative to the tragic farce ruling the roost:  “While this conflict unfolds in Washington, something else is taking place throughout the country, separate from and opposed to the bitter infighting in Washington. Far from sharing the desire for a confrontation with Russia, masses of people are hostile to war. It is not “Russian hacking” that is on their minds, but unemployment, inequality, the destruction of health care and pensions, indebtedness and other manifestations of a deepening social crisis.”


GENISSMathematical Theories of ‘Mind Time’

An Aeon look at the process of consciousness: “As a consequence, I’m compelled to treat consciousness as a process to be understood, not as a thing to be defined. Simply put, my argument is that consciousness is nothing more and nothing less than a natural process such as evolution or the weather. My favourite trick to illustrate the notion of consciousness as a process is to replace the word ‘consciousness’ with ‘evolution’ – and see if the question still makes sense. For example, the question What is consciousness for? becomes What is evolution for? Scientifically speaking, of course, we know that evolution is not for anything. It doesn’t perform a function or have reasons for doing what it does – it’s an unfolding process that can be understood only on its own terms. Since we are all the product of evolution, the same would seem to hold for consciousness and the self.”