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The course of human events, from one perspective, has yielded a ‘petri dish’ situation where available supplies of resources to support the life processes of contemporary populations approach hard limits that, fantasies of Martian relocations notwithstanding, mean that our common thriving and survival depend on limiting reproduction and attenuating growth, even as, for reasons both exploitative and selfish, at once vicious and venal, the standard operating procedures of the present pass’ overseers and erstwhile owners is to boost the expansion of consumers and their consumption forever more, world without end; from other points of view, quite naturally in light of life experiences and expectancies that the wayfarers and trekkers among the common cast of our tribal past recall, the issue is not one of how much we produce but of how decently and lovingly and fairly we husband and distribute the copious cornucopia of nature’s magnificent bounty and magisterial outpouring of everything necessary to foster life for any future that is foreseeable by any standard of human time.

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In Malaysia, this date commemorates teachers; maintaining its importance in matters geopolitical one thousand seven hundred ninety-nine years ago,the Syrian royal matriarch Julia Maesa returned to her native land after the assassination of her nephew Caracalla, in the process declaring her grandson emperor or Rome against murderous pretenders; one thousand three hundred and nine years later, in 1527, a different Italian imbroglio unfolded with a popular early bourgeois Florentine uprising against Medici rule that reestablished Florence as a republic; MORE HERE

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The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children.

Jim Henson

                   Doc of the Day                      
1. A. Philip Randolph, 1919.
2. Gary Wills, 2008.
3. Yassamine Mather, 2014.
Numero Uno—“First, as workers, black and white, we all have one common interest, viz., the getting of more wages, shorter hours, and better working conditions.Black and white workers should combine for no other reason than that for which individual workers should combine, viz., to increase their bargaining power, which will enable them to get their demands.


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From Sunday’s and Monday’s Files

Nuclear Death on Horizon – https://consortiumnews.com/2017/05/15/gorbachev-warns-of-growing-danger/

Impeaching Trump – https://consortiumnews.com/2017/05/15/the-push-for-trumps-impeachment/

Dismissal of Comey – http://wallstreetonparade.com/2017/05/dutch-documentary-may-have-contributed-to-abrupt-dismissal-of-fbi-director-comey/



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When querying us, please send a one-page letter detailing the topic you’d like to address as well as your strategy for writing the story. Demonstrate that you are adept at doing research by mentioning the kinds of sources you intend to use. Keep in mind that all of our articles include expert advice and real-parent examples as well as study data. It’s unnecessary to send a completed manuscript; a query letter will do. We generally work only with writers who have some experience, so please make sure you list the publications you’ve written and include photocopied examples of your published work. We receive many submissions for essays; typically, we only publish those that come from experienced writers and essayists. We’re a national publication, so we’re mainly interested in stories that will appeal to a wide variety of parents.


While much of our content comes from staff writers and freelancers with whom we’ve had long-standing relationships, Mother Jones magazine and MotherJones.com will consider solidly reported, hard-hitting, groundbreaking news stories. We’re also open to thought-provoking, timely opinion and analysis pieces on important current issues. We’re interested in just about anything that will raise our readers’ eyebrows, but we focus especially on these areas: national politics, environmental issues, corporate wrongdoing, human rights, and political influence in all spheres. Please query with your résumé and two or three of your most relevant clips. If the clips are online, please provide the complete URLs. Web pieces are generally less than 1,500 words. Because we have staff reporters it is extremely rare that we will pay for a piece whose timeliness or other qualities work for the web only. Magazine pieces can range up to 5,000 words. There is at least a two-month lead time.


An East Texas Journalistic Upstart

A Nieman Lab look at a Texas organization that is providing a very new and exciting service for the community: ““We’re seeing a gradual but obvious sea change in the kinds of culture people are interested in. We felt that if somebody doesn’t grab this moment, that would be kind of a shame,” Raja said. In the weeks leading up to the launch of the site, she had met at length with various community members — “I was extremely overcaffeinated” — from rabbis to advocates to try to unearth noteworthy work that might be going on under the radar around town. “There are huge swathes of the city that feel unseen and unheard by existing outlets. Something we’ve been wrestling with — do we call ourselves ‘progressive,’ for lack of a better word? That’s not exactly how we identify, but we’re also hearing that those are the kinds of stories people are hungry for.””


Discussing Sci-Fi & Future

An Electric Literature look at a genre that has informed and defined much of the current era: “We’re in the midst of a curious era for nerdy subculture, which is something I’ve been involved with since I started taking the subway to Saturday D&D clubs when I was 9 years old. Back then, it was *really hard* to find other people who found genre sensibilities satisfying. The covers of paperbacks on buses became a recognition semaphore (“I see you are reading a John Wyndham novel; I too, have read of the Triffids!”) Networked communications brought subcultures together — counterculture fashion identities like goth and punk; out-of-mainstream political identities from anarcho-syndicalism to intersectional feminism to (alas) neo-fascism.”


Jimbo on Copyright

A richly-researched and pointed look from this site’s creators as to the wonder and woe of the copyright system: “The economic nightmare associated with contemporary copyright is also a windfall of course.  I.P. has for some time been the prime source of exports for the oligopolistic media-and-technology establishments.  However, for law students and other such strivers; for high school pupils in less-than-prosperous neighborhoods; for writers and creators who don’t have sixty-five bucks—now only $35 through the new eco portal–to invest every time they write something and thus will never be able to ‘remedy’ infringement; for communities here and elsewhere who desperately need access to information that they can only obtain in a legally ‘monopolized market’ of often exorbitant prices; and for many others, both scribes and citizens, the operation of the current copyright regime is, at best, suboptimal and at worst a disaster. ”