3.29.2017 Daily Links

                A Thought for the Day               

The list of life’s aspects that we take for granted, though they are both critical to thriving, as well as survival, and completely uncertain, not to say in some ways delicate and fragile, while not an endless litany, does include the obvious triumvirate of air, water, and food: our ancestors learned, for example, to their mortal peril plus or minus twelve thousand years ago, how frail were the networks of interdependence on which adequate caloric intake depended, a discovery that mothered the invention, as it were, of the agricultural revolution that has persisted to this day, even as its contemporary development arguably is exposing Earth’s seven billion cousins to a profound, or even the ultimate, harvesting, even as the most privileged and fattened of specimens happily presume that eats will always line grocery shelves and be available, replete with well-scorched and ugly fats, at cheap and accessible outlets that line the roadways that depend on the same fossil fuel inputs as do the vaunted plenitude of foods themselves.

                    This Day in History                  

One millennium, five centuries, and fifteen years ago, a pagan king in what is now France issued a codex that mandated the same laws and treatment for Gallo-Romans as for Burgundians; nine hundred twenty-eight years subsequent to that date, in 1430, the early Ottoman rule flexed its muscles with the capture of Thessalonica from the crumbling Byzantium; two hundred eight years onward in time, in 1638, Swedish immigrants became the first residents of Delaware in British North America; two hundred forty-five years ahead of our day in time, the esteemed Swedish thinker and scientist and scion of great wealth, Emanuel Swedenborg, passed out of this life; MORE HERE


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Time doesn’t change us. It just unfolds us. Max Frisch
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The Daily Doc

1. Mary Wollstonecroft, 1792.

2. Wilhelm Liebknecht, .

3. Eric Williams, 1944.

4. Julius & Ethel Rosenberg Trial Transcript, 1951.

Numero Uno“Sir:—

Having read with great pleasure a pamphlet, which you have lately published, on National Education, I dedicate this volume to you, the first dedication that I have ever written, to induce you to read it with attention; and, because I think that you will understand me, which I do not suppose many pert witlings will, who may ridicule the arguments they are unable to answer.  But, sir, I carry my respect for your understanding still farther: so far, that I am confident you will not throw my work aside, and hastily conclude that I am in the wrong because you did not view the subject in the same light yourself.  And pardon my frankness, but I must observe, that you treated it in too cursory a manner, contented to consider it as it had been considered formerly, when the rights of man, not to advert to woman, were trampled on as chimerical.  MORE HERE

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