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              A Thought for the Day                

We should never forget that, but for the resilient and relentless intervention of members of the so-called Common Herd on behalf of all humanity, Homo Sapiens would quite likely not exist, inasmuch as ruling elites have been perfecting the arts of mass slaughter lo these many thousands of years precisely in order to proffer to their erstwhile minions—with whom the established authorities have perfected their divide-and-conquer machinations—any option other than basic transformation of social relationships in support of social justice and equality: to wit, whenever the standard operating procedure approximates murdering and dying at the hands of some set of cousins whom upper crust ‘leaders’ of all ‘developed’ societies designate as ‘enemies,’ anyone other than a barbarous dolt, someone who practices killing arts either with a glint of satisfaction or without expression, will join together to call a quick halt to such practices of sadistic mayhem that serve not one single other thing than filthy lucre.

                    This Day in History                  

Today, for everyone, is International Workers Day and May Day, and, for Pagans, Beltane; in England, three hundred ten years ago, Scotland joined the British through the Act of Union to form the United Kingdom; forty five years henceforth, in 1753, Linnaeus first published Species Plantarum and initiated modern plant taxonomy; two hundred forty-one years prior to the present day, adherents formed themselves into what we now call the Illuminati; a decade subsequently,  in 1786,  Mozart watched over the initial performance of The Marriage of Figaro;  MORE HERE

                  Quote of the Day                       
  • Captain Flume spent as much of each evening as he could working in his darkroom and then lay down on his cot with his fingers crossed and a rabbit’s foot around his neck and tried with all his might to stay awake. He lived in mortal fear of Chief White Halfoat. Captain Flume was obsessed with the idea that Chief White Halfoat would tiptoe up to his cot one night when he was sound asleep and slit his throat open for him from ear to ear. Captain Flume had obtained this idea from Chief White Halfoat himself, who did tiptoe up to his cot one night as he was dozing off, to hiss portentously that one night when he, Captain Flume, was sound asleep he, Chief White Halfoat, was going to slit his throat open for him from ear to ear. Captain Flume turned to ice, his eyes, flung open wide, staring directly up into Chief White Halfoat’s, glinting drunkenly only inches away.
    “Why?” Captain Flume managed to croak finally.
    “Why not?” was Chief White Halfoat’s answer.
  • Joseph Heller Catch 22 
                   Doc of the Day                      
Numero Uno“Weeks before May Day, i.e., May 1st, 1892, the wires under the ocean were freighted with forebodings of evil which it was predicted would happen in many of the large cities of Europe, not excepting London.It was easy to see that a sense of insecurity prevailed throughout the continent, indefinitely intensified by disastrous explosions of dynamite in the city of Paris and elsewhere. The men suspected of murderous intention are called ‘anarchists,’ and an anarchist is one whose hand is supposed to be lifted against all governments and all laws. An anarchist, whether in Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, London, or St. Petersburg, imagines he can change affairs by exploding dynamite bombs, killing a few people, and wrecking a few buildings. An anarchist is a madman. He may be a student, but he studies in the wrong direction and arrives at conclusions which involve him in ruin. He becomes a monomaniac.

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