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Bearing witness must eternally typify, simultaneously, one prime responsibility of the human condition at exactly the same time that, because it represents an attack on those whose rule will ever constitute the criminality of accumulated exploitation, even the thought, let alone the real prospect, of any such ‘speaking truth to power’ will terrify most members of the human clan into proffering as their standard commentary on life’s passing fancies merely glib jibes and arch dismissal instead of accurate and comprehensive indictments of those who depend on fearful silence and distracted displacement to continue the reigns of error that their plutocratic potentates ultimately and always deliver.

                    This Day in History                  

Today is International Biodiversity Day; in what is now Western Turkey, two thousand three hundred fifty-one years ago, Macedonian fighters under the leadership of Alexander crushed the forces of a third Darius of Persia at the Battle of Granicus; eleven hundred sixty-four years prior to the present pass, Byzantine naval forces attacked and plundered Damietta, a port at the mouth of the Nile that Byzantium’s rulers had long wish to conquer and control; six hundred forty years ahead of today’s beginning, an eleventh Pope Gregory issued five pronouncements that denounced the work and ideas of the English Catholic reformer, and predecessor to a Protestant movement, John Wycliffe; two hundred thirty-four years in advance of this moment in time, a baby boy was born who grew up to become the engineer, thinker, and inventor William Sturgeon, who patented an electromagnet and electric motor in England; two centuries and ten years in before the here-and-now, a grand jury agreed to indict the former Vice President, Aaron Burr, for treason; MORE HERE

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  • “I, too, sing America.
    I am the darker brother.
    They send me to eat in the kitchen
    When company comes,
    But I laugh,
    And eat well,
    And grow strong.”  Langston Hughes
                   Doc of the Day                      
1. Victor Hugo, 1887.
2. Vance Packard, 1957.
3. Jim Hickey, 2015.

Numero UnoCHAPTER I—WELL CUT1831 and 1832, the two years which are immediately connected with the Revolution of July, form one of the most peculiar and striking moments of history.  These two years rise like two mountains midway between those which precede and those which follow them.  They have a revolutionary grandeur.  Precipices are to be distinguished there.  The social masses, the very assizes of civilization, the solid group of superposed and adhering interests, the century-old profiles of the ancient French formation, appear and disappear in them every instant, athwart the storm clouds of systems, of passions, and of theories.  These appearances and disappearances have been designated as movement and resistance.  At intervals, truth, that daylight of the human soul, can be descried shining there. MORE HERE

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"social transformation" OR "social reform" OR "social transition" radicalism OR revolution necessary OR requisite OR essential OR central = 532,000

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