3.13.2017 Daily

An important briefing for all scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens from the National Lawyers Guild, in the event about more closely examining the currently almost omnipresent attack on the First Amendment and attendant human rights to bear witness, to protest, and otherwise to stand up in opposition to the rich and powerful proponents of policies to ghettoize the lives and times of a substantial majority of the populace now alive on this still fair planet, an item that fits almost seamlessly with a new article from theduran.com about seven instances in which so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ actually constitute completely factual sets of machinations in favor of certain ‘interest groups,’ a piece that in turn that completely melds with a new press release  from John Whitehead that decries the Supreme Court’s new upholding of a police state, if not outright fascistic, civil forfeiture law–better known as an official ‘license to steal’ from innocent bypassers, an assessment that then intersects quite neatly with a just-published Wall Street on Parade news analysis  of the House of Representatives moves completely to eviscerate class action protections for consumers, workers, and other ‘lower-class’ victims of opportunistic profiteering and exploitation, all of which serves as an interesting counterpoint to the New York Times just-announced indictment of three Russians, two of them spies, and one Canadian Central Asian emigre on charges of having hacked Yahoo and obtained account information of nearly half a billion clients of the service.

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To the unfortunate discomfort of all too many of life’s participants, who prefer to observe surreal versions of their lives rather than confront harsh actualities, a better than two hour presentation by expert journalists and investigators of the John Kennedy assassination, for any who consider themselves scrappy scribes or stalwart citizens an absolutely mandatory viewing that centers on an intercepted long distance phone call that Lee Oswald tried to make from his jail cell, a mere half day before his, to say the least, anomalous murder on national television by associates of gangsters and spooks whose presence was indisputable in Dallas on that fateful November day even though no official mention of such matters transpired till the House Select Committee on Assassinations met to conclude with 95% certainty, that JFK’s death had resulted from a conspiracy, an apt estimation of things for another video , in this case of the State of Idaho’s moves to bring about the judicial murder of organizer and union leader Big Bill Haywood even though these denizens of ‘law and order’ knew almost certainly that the Western Federation of Miners President had zero to do with the bombing that took the life of a former Idaho Governor, a case that a contemporary Idaho documentary dramatizes with a reading from Clarence Darrow’s summation in that trial, the aggregate of which conjoins in estimable fashion with a Valdai Discussion Club profferal of a twenty-five minute briefing from Vladimir Putin about the state of foreign relations in the world today, as the erstwhile ‘democracies’ of the United States and NATO seek to impose brutal depredations against Russia, China, and the ‘lesser actors’ of the present world order.