4.04.2017 Day in History

Today is Children’s Day in China and Hong Kong, while Angola celebrates what we should all revere, in Peace Day; in what was an offshoot of a Kievan Rus, Moscow eight hundred and seventy years ago left its first marks on history’s annals; four hundred eight years before the here and now, Spain’s imperial aristocracy decreed that Moriscos, forcibly converted former Muslims, must leave the Iberian peninsula; two hundred forty-nine years in advance of today, a London impresario opened the world’s first popular modern circus; six years subsequently, in 1774, the redoubtable writer and critic and dramatist Oliver Goldsmith, breathed his last; thirty-two years onward from that conjunction, in 1796,  a French scientist delivered the world’s first paleontological lecture at the Ecole Centrale du Pantheon of the National Museum of Natural History, inaugurating the discipline of paleontology; half a dozen years in the future from that, in 1802, the baby girl opened her eyes who would rise as the estimable advocate of nursing and public health, Dorothea Dix; a decade farther along the temporal road, in 1812, President James Madison, in a precursor to the War of 1812, announced a ninety-day embargo on English goods because of kidnapping on the high seas and more prosaic matters of trade and commerce; one hundred fifty-eight years back, a ‘minstrel show’ initiated a standard of white supremacist culture with the first performance in New York City of Dixie in blackface; six years hence, in 1865, Abraham Lincoln courageously put himself on display in the just-‘conquered’ Confederate States of America capital of civil warRichmond; twenty-two years farther in the future, in 1887, a Kansas municipality elected the first female mayor in the United States; twenty-six years thereafter, in 1913, a baby boy was born who would grow up as the redoubtable smith of songs and howling crooner Muddy Waters; just three hundred sixty-six days past that date, in 1914, far away in Southeast Asia, a female infant entered our mists who would capture audiences with her dark, steamy tales of French Indo China and French life, and, around the world in North America, New York City unemployed rose up in riot to protest the lack of jobs; six years past that juncture, in 1920, a male infant first saw the light on his way to light-filled films and screenplays full of darkness, ads Erik Rohmer; three years subsequent to that occurrence, in 1923, the masterful thinker John Venn exited the plane that he had introduced to the diagrams that bore his name;  half a decade still hearer to now, in 1928, the baby girl came along who would bless the planet with her writing and thinking as Maya Angelou; seven hundred thirty days upward and onward in time’s march, in 1930, discomfited Panamanians advance a ‘blow against the empire’ with the formation of their own Communist Party; twelve years precisely beyond that, in 1942, another baby girl took a first breath en route to a masterful career as a disher of biographical dirt named Kitty Kelley; seven years yet later on, in 1949, twelve nations sign the North Atlantic Treaty europe nato wwii WWIIbringing into existence an organization that has ‘fought communism’ and Russia ever since; eleven years onward in time and space, in 1960, one of those NATO countries, France, ‘granted independence’ to parts of Africa that it had ruled as colonies for decades; fourteen hundred and sixty-one days even closer to the current context, in 1964, the Beatles’ songs held the top 5 positions on the pop music chart; three years after that, in 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a fateful speech in opposition to the Vietnam War, at Riverside Church in New York, a single year prior to the date, in 1968, that an assassin with connections with the FBI shot him dead on a motel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee; seven years still more proximate to the present pass, in 1975, a similar sort of tragedy unfolded when close to 200 refugees from Vietnam died in a crash at the end of Operation Babylift, and trust fund kids joined forces to create what would become the corporate behemoth Microsoft; four year as subsequently, in 1979, upheaval among the ruling families of Pakistan led to the execution of the estimable leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto; another four years onward, in 1983, the Challenger space shuttle launched its inaugural voyage beyond the atmosphere; a half dozen years thereafter, in 1989, plus or minus 1,700 unionized coal miners fought back against concessions that a monopoly coal company was seeking to extract from its workforce; four years nearer to now, in 1993,  a darling for all scrappy scribes, Alfred Mosher Butts, who invented the game of Scrabble, played his final tile; three hundred and sixty-five days precisely past that point in time, in 1994, Silicon Valley icons incorporated the company that would become the dot-com disaster, Netscape Communications; eight years further in the direction of today, in 2002, Angolan fascist insurrectionists and the government agreed to an end to the decades-long civil war in the former Portuguese colony.