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In the context of a current moment that embodies the alienation of all from each, grappling with the already enormous exigencies of communication requires either serendipity or dexterity, or perhaps both great good fortune and extensive skill, requisite necessities made all the more manifest by the palpable and purposeful plans of humankind’s erstwhile rulers and betters to continue this seemingly eternal estrangement of those whose fates, being mutual, should express solidarity instead of suspicion, jocularity instead of judgment, a complex and paradoxical dynamic in which linguistic legerdemain, narrative nuance, and storytelling magic must play the key part of conjoining connection and moderating mutuality despite all the opportunistic and self-serving ruling class agendas that would divide and conquer all people while successfully picking their pockets in perpetuity till the end of time.

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Today is both International Nurses Day and International Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day; in Rome a thousand seven hundred and thirteen years ago, Emperor Diocletian amplified his war on Christianity with an order to behead a fourteen year old convert, whom now we know as Pancras; six hundred three years afterward, in 907 in China, the Tang Dynasty came to an end as the forces of Zhu Wen drove Emperor Ai to abdicate; a decade and a half subsequently, in 922, back in Central Europe, an Islamic traveler, Abbasid, made his way to the Volga Bulgars, Vikings of the Balkans; eight and a quarter centuries and a year ahead of today, England’s first King Richard cemented connections with the Iberian Peninsula with a marriage to a royal daughter of Navarre’s nobility; MORE HERE

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1. James Connolly, 1897.
2. Max Brand, 1920.
3. Jimmy Carter, 2002.
Numero Uno“In Ireland at the present time there are at work a variety of agencies seeking to preserve the national sentiment in the hearts of the people.These agencies, whether Irish Language movements, Literary Societies or Commemoration Committees, are undoubtedly doing a work of lasting benefit to this country in helping to save from extinction the precious racial and national history, language and characteristics of our people.

Nevertheless, there is a danger that by too strict an adherence to their present methods of propaganda, and consequent neglect of vital living issues, they may only succeed in stereotyping our historical studies into a worship of the past, or crystallising nationalism into a tradition – glorious and heroic indeed, but still only a tradition.  MORE HERE

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"class conflict" OR "class war" OR "socioeconomic conflict" OR "sociopolitical conflict" "central element" OR "sine qua non" OR "critical factor" "social evolution" OR "social development" OR "how society operates" OR "how society works" OR "how society evolves" OR "social relations" history OR origins analysis
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