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                   Thought of the Day                    

A not always obvious, though utterly central, paradox of humanity’s evolution revolves around the search for knowledge vis a vis the ability to declare that one really, truly knows something: the first utterly defines a core aspect of becoming an actually functioning real human being, while the second, at least in relation to any complex phenomenon or multilayered dynamic, at best represents an impossibility, in the most optimistic situation a case of fatuous fantasy that, as soon as anyone shows the temerity truly to support or insist on such foolishness becomes something much darker, sinister and insidious matters indeed, an affair of promoting beliefs that justify the most extreme sorts of feral fury and fascistic ferocity in the name of truthsthat no more exist than did either the ether that believers in this now hilarious view of electromagnetism defended diligently or the phlogiston that proponents of this even more ludicrous perspective on combustion held to as firmly as infants grasp their mothers’ breasts.

                    This Day in History                  

Today is both a day to celebrate the legacy of Cesar Chavez, and International Transgender Day of Visibility; at Medina, thirteen hundred and ninety years ago, a siege began against the forces of the prophet Muhammad; five hundred and nineteen years hence, more or less exactly, in 1146, Bernard of Clairvaux preached a renowned sermon that called for a new Crusade against Islam’s expansive power; three hundred forty-six years further along, meanwhile, in 1492, the same year that Columbus set sail for America, Spain issued its Alhambra decree that required Muslim and Jewish citizens to convert or face expulsion for the crime of having a different religion; MORE HERE


                  Quote of the Day                       
Though Truth and Falsehood be
Near twins, yet Truth a little elder is.

                   Doc of the Day                      
1. Descartes, 1637.
2. Mary Boykin Chestnut, 1860,1861.
3. Octavio Paz, 1990.
4. Barbara Summerhawk, 1998.
Numero Uno“The Great DESCARTES (who may justly challenge the first place amongst the Philosophers of this Age) is the Author of this Discourse; which in the Originall was so well known, That it could be no mans but his own, that his Name was not affix’d to it: I need say no more either of Him or It; He is best made known by Himself, and his Writings want nothing but thy reading to commend them.  But as those who cannot compasse the Originals of Titian and Van-Dyke, are glad to adorne their Cabinets with the Copies of them; So be pleased favourably to receive his Picture from my hand, copied after his own Designe: You may therein observe the lines of a well form’d Minde, The hightnings of Truth, The sweetnings and shadowings of Probabilities, The falls and depths of Falshood; all which serve to perfect this Masterpiece.  Now although my after-draught be rude and unpolished, and that perhaps I have touch’d it too boldly, The thoughts of so clear a Minde, being so extremely fine, That as the choisest words are too grosse, and fall short fully to expresse such sublime Notions; So it cannot be, but being transvested, it must necessarily lose very much of its native Lustre: Nay, although I am conscious (notwithstanding the care I have taken neither to wrong the Authours Sense, nor offend the Readers Ear) of many escapes which I have made; yet I so little doubt of being excused, That I am confident, my endeavour cannot but be gratefull to all Lovers of Learning; for whose benefit I have Englished, and to whom I addresse this Essay, which contains a Method, by the Rules whereof we may Shape our better part, Rectifie our Reason, Form our Manners and Square our Actions, Adorn our Mindes, and making a diligent Enquiry into Nature, wee may attain to the Knowledge of the Truth, which is the most desirable union in the World. MORE HERE

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