5.18.2017 Daily Links

                A Thought for the Day                 

Eros may represent the only hope for healing in a blighted world, at one and the same instant that the commodified ‘sexuality’ that people conflate with the goddess’ ministrations can in multiple ways sidetrack and sabotage much of the growing closer and joyous mutual ecstasy that sensual engagement makes possible to release in every human life: the glorious marriage of minds and bodies that lucky couples and communities cohabit together thus contrasts with such hideous dysfunction as the noisome boasting of fraternity brothers about how many lap dances they purchased, or the dispiriting chatter of comely young lasses about their beaus’ Beemers and their entitled expectation of never having to hold a job or generate income—between these two poles of human experience lies the boundary between a sustainable future and one form or other of human extinction through the mass collective suicide of mutual disregard and the inevitable fractiousness of hyper-privileged individuality

                    This Day in History                  

Today around the world is both International Museum Day and World AIDS Vaccine Day, and Syria celebrates Teachers’ Day on this date in May; in Constantinople, sixteen hundred eighty-five years ago, Emperor Constantine the Great proclaimed free food for all the city’s citizens in order to ameliorate hunger and general crisis; six hundred and sixty-four years subsequently, in 1096, five hundred miles to the North, a horrifying precursor of solutions final and barbarous took place when First ‘Crusaders’ massacred plus or minus a thousand Jewish residents of Worms, Germany; MORE HERE

                  Quote of the Day                       
What feeds me destroys me
                   Doc of the Day                      
1. Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896.
2. Bertrand Russell, 1950.
3. Frontline, 1995.
Numero Uno“By the Louisiana statute the validity of which is here involved, all railway companies (other than street railroad companies) carrying passengers in that State are required to have separate but equal accommodations for white and colored persons ‘by providing two or more passenger coaches for each passenger train, or by dividing the passenger coaches by a partition so as to secure separate accommodations.’  MORE HERE

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