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The assertion that narration unavoidably involves falsification, while formally true, remains—as social commentary or intellectual hypothesis—at best a meaningless statement and more likely reactionary special pleading, if for no other reasons than, first, that no possible manifestation of accounting for reality’s infinite complexity and detail can ever be a complete, and thus a totally accurate, expression of actuality—and since one cannot deduce from this essential ‘untruthfulness that attempting honestly to portray the world is maladaptive or a bad idea, focusing primarily, let alone exclusively, on the inherent error of making an attempt must mean nothing at all—and second, that those who incessantly dwell on the inevitability of mistake and incompleteness are thereby advancing identifiable agendas for the benefit of privileged and ruling social sets and against the potential to grapple with our dilemmas so as to ameliorate them, a conclusion that becomes inescapable when any honest broker ponders the origins and implicit purposes of the fashionable critique of “narrative fallacies,” which is to say, almost without exception, from paid agents of finance and industry in order to parry or invalidate the material basis for any contemporary analysis that seeks to facilitate reform or even transformation in the relations that govern our affairs with each other and ourselves.

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Today everywhere on Earth is World Tuberculosis Day, a note on the human checklist about this dread killer that could easily emerge as a plague of epic proportions; in what is today Syria six hundred sixteen years ago, the vaunted ‘hordes’ of Mongol emperor Timur overran and sacked Damascus; on two island nations two centuries and two years afterward, in 1603, James rose to the throne of England for a brief period of Stuart rule and Ieyasu Tokugawa became shogun in Japan for what would be several centuries of power; six decades later to the day, in 1663, what is today North and South Carolina became the sole ‘province,’ so to speak, of eight powerful men who helped the son of the decapitated Stuart king, Charles II, to resume his family’s perch atop English society; MORE HERE

                  Quote of the Day                       

Bei einer andächtigen Musik ist allezeit Gott mit seiner Gnaden Gegenwart.

  • Where there is devotional music, God with his grace is always present.
  • Annotation in a copy of the Calov Bible, cited from John Butt (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Bach (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997), p. 256; translation from ibid., p. 46 Johann Sebastian Bach
                   Doc of the Day                      
1. William Morris, 1884.
2. Richard Cooper, 1994.
3. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall, 2010.

4. Yanis Varoufakis, 2017.

Numero Uno—“SOCIALISM, as a social and political system, depends altogether upon the history of mankind for a record of its growth in the past, and bases its future upon a knowledge of that history in so far as it can be accurately traced up to the present time.  The groundwork of the whole theory is, that from the earliest period of their existence human beings have been guided by the power they possessed over the forces of nature to supply the wants arising as individual members of any society. MORE HERE

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