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To celebrate anti-intellectual attitudes, a practice tantamount to holding up illiteracy and willful ignorance as sacred rites, reeks of the sort of vile and rotten trickery—forms of savagery with which the high and mighty savage those who would analyze or criticize their reigns—that rulers have ever practiced on the gullible, and, all too often, coopted ‘lower orders’ of their proprietary and exclusionary realms, a practice, therefore, equivalent to acceding to the extinguishing altogether of the human flame, inasmuch as only the powers of knowledge and the courage of honesty can rescue the human family from the psychotically navigated course to perdition that the believers in the profit motive have purposefully and cleverly charted as if complete collective suicide were the most natural thing in the world to aspire to achieving.

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Portugal today marks Freedom Day as Italy commemorates a different sort of release in Liberation Day, while around the planet celebrants recognize DNA Day, World Malaria Day, Remembrance of Parental Alienation Day and Red Hat Society Day; among contending groups of Greeks two thousand four hundred and twenty-one years ago, Sparta’s soldiers overwhelmed the Athenians, thus ending the Peloponnesian War on terms unfavorable to even the limited form’s of Athens’ ancient democracy; twelve hundred forty-two years in advance of today’s dawn, the Battle of Bagrevand ended to the Abbasid Caliphate’s decided advantage, crushing the Armenian rebellion and causing leading proponents of the uprising to flee to the shelter, risky thought it might prove, of the Byzantine Empire; MORE HERE

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Now all the week long we’ve gone through that period of preparation, gettin’ ourselves ready, askin’ God to get us ready, askin’ Him to purge us with His discipline and burn us with his fire and cleanse us and make us holy and ready to stand. For when you go down to downtown, you are goin’ down there amidst mean and cruel people. Your’e goin’ down there ‘midst the police force and you’ve got to have God on your side. So you need to get ready. Ask Him to prepare you as He did Shadrach, Meshach and ABednego. You know, when they went to the fiery furnance, they said to the king, “We will not bow” But God was on their side… Just like God went in the fiery furnace with the three Hebrew boys, God will go with us on whatever operation we decide on. Now, you can’t win the battle at home. You got to go to the battlefield. Now when you go to the battlefield, ain’t no need to go out there without expectin’ to have some casualitites. Somebody will get hurt. I don’t know who it will be. It may be me. If it is me, I can only rejoice in the Lord that I had a little part to play… Now nobody can enjoin God. I don’t care what kind of injuction the city attorney seeks to get, he cannot enjoin God. This is God’s movement. Nobody can enjoin God. There can be no injuction against God. Because Albany does not belong to the Democratic Party of the state of Georgia. Albany does not beong to the Republicans of the state of Georgia. Albany does not belong to Governor Vandiver. Albany does not belong to the white people of the state of Georgia. All-benny belongs to God, for the prophet said: “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulllnes thereof, the world and they that dwell therein”. And this is God’s world, this is God’s All-benny, and God tells us that out of one blood He created all nations that dwell upon the face of this earth.”

  • In a sermon he gave on 15 December 1961, during the Albany Movement; as quoted in Watters, Pat. 2012. Down to Now: Reflections on the Southern Civil Rights Movement. University of Georgia Press. pp. 202-203.

Ralph David Abernathy

                   Doc of the Day                      
1. Edward R. Murrow, 1958.
2. Jane Jacobs, 1992.
3. Alan Sillitoe, 2010.

Numero Uno“This just might do nobody any good.  At the end of this discourse a few people may accuse this reporter of fouling his own comfortable nest, and your organization may be accused of having given hospitality to heretical and even dangerous thoughts.  But I am persuaded that the elaborate structure of networks, advertising agencies and sponsors will not be shaken or altered.  It is my desire, if not my duty, to try to talk to you journeymen with some candor about what is happening to radio and television in this generous and capacious land.  I have no technical advice or counsel to offer those of you who labor in this vineyard the one that produces words and pictures.  You will, I am sure, forgive me for not telling you that the instruments with which you work are miraculous, that your responsibility is unprecedented or that your aspirations are frequently frustrated.  It is not necessary to remind you of the fact that your voice, amplified to the degree where it reaches from one end of the country to the other, does not confer upon you greater wisdom than when your voice reached only from one end of the bar to the other.  All of these things you know.  MORE HERE

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"public health" OR "clean water" OR "publicly available healthcare" OR nursing longevity OR "life expectancy" OR wellness "sine qua non" OR prerequisite OR foundation OR precursor "prescription drugs" OR "medical equipment" OR "modern hospitals" OR "specialized physicians" "less important" OR "of less consequence" OR overemphasized = 129,000 finds.

