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Seeking meaning at once defines human existence in the most powerful and positive ways, providing the basis for as much as one hundred percent of our species cultural outpourings, and causes some of the more foolish, occasionally even noisome and horrific, expressions of arrogance and bigotry and self-satisfied certainty that have ever underpinned holocaust and self-destructive tendencies of our chimerical sort of beings: one way to summarize or circumscribe this seeming opposition between positive outcomes and negative results might center on the recognition that confusing faith, even of the most sublime and profound and elegiac sort, with fact stands as a first step toward dictatorial regimens, which naturally and inevitably elicit regimes that practice repression and inquisition and genocide as they seek to impose on unwilling recipients beliefs that no more represent truth than a Bible or a Koran represents whatever might exist as an actual expression of All-That-Is, God Almighty, or any other way of stating alpha-and-omega and everything in between.

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Today in the United States marks a commemoration of ‘Doctor’s Day,’ while Palestinians and Israelis of conscience celebrate Land Day; on the Balkan boundaries that separated ‘barbarians’ from ‘civilized’ Byzantines one thousand four hundred eighteen years ago, Slavic Avars, suffering from a plague epidemic, lifted their siege of a Byzantine fortified town at Tomis; eleven hundred forty-eight years later, in 1746, a male child entered the world in standard fashion who would become the genius of art and expression, Francisco Goya; exactly two centuries and two years before today, Joachim Murat published the Rimini Proclamation, which was one predecessor to moves later in the century for Italian unification; MORE HERE

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El sueño de la razón produce monstruos.

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1. Jean Toomer, 1947.
2. Matthew McCallister, 2001.
3. Harold Evans, 2012.
Numero Uno—I was not more than ten years old when I first heard mention of the Quakers.  The grown-ups of my family were talking among themselves, speaking of an uncle of mine who lived in Philadelphia and operated a pharmacy near the university. I  had never seen this uncle and was curious about him, so my ears were open.  Presently a reference to the Quakers caught my attention.  I wanted to know who the Quakers were.  What was told me then I have remembered ever since.  The Quakers, I was told, are people who wait for the spirit to move them. MORE HERE

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unions organizing "twenty first century" OR contemporary crisis OR difficulty OR struggle OR cooptation OR diversion strategy tactics analysis OR explication history OR origins radical OR marxist  = 673,000 Connections.

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