3.30.2017 Day in History

Today in the United States marks a commemoration of ‘Doctor’s Day,’ while Palestinians and Israelis of conscience celebrate Land Day; on the Balkan boundaries that separated ‘barbarians’ from ‘civilized’ Byzantines one thousand four hundred eighteen years ago, Slavic Avars, suffering from a plague epidemic, lifted their siege of a Byzantine fortified town at Tomis; eleven hundred forty-eight years later, in 1746, a male child entered the world in standard fashion who would become the genius of art and expression, Francisco Goya; exactly two centuries and two years before today, Joachim Murat published the Rimini Proclamation, which was one predecessor to moves later in the century for Italian unification; seven years hence, in 1822, having recently purchased the land South of Georgia from Spain, the United States formed the Florida Territory; two decades thereafter, in 1842, a Georgia surgeon by the name of Crawford Long first used ether anesthesia in an

CC BY-NC by Gilberto Viciedo

operation; two years after that exact juncture, in 1844, across the Atlantic in France, an infant male came into the world who would grow up as wild poet Paul Verlaine; just shy of a decade beyond that, also in France in 1853, the baby boy was born who would mature as the icon of art and soul, Vincent Van Gogh; two years subsequently, across the wide Atlantic in 1855, Missouri pro-slavery gangs swept into Kansas and ‘encouraged’ the election of a pro-slavery legislature; three hundred sixty-six days closer to the current day, in 1856, across the Atlantic in France once more, combatants in the Crimean conflict of the day signed an accord to end their warfare with the Treaty of Paris; another eight years forward in time, in 1864, a German male child took a breath en route to a life as the social theorist and analyst of state formation, Franz Oppenheimer; three years more proximate to the present, in 1867, Secretary of State William H. Seward finalized the purchase of Alaska from Russia for roughly two pennies per acre, or $7.2 million; three years after that juncture, in 1870, Texas gained readmission to the Union; another sixteen years onward in time and space, England and Russia nearly went to war over Afghanistan after the Battle for Kushka instigated the so-called Panjdeh Incident, in a conflict redolent of much of the past three and a half decades in the same region; five years beyond that, in 1890, a baby boy was born who would become French author Jean Giono; nine years more proximate to the present, in 1899, the German Society of Chemistry invited other nations to appoint representatives to an international conference on atomic weights; a thousand four hundred sixty days yet later on, in 1904, a male child came along who would become popular writer of musical verse Countee Cullen; double that length of time into the future, in 1912, Morocco became a French protectorate and extended the European Imperial Project through the Treaty of Fez; a single year past that juncture, in 1913, a male American was born who would enjoy long life and fame as the performer and lyricist Frankie Lane; five years subsequently, in 1918, as part of the Russian Revolution, a violent uprising affected much of Baku and surrounding areas, and stockyard workers in Chicago won the eight hour day; a dozen years subsequently on the dot, in 1930, close to 40,000 distressed workers rallied in New York’s Union Square, only to face police harassment and beatings; seven years yet nearer to now, in 1937, a baby boy was born who would make and act in films as Warren Beatty; two years farther down the pike, in 1939, the first issue of what would become the Batman comic series was available for sale; another year thereafter, in 1940, Japan declared Nanking the ‘capital’ of its conquests in China; half a decade after that moment in time, in 1945, a male infant uttered his first cry who would croon and play guitar as Eric Clapton;Icelandic residents of Reykjavik another four years in the direction of today, in 1949, rioted against their country’s joining NATO; a dozen years in the future, in 1961,  the United States imposed a single convention on narcotic drugs in New drug drugs bannerYork City, further solidifying the political economy and police state protocols of what would soon enough become the ‘War on Drugs;’ exactly a year afterward, in 1962, the male infant opened his eyes who would rise as the powerful rapper, MC Hammer; an additional seven hundred thirty-one days along time’s march, in 1964, a baby girl drew her first breath who would continue on to write and sing as Tracy Chapman;a year beyond that, around the world in Saigon in 1965, a car bomb exploded in front of the U.S. embassy, foreshadowing the expanding carnage on its way in Indochina; poet Jean Toomer two years still more along time’s road, in 1967, had his final day alive; another three years henceforth, in 1970, the United States finally passed a reasonably comprehensive Coal Mine Health and Safety Act; half a dozen years thereafter, in 1976, the first Land Day celebration took place in Israel & Palestine; three years afterward, in 1979, a little girl was born whose destiny was prodigal, as the singer and lyrical genius Norah Jones; two years subsequent to that, in 1981, the son of close friends of the Bush family shot and wounded Ronald Reagan; twenty-six years back, union leader Harry Bridges drew his last breath; fourteen years still closer to the current conjunction, in 2004, English journalist Alistair Cooke spent his last day on Earth; seven hundred and thirty days beyond that point, in 2006, Irish author John McGahern took his final breath; four years following that, in 2010, Bolivian educator Jaime Escalante died.