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For most people, most likely, the fundamental key to a vital, productive, powerful, and happy existence is that their core relationships are loving, giving, even ecstatic, an at least arguable point in the light of which, whatever darts and missiles fate might hurl at sojourners, they would have little choice but to choose to enable and facilitate joyful connections with intimate partners that embody mutual admiration and adoration.

                    This Day in History                  

For all thespians and others who appreciate dramatic arts, today is World Theatre Day; in Venice, seven hundred eight years ago, the city state’s leadership suffered the imposition of a Papal decree that imposed excommunication, interdiction, and a general prohibition of all commercial intercourse, as a result of an alleged Venetian seizure of church property; two centuries and four years later, in 1513, Ponce de Leon and his cohorts began their exploration of the Bahamas region; two hundred twenty-three years back, the U.S. Navy received its authorization for the building of its first fleet of ships from congress; precisely two decades hence, in 1814, in Alabama, troops under Andrew Jackson continued the crushing of Native American resistance with the defeat of Creek forces at Horseshoe Bend;  MORE HERE


                  Quote of the Day                       
Not everything everywhere is for us.

                   Doc of the Day                      
1. Geronimo, 1906.
2. Heinrich Mann, 1921.
3. Karl Mannheim, 1954.
4. Adrienne Rich, 2006.

Numero Uno“About the time of the massacre of “Kaskiyeh” (1858) we heard that some white men were measuring land to the south of us.  In company with a number of other warriors I went to visit them.  We could not understand them very well, for we had no interpreter, but we made a treaty with them by shaking hands and promising to be brothers.  Then we made our camp near their camp, and they came to trade with us.  We gave them buckskin, blankets, and ponies in exchange for shirts and provisions.  We also brought them game, for which they gave us some money.  We did not know the value of this money, but we kept it and later learned from the Navajo Indians that it was very valuable. MORE HERE

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