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                A Thought for the Day               

The language of song most probably reveals modalities of manifesting communion and methods of imparting emotion that long predate the special skills and potential trickery of linguistic facility; hence, in some ways musical interludes may more rarely manifest mendacity or devolve into purposive diversion and manipulative distraction than do rhetorical attempts at vocal persuasion, at the same time that only through the honed reason of honest speech and open discourse can communities and collectives of one sort and another craft pathways toward thriving, or even survival, in a world where popular singers almost without exception have joined the coopted and cynical realm of monopoly capital’s mediated entertainment systems, in so doing betraying what ought to be the immutable commitment of music and its attendant musicians to facilitate empathy and other forms of essential human mutuality.

                    This Day in History                  

Today in Greece is Genocide Remembrance Day, in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh day, and in the United States, Malcolm X Day, the day, respectively, of both the great leaders’ births; in the Summer palace, among the extensive imperial holdings of early Tang Dynasty China a thousand three hundred and sixty-eight years ago, recently subjugated and restive Turks joined in a small faction that sought to overthrow the emperor, a sally that the Tang forces quickly suppressed but which showed both the geopolitical fault lines of Asia and the fractures that characterized extensive empire then as now; four hundred twelve years onward in time, in 1051, France’s king, in looking for a new wife MORE HERE



                  Quote of the Day                       
  • “(The bombing of my house last night) isn’t something that made me lose confidence in what I am doing, because my wife understands and I have children from this size on down, and even in their young age they understand.  I think they would rather have a father or brother or whatever the situation may be who will take a stand in the face of any kind of reaction from narrow-minded people rather than to compromise and later on have to grow up in shame and in disgrace. …”
                   Doc of the Day                      
1. Oscar Wilde, 1891.
2. C.L.R. James, 1947.
3. Lorraine Hansberry, 1964.

4. Jacques Ellul, 1992. MORE HERE

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 Korean Truth Commission – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47061.htm
Assange Spy –  https://www.rt.com/news/388595-cia-assange-incompetent-spy/

New Poor Campaign –  https://www.commondreams.org/views/2017/05/16/america-needs-new-poor-peoples-campaign