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Capability and culpability define important boundaries of social possibility: only those whose capacities permit can countenance even a prayer of succeeding in any project of societal improvement or civic reform, while only those with requisite acceptance of responsibility may manifest even a fanciful whim of hope in managing any process of cultural uplift or equalization of equities.

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Multiple jurisdictions, mainly formerly Soviet or erstwhile socialist, celebrate today as Victory Day or Victory Over Nazism Day, though such a view might seem premature in the here and now, and Europe as a whole marks this date as Europe Day, in line with the promulgation of the Schuman Declaration sixty-six years back; in the islands of late-Middle-Ages England nine hundred twenty-five years ago, the builders and community members who had constructed the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Lincoln, near Leeds, prepared to consecrate the monumental Lincoln Cathedral; a half dozen years shy of three centuries hence, in 1386,England and Portugal solemnly affirmed their alliance with the signing of the Treaty of Windsor, a mutual support protocol that is the oldest on Earth that is still operative; MORE HERE

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1. Jose Ortega-y-Gasset, 1930.
2. Mercedes de Acosta, 1960, 1994.
3. Colin Asher, 2013.
Numero Uno“There is one fact which, whether for good or ill, is of utmost importance in the public life of Europe at its present moment. The fact is the accession of the masses to complete social power. As the masses, by definition, neither should nor can direct their own personal existence, and still less rule society in general, this fact means that actually Europe is suffering from the greatest general crisis that can afflict peoples, nations and civilization.  MORE HERE

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vision strategy plan necessary OR necessity OR requisite OR "sine qua non" process OR protocols choice OR intention engagement OR participation grassroots OR community "critical thinking" priority OR prioritize "working class" OR unions OR "poor people" OR "common people" OR citizens 
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Literary Event Grants of Georgia (LEGG) operates in partnership with the Georgia Writers Registry and is managed exclusively by the Georgia Writer’s Association.  The program exists to provide nonprofit organizations funding for literary events in Georgia counties. Organizations may apply for individual grants from $50 up to $250 to be used for writers’ fees. Grant awards are for writers’ fees only. If a writer is not listed in the Georgia Writers’ Registry (GWR), the writer must apply for inclusion on the GWR through the Georgia Writer’s Association.

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Gamut is an online magazine of neo-noir, speculative fiction with a literary bent. Gamut will include mostly fiction (some original, some reprints) but also columns, nonfiction, art, flash fiction, poetry, and maybe even a serial memoir or novella. Our word range is about 500-5,000 with the sweet spot being 3,000. We will pay ten cents a word for original fiction and three cents a word for reprints (which cannot be online anywhere).