4.05.2017 Day in History

Today in Palestine is Children’s Day; in the nascent lands of Eastern Russia seven hundred seventy-five years ago, Alexander Nevsky led fighters who repulsed the Teutonic Knights at the Battle on the Ice of Lake Pelpus; three hundred twenty-four years subsequent to that derring-do, in 1566,  hundreds of Dutch leaders muscled their way into the presence of their Spanish overlords and warned of the rebellion that would follow continued inquisition in Holland; twenty-two years later, in 1588, the baby boy was born who would grow up as the brilliant, if dour, political philosopher Thomas Hobbes; twenty-one years beyond that exact day, in 1609, halfway around the world in Japan, Imperial forces there completed their conquest of indigenous Okinawa’s social milieu; half a decade henceforth, in 1614, another drama of intervention and colonial power unfolded in Virginia, where Pocahontas married a member of her peoples’ conquerors, John Rolfe; further up the North American coast, in English North America, seven years onward toward today, in 1621, the initial landing craft for the pilgrims, the Mayflower, began its return trek to the British isles; three hundred seven years in advance of this moment in time, the Queen of England assented to what many consider the initiation of modern copyright regimes, all of which ended up favoring publishers and the wealthy as opposed to writers themselves, with the inception of the Statute of Anne;

sixty-four years subseqhently, in 1774, Benjamin Franklin published an open letter to Lord North;  eighteen years later, in 1792, the first president of the United States, George Washington, first exercised the Presidential veto power; forty-five years   along time’s path, in 1837, the male infant uttered his first cry who would mature as the estimable author and playwright Algernon Thomas Swinburne;

1774 http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/benjamin-franklin-publishes-an-open-letter-to-lord-north

sixteen decades and one year back, the baby boy opened his eyes who would rise as the born-into-slavery leader of African Americans, Booker T. Washington, who has had his fair share of big boosters and damning detractors; three years closer to now, in 1859, Charles Darwin sent in the first three chapters of the epoch-changing Origin of Species to his publisher; sixty-three years hence, in 1922, the predecessor to Planned Parenthood, emphasizing the human right of women to control their own reproductive destiny, formed the American Birth Control League; three hundred and sixty-five days past that instance in space-time, in 1923,  the Firestone Rubber Company first began production of balloon tires, extensively extending the life of the tire; not quite a decade yet later on, in 1932, Finland, having adopted a similarly ludicrous prohibition scheme as did the United States, got rid of this failed experiment in ‘social improvement;’ a single year beyond that juncture, in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt signed two key fdr roosevelt WWIIexecutive orders of the ‘New Deal,’ the first, the establishment of the Civilian Conservation Corps, with its strict parietals and moral code, and the second the effective elimination of the Gold Standard, which the United States in its time of peril again discovered was useless fetishistic nonsense; fourteen hundred and sixty-one days in the direction of now, in 1937,  the baby boy had his first day among family and friends en route to a life as the thinker and journalist Joseph Lelyveld; a dozen years subsequently, in 1949, the Columbia Broadcasting Corporation debuted the long popular Fireside Theater; two years thereafter, in 1951, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg faced the death sentence for espionage, though at the very least she was almost certainly innocent of this charge; five years after that, in 1956, in one expression of a fight against mob-rule capitalism, Fidel Castro declared himself and his fellow revolutionaries at war with U.S. puppet Fulgencio Batista, and back in the U.S. journalistic labor reformer Victor Riesel encountered a mob hitman who blinded him with sulfuric acid; thirteen years even closer to the current context, in 1969, as many as several million protesters in different cities  across the United States stood up to Draft_card_burning_vietnam warrenounce the Vietnam War; twenty-three years farther down the pike, in 1992,  Alberto Fujimori orchestrated a one-man coup, along with the military, against democracy in Peru, and further north in DC, abortion rights advocates marked on Washington; seven hundred and thirty days in the future from that, in 1994, the beloved but troubled rocker and writer Kurt Cobain blew his brains out; three years more proximate to the present pass, in 1997, poet and gadfly critic Allen Ginsberg breathed his last; four years subsequent to that moment, in 2001, nearly 15,000 teachers in Hawaii went on strike to demand better treatment and pay;another four years down the pike, in 2005, acclaimed Nobel Literary laureate Saul Bellow lived out his final scene; half a decade subsequent to that passing moment, in 2010, in a typical ‘accident’ of monopoly capitalism, 29 miners died in a massive underground explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine, a facility that had faced hundreds of safety citations a year for five years or more; four years thereafter, in 2014, the notable writer and critic and former Central Intelligence agent Peter Matthiesson died.