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No matter how mundane its manifestation, maintenance will always represent a first-among-equals facet of the human prospect, in the event moreover a creative expression that without doubt necessitates intelligence and entails opportunities for ingenious and playful engagement at one and the same time that most people view such matters with a combination of boredom and disdain, overall an anomalous situation that, on the one hand, may stem from several factors, for instance that an activity like driving or flying inherently brings more fun-filled moments than does the disassembly and lubrication of the engines on which our get up and go depend, or that minimizing breakdowns in many activities requires drilling or practice that is routine and more than occasionally painfully rigorous, or that more and more of the methodologies for maintaining our personal and mechanical mechanisms requires extensive expensive equipment or complicated technical training, or perhaps both, all of which will afflict some people with a desire to avoid quotidian upkeep protocols till the last possible minute; this process of what one might term a rehabilitation, restoration, rejuvenation paradox definitely does result in almost every case from one component of life’s exigencies, the fundamental inevitability of entropy and its attendant decline from bright and new, or young and strong, to tarnished and ancient, elderly and decrepit—that these ineluctable happenstances themselves form primary rationale for fanatical attention to repair and keeping things up does not in the least stop the sense of distaste and futility that attends these matters, whether in the form of seeing to the old truck’s shock absorbers or in the nature of exercising an old sod’s ancient hips.

                    This Day in History                  

Both the Czech Republic and Slovakia today celebrate Spring with Teachers Day; on a path to plutocracy and plunder in Rome nineteen hundred eighty years ago, Caligula availed himself of the title of Principate en route to the dictatorial regime that has ever characterized the imperium; a hundred fifty-six years later, in 193, as if to confirm this point, Praetorian guards murdered Pertinax, whom their charge was to protect, so as to auction off the throne to a higher bidder; another six and a half centuries, plus two years, onward in time and space, in 845, a slightly different sort of imperial bribery transpired when a Viking leader extorted a ransom to discontinue his followers’ sacking of medieval Paris; five hundred thirty-four years before the here and now, the male infant cried out who would mature as the renowned artist and architect, Raphael;  MORE HERE


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There’s a little book I’m thinking of writing — “Swan Song” is what I shall call it. The song of the dying. And my book will be incense burnt at the deathbed of this society, damned with the damnation of its own impotence.

  • Foma Gordeyev (1899) [also translated as The Man Who Was Afraid; the English music group Led Zeppelin would later name their record label “Swan Song”. Maxim Gorky
                   Doc of the Day                      
1. Marquis de Condorcet, 1789.
2. Karl Marx, 1871.
3. Maxim Gorky, 1906.

4. The Acheson-Lilienthal Report, 1946.

Numero Uno“Custom may familiarise mankind with the violation of their natural rights to such an extent, that even among those who have lost or been deprived of these rights, no one thinks of reclaiming them, or is even conscious that they have suffered any injustice. MORE HERE

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