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                A Thought for the Day                 

The methods for handling our troubles these days amounts to applying the boundless basket of commodities that is the fruit of capital to whatever woes afflict us on a given occasion, a process that occurs despite the ineluctable fact that none of the spiritual or moral or ethical, or for that matter empirical, crises that today constantly assail human society and its individual actors can ever find alleviation, let alone a cure, through any commodified nexus, in essence then an unfolding and widespread process that sets up a dangerous and deranged dynamic the upshot of which is quite simple: amoral, immoral, unethical, and soulless behavior and results have become the ubiquitous fare of peoples who, willfully or innocently, remain ignorant of the truth that addressing problems of the spirit and soul and psyche by buying and selling trinkets and ‘medicines’ and ‘miracles’ will without a single exception lead to physical and psychic, material and mental, collapse and dissolution.

                    This Day in History                  

Today in the United States is Bird Day, in Japan Greenery Day, in China Youth Day and around the world International Firefighters Day and Star Wars Day; for the Church of Rome, seven hundred and sixty years ago, the Augustinian monastic order formed under orders of Pope Alexander IV; six centuries and a year before the here and now, a Catholic Council of Constance, on the Swiss border, condemned two reformers, one long dead, predecessors of Protestants, who despised the Church’s affectations and corruption; a sixth Pope Alexander seventy-eight years subsequently, in 1493, arrogantly divvied up the Western Hemisphere between Spain and Portugal; a century, three decades, and three years later, in 1626, a Dutch explorer claimed lands for his homeland as New Netherlands, real estate that included what is now Manhattan and then was part of indigenous territory; MORE HERE

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    • “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.” …
    • “To seek “causes” of poverty in this way is to enter an intellectual dead end because poverty has no causes.
                   Doc of the Day                      
1. Thomas Huxley, Circa 1894.
2. Ernest Hemingway, 1952.
3. Amos Oz, 1996.
Numero Uno“The discourse on ‘Evolution and Ethics,’ reprinted in the first half of the present volume, was delivered before the University of Oxford, as the second of the annual lectures founded by Mr. Romanes: whose name I may not write without deploring the untimely death, in the flower of his age, of a friend endeared to me, as to so many others, by his kindly nature; and justly valued by all his colleagues for his powers of investigation and his zeal for the advancement of knowledge.  I well remember, when Mr. Romanes’ early work came into my hands, as one of the secretaries of the Royal Society, how much I rejoiced in the accession to the ranks of the little army of workers in science of a recruit so well qualified to take a high place among us.  MORE HERE

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