4.11.2017 Day in History

guitar music art performanceA doozey in the annals of whimsy, today is International Louie Louie Day; in the Eastern reaches of imperial Rome fifteen and a quarter centuries plus a year ago, Flavius Anastasius facilitated the creation of Byzantium by rising to the Byzantine throne; more or less exactly five hundred eighty-eight years subsequent to that juncture, in 1079, pagan Polish nobility oversaw the execution of the Bishop of Krakow for his Christian crimes; seven hundred and seventy-six years before the here and now,Mongol forces under the leadership of Batu Khan furthered Mongol inroads into Europe with a victory at Mohi in Hungary; six hundred and fifteen years thereafter, in 1856, agents of Cornelius Vanderbilt in Nicaragua burned out William Walker’s followers from their redoubt in Central America; a dozen years later and halfway around the globe, in 1868, Tokugawa Yoshinobu surrendered his castle to imperial Japanese troops and effectively brought to an end the Tokugawa Shogunate; two years closer to now, in 1870, war in Europe was narrowly averted  when Greek adventurers kidnapped an English Lord for ransom; thirteen years more in the direction of now, in 1881,  back in North America, African American leaders inaugurated a Baptist College for women in Atlanta that became Spelman College; twenty-eight years hence, in 1909, in a marker of Zionist intentions in Palestine, Jewish leaders founded the city of Tel Aviv; a decade onward in time, in 1919, the International Labour Organization came into existence as a counterpoint to Bolshevism in the aftermath of the imperial carnage of World War One; two years past that precise point in space in time, in 1921, South across Europe and the Mediterranean, British overseers installed an ‘acceptable’ ruler of their so-called protectorate of Transjordan, in the form of Emir Abdullah; thirteen years farther down time’s path, in 1934, across the wide Atlantic in Florida, Ku Klux Klan members fulfilled their true purpose when they kidnapped and murdered a union organizer, Frank Norman, who had the temerity to organize citrus workers together regardless of color; seven years henceforth, in 1941, North in Massachusetts, the baby girl opened her eyes who would rise as the establishment journalist and essayist of Pulitzer Prize and other award distinction, Ellen Goodman, and the Ford Motor Company signed an initial contract with the United Auto Workers; fourteen hundred sixty-one days in the future from that, in 1945, U.S. forces liberated the handfuls of survivors at the Buchenwald concentration camp; two years further along, in  1947, Jackie Robinson played his forst game as a major league baseball player for the Brooklyn Dodgers; four years further down the pike, in 1951, President Harry Truman affirmed his status of Commander in Chief by relieving the popular general, Douglas McArthur, of his command in Korea for suggesting that the United States should nuke China; ten years afterward, in 1961, Israeli authorities began the criminal trial against former top Nazi Adolf Eichmann, and in a more felicitous occurrence in New York City, Bob Dylan played his first major gig; seven hundred thirty days yet later on, in 1963, the ‘progressive’ Pope John XXIII issued an encyclical that addressed all of the world’s peoples and not just Catholics, about peace and social justice; seven years nearer to now, Rosa parks civil rightsin 1968, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law a Civil Rights Act that provided some relief to minority workers  at the same time that he put his signature on a law that served further to crush dissent by making any crossing of a state line for purposes of ‘inciting riot’, a federal crime; two years after that, in 1970, popular storyteller and creator of fiction John O’Hara lived his final chapter; two years even closer to current context, in 1972,  the British Broadcasting Corporation inaugurated what would become one of its longest-running radio shows, I’m Sorry But I Haven’t a Clue; another two years hence, in 1974, United Mine Workers president Tony Boyle suffered the consequences of the contract killing of Union reformer Jack Yoblanski and his wife when a jury found him guilty of that crime; another two years along the temporal arc, in 1976, the young Apple corporation released its first personal computer, the Apple 1; four years still more proximate to the present pass, in 1980, well over 30,000 New York transit workers returned to the job after they won nearly a 10% wage

"Interborough Rattled Transit Restored" by Rogers, W. A. (William Allen), 1854-1931, artist. -
“Interborough Rattled Transit Restored” by Rogers, W. A. (William Allen), 1854-1931, artist. –

increase and cost-of-living protections, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued regulations that made sexual harassment of employees by supervisors illegal and actionable; a year onward in time on the dot, in 1981, a raucous and gargantuan riot unfolded in the Brixton neighborhoods of South London over issues of discrimination, police intervention, and general frustration with SOP bullshit against people of color and immigrants; half a decade past that point in time’s parade, in 1986, back in the United States, police in Austin Minnesota charged striking workers for felonies when they got in the way of police attacks on their picket lines, to which 6,000 or more people the day following responded with mass protest; another year additional on the path to the present, in 1987, the leaders of Israel and Jordan signed accords in London that would govern their fractious affairs for a time, and also in that town, The Royal Institution of Great Britain called The Periodic Table (1975) the best science book ever written, and the estimable writer and thinker Primo Levi breathed his last in Italy, while across the sea, storyteller and popular author Erskine Caldwell lived out his final scene; half a dozen years later, in 1993, inmates at an Ohio prison began over ten days of riots and disturbances about inhumane conditions and general presumptiveness on the part of staff and the State; across the continent four years after that, in 1997, as many as 25,000 marchers or more in Watsonville, California demonstrated their support for United Farmworkers strikers in the strawberry fields; half a decade farther down time’s road, in 2002, protesters whose backers were from the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies marched on Hugo Chavez’ residents, briefly orchestrating his removal from office; four more years on the path to now, in 2006, Iran’s President announced that his nation’s technicians had successfully enriched Uranium; one additional year more proximate to today’s passage, in 2007, the iconic narrative genius, Kurt Vonnegut, closed his eyes a final time.