4.17.2017 Day in History

Today is World Hemophilia Day, and, in Syria, Evacuation Day, celebrating the end of French Rule from across the Mediterranean; in Persia six hundred sixty-eight years ago, the almost seven century reign of the Bavand Dynasty in what is at this point contemporary Iran came to a close; just two years less than

Chaucer ellesmere
Chaucer ellesmere

half a century later, in 1397, England’s bard Geoffrey Chaucer performed The Canterbury Tales for the first time at the King’s court, supposedly exactly a decade following his original departure on a pilgrimage to the archbishopric there; half a decade shy of a century hence, in 1492, Italian navigator Christopher Columbus and Spain’s rulers signed the agreement that would govern his trip to the ‘Indies’ in search of ‘spices;’ four hundred ninety-three years before this exact moment in time, Martin Luther went on trial for his teachings before the Diet of Worms, which process, though it frightened him, led to his ultimate break with the Catholic Church; three years subsequently, in 1524, the Florentine seaman Giovanni da Verrazzano, in the employ of France’s king, reached the central part of North America from Europe, at New York Harbor, for the first time since the Norse crossings many centuries passed; four hundred thirty-one years before today’s passage, a baby English boy was born who would mature as prominent writer and playwright, John Ford; a hundred nine years thereafter, Southeast across the Atlantic in 1695 Mexico, the genius nun, poet, and thinker Juana Inez de la Cruz died from a plague infection that likely resulted form her ministering to other victims; two  centuries 468px-Benjamin-Franklin-U.S.-$100-billand twenty-seven back, Benjamin Franklin’s long and productive life came to an end; seven years after that juncture, in 1797, in the Caribbean, the British general Ralph Abercromby led ten thousand soldiers, including German mercenaries, in an opportunistic attempt to dislodge the Spanish from Puerto Rico, an effort which failed, and, across the Atlantic in Verona, Italy, ‘leading’ citizens started an uprising against France’s revolutionary occupation there that also did not succeed; one hundred fifty-six years prior to the present pass, Virginia’s legislature voted to become the eighth former U.S. State to join the Confederacy; one hundred thirty-two years behind us, the baby girl destined to be born the enigmatic and gifted writer Isak Dinesen uttered her first cry; twelve decades and two years before the here and now, Japanese victors in the First Sino-Japanese War forced a treaty on China that ceded the Korean Peninsula, parts of Taiwan, and other islands to Japan’s hegemonistic expansion in the region; seven hundred and thirty-one days later, in 1897, an American baby boy uttered his first cry on his way to a life as writer and gadfly Thornton Wilder; ten years precisely beyond that point, the U.S. Supreme Court vitiated human rights and democracy and decided in Lochner v. New York that any legislation that interfered with property’s contractual plunder of workers or others was a violation of sacrosanct ‘liberties;’ two years beyond that juncture, in 1907, the Ellis Island immigration-processing facility in New York City had its

"USA-NYC-Statue of Liberty" by Ingfbruno - Own work
“USA-NYC-Statue of Liberty” by Ingfbruno – Own work

busiest one-day through-flow, of nearly twelve thousand newly arrived residents; half a decade hence, six thousand miles away in Siberia in 1912, Russian troops shot down a hundred fifty or more protesting miners, an incident that helped to cause the sort of outflow that led to Ellis Island’s through-flow; eighty-nine years ago, a baby girl from a different Russian diaspora was born in New York who would mature as the storied crafter of prose, Cynthia Ozick; seventy-two years ago, Americans seized 1100 tons of uranium in Germany, in an attempt to prevent the RUssians from developing the A-bomb; a mere year later, in 1946modern Syria first gained its independence from French ‘protection’ and colonial predation; three years after that conjunction, a couple thousand miles North in 1949, Ireland formally sundered all but its Northern Irish portion from the United Kingdom; a dozen years henceforth, and four thousand miles Southwest in 1961, Central Intelligence Agency trained, financed, and directed terrorists invaded Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in an operation as inglorious as it was unsuccessful; six years yet more proximate to the present, in 1967, a girl child took her first breath on her way to a life as feminist, radical, popular crooner and rocker, Liz Phair; on the opposite side of the globe four years later, in 1971, the nation of Bangladesh first came into existence as a formally separate entity from Pakistan; around the world again two years to the day after that juncture, in 1973, George Lucas began composing his film treatment for what would become the StarWars franchise; just three years back, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Kepler program first discovered a planetary body of roughly Earth’s size more or less a similar distance from its guiding star, and the conscious spirit of Gabriel Garcia Marquez exited his dying frame bound for who knows where. From Wikipedia Day in History