3.01.2017 Daily Links

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Around the planet today is World Civil Defence Day and Self-Injury Awareness Day, while the U.S. commemorates National Pig Day, and the Marshall Islands celebrates Remembrance Day to nuke nuclear explosion holocaustrecall H-bombs dropped on their neighborhoods, as Iceland lifts a mug to the ending of prohibition in its Beer Day; in the legendary realm of ancient Rome, supposedly two thousand seven hundred sixty-eight years ago, the Republic’s mythic founder, Romulus, succeeded in finding wives for his soldiers and followers by overthrowing and slaughtering the men of Rome’s neighbor, Caenina, in the storied crime, the Rape of the Sabine Women;  MORE HERE

                A Thought for the Day                

ten commandmentsWhat shall we say at the end of the day to guide us along a halcyon way?

   Some believe that such a reprieve is more than we shall ever receive;
Still, at the heart of where we may start if we search for such a typecast part
Remain amendments to sacred commandments that merely ask our attention:To wit,
1. The Golden Rule Reigns Supreme.
2. All Children Receive Priority.
1. All Who Work Are Welcome.
4. All Who Work Are Equal.
5. All Who Work Have Responsibilities & Rights.
6. All Who Work Receive Benefits & Provide Support for Others.
7. All Who Work Own Everything That Labor Transforms.
8. All Who Work Are Family.
9. All Beliefs, Congruent with the Golden Rule, Are Welcome.
10. All Other Matters Are Negotiable.We’d hardly need a gentler creed to assist us as we try not to bleed
Away all the joy that comes, bold or coy, if only we’ll make appropriate noise.
                  Quote of the Day                       

Play Mozart in memory of me— and I will hear you.

                   Doc of the Day                      
1. William Dean Howells, 1902.
2. Ralph Ellison, 1952.
3. Harry Belafonte, 1997, 2011.
flag living room house books
Numero Uno“The interesting experiment of one of our great publishing houses in putting out serially several volumes of short stories, with the hope that a courageous persistence may overcome the popular indifference to such collections when severally administered, suggests some questions as to this eldest form of fiction which I should like to ask the reader’s patience with.  I do not know that I shall be able to answer them, or that I shall try to do so; the vitality of a question that is answered seems to exhale in the event; it palpitates no longer; curiosity flutters away from the faded flower, which is fit then only to be folded away in the ‘hortus siccus’ of accomplished facts.  In view of this I may wish merely to state the problems and leave them for the reader’s solution, or, more amusingly, for his mystification. MORE HERE

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From Tuesday’s Files

Nader’s Longstanding Perspective on Corporations – http://www.ontheissues.org/Celeb/Ralph_Nader_Corporations.htm

Privatization’s Crushing Imprimatur – https://popularresistance.org/newsletter-privatization-vs-the-people/

Almodovar’s Most Recent ‘Paradox’ – https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/two-almodovars/





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New Hampshire’s 3S Artspace is accepting proposals for visual art, film, and public performance.

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