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Birth Control Pills and Mental Health – 

CASTRO’S Bay of Pigs Speech –



student writing arm



In addition to a full year of promotion and the publication of the winning story by Brain, Child Magazine, a $1,000 prize will be presented to the new Pen Parentis Writing Fellow at a public reading of the winning work at our September Salon Season Opener in Manhattan. Entrants must be the parent of at least one child under 10 years of age, but there are no style or genre limitations on the works of fiction submitted for consideration. Entrants can be at any level of their literary careers. Deadline April 17, 2017. Submissions call for a new, never-published fiction story — any genre, on any subject — of up to 800 words.


Mothers Always Write is hosting an online Boot Camp for writers interested in perfecting the literary essay through one-on-one coaching.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Practitioner Liberation Project is looking for a Content Writer/Blogger – remote

We are looking for skilled freelance ghostwriters who can take currently existing content in our company in the form of videos, audios, transcripts, pdfs, worksheets, etc and repurpose them into new blog posts. A small level of research would be required per article to ensure that the writer is knowledgeable on the topic and is able to add in the correct subheadings…

Company: Practitioner Liberation Project
Payment: TBD
Skills: Writing
Source: problogger


Monthly Review on Cuba’s Relevance

A Monthly Review look at the importance of Cuba today, in spite of the sea change undergoing there right now: Diana Raby is senior fellow at the Research Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Liverpool (UK) and is also professor emeritus of history at the University of Toronto. She has written extensively on Latin America and is also active in solidarity movements such as the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and the Venezuela Information Centre (UK). Her latest book, Democracy and Revolution: Latin America and Socialism Today(London: Pluto Press, 2006), argues for the crucial importance of Venezuela, along with Cuba and the ALBA countries, in the renewal of the international left in this century.”


Formatting Tool 

A useful tool from Reedsy for formatting and typesetting a book: “If you’ve ever published a book, you know how much of a pain formatting can be. Getting the ebook formats right is a challenge already, and if you’re going into print as well, hiring a typesetter can cost you quite a bit of money. 

But fear no more! Over the past few years, Reedsy has built and perfected the ultimate writing and formatting tool for you. You can write in a beautiful interface, format your book, and export a flawless ePub and a professionally-typeset PDF in seconds.”


Jailed Scholarship, Imprisoned Intellectuals

A New York Review of Books look at prison university programs’ evolution and devolution: “Lagemann links the decline of college prison programs to the punitive spirit of criminal justice over the past several decades and to the simultaneous drop in public commitment to higher education. Since the 1960s, America has incarcerated more people—and for longer periods of time—than at any time in its history, and more than any other nation on earth. Many criminals were seen as beyond rehabilitation, so the only seemingly reasonable thing to do was to lock them up for many years. And even as states and the federal government plowed more money into prisons, they cut funds for colleges and universities. They also slashed student aid, shifting the cost burden from grants to loans—that is, from public to private hands. The imprisoning widened, and the educational state withered.”

The ‘Left’s’ Fascist Plunge

A Blacklisted News look at some alarming developments in different social movements that already suffered from imprecise definition:  “The Left is now the political wing of the corporatocracy. As Phillipe Poutou, a Ford factory mechanic from Bordeaux who is the sole working-class candidate in France’s presidential election, so deliciously pointed out, the Left and Right status quo candidates are indistinguishable in terms of their self-serving corruption and elitism: Mechanic-Candidate Bursts French Political Elite’s Bubble (NY Times)

Here in the U.S., the self-serving Democratic Party elites operate within the Corporatocracy structure, in which the state protects and funds private-sector cartels; the two intertwined and self-reinforcing elites manifest and enforce state policies.”

GENISSAn SOP Sanctuary Cities Examination

A Journalist’s Resource article that contextualizes the alarming news in regards to recent Federal injunctions against sanctuary cities: “Donald Trump ran for president promising to be tough on immigration. Five days after taking office, he ordered Washington to cut funding to so-called “sanctuary cities” that defy federal immigration orders.

Communities around the country are struggling to understand the order. Many wonder if disobeying the president will merely cost them funds for law enforcement. Or will it also cut money for critical programs, including education, clean water and public housing?”