7.28.2016 In Depth Look

An in-depth analysis of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent State of the Nation speech, from World Socialist Website, an article that both provides a political assessment of the current climate and gives readers plenty of data and information about what is behind ongoing–some would say cascading–crises in the islands, a follow up from the Socialist Equality Party to two earlier installments this month, the first of which serves as a ‘warning to the working class’ about what is happening in the Archipelago, and the second  of which details the increase in extrajudicial murders and the fascistic reaction that currently characterizes Manila’s realm, a triptych of materials that appears utterly congruent with a photo-essay from Narrative.Ly that communicates how those who complain of privation or predation in the Philippines are quite likely to face lethal violence on the part of the ‘constituted authorities,’ which is to say Washington’s henchman on the spot in the South China Sea, a trio that also totally parallels a historical and analytical overview of the region from Rizal Archive that develops the argument that America has honed its military muscle and plundering protocols there as much as, or more so than, it has done so anywhere else–explication of the present pass that stands in at least a little bit of a stark contrast to a new report  from the erstwhile ‘liberal’ academics at The Conversation, that proffers a good deal of hope that Mr. Duterte knows what he is doing and will accomplish socially useful ends without monstrous instances of mass murder and other abuse but which expresses at least some pessimism about such prospects, the sum total of all of which might be punctuated aptly by a Foreign Policy in Focus news analysis about the arrogance and impunity that attended a mass kidnapping of residents of the island of Chagos, who lived close to the Diego Garcia logistical complex that now serves as a ‘no-sail-zone’ to everybody else on the planet, an object lesson in thievery and righteous venality that every scrappy scribe and stalwart citizen should attend closely, unless such worthy ones would welcome similar treatment at the hand of imperial agents:
stalin mao china communism“During his speech, Duterte announced that the government would begin a ‘unilateral ceasefire’ in its conflict with the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its armed wing, the New Peoples’ Army (NPA) ‘effective immediately.’  The CPP’s front organizations staged a large rally outside the Philippine legislature in support of Duterte’s agenda. J oma Sison, CPP founder and head, issued a statement welcoming Duterte’s announcement of the ceasefire.  The CPP, through the National Democratic Front (NDF), stated that it would reciprocate the ceasefire as soon as it had received the full text of the declaration.  (The remainder of the presentation, meanwhile) was a repugnant mixture of proposals to assist big business in the exploitation of cheap labor and repeated statements sanctioning the murder of alleged criminals.

On the economic front, Duterte assured investors that he would ‘continue and maintain current macroeconomic policies, and even do better.’  Former President Benigno Aquino’s economic policies over the past six years followed the dictates of international finance capital to the letter, and were marked by austerity measures and the privatization of education and other public services.  Duterte stated that he would continue these policies, but would improve upon them by lowering ‘corporate income tax rates’ and relaxing ‘bank secrecy laws.’  The Philippines has some of the strictest bank secrecy laws in the world, a residue of the martial law regime of Ferdinand Marcos which set up the regulations to hide stolen assets.

These changes, Duterte claimed, would ‘attract investment’ that would generate ‘jobs that are suitable for the poor and less skilled members of the workforce’—that is to say, his administration was aiming to expand low wage and sweatshop labor employment.  He doubled down on this point, saying that he would carry out ‘reforms to ensure competitiveness and promote ease of doing business’ to develop ‘labor-intensive industries.’  The influential Makati Business Club (MBC) enthusiastically hailed Duterte’s speech, (and) ‘welcomed the Duterte administration’s … stance against criminality, drugs, and graft and corruption.’

Since June 30, when Duterte took office, having issued repeated calls for the extra-judicial murder of alleged criminals, a bloody killing spree has been launched in the country.  According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, 364 people have been killed by police or vigilantes on allegations of being criminals or involved in the drug trade.  An additional 54 people have been killed in the past 48 hours, averaging more than one state-sanctioned murder per hour.  The overwhelming majority of those killed were deeply impoverished.  police car copsPolice have been responsible for more than half of the killings, while vigilante gangs—who bind their victims in duct tape before shooting them and leave cardboard signs on the corpses announcing that the victim was a ‘drug pusher’—have been responsible for the rest.

(The president scoffed at images and accounts of suffering families of butchered victims, mocking their pain and threatening worse to come).  He told the audience, ‘I have to slaughter these idiots who are destroying my country’ and added ‘I told the military if you see any [criminal], shoot them.  Even if they surrender with a white flag.  That’s just for war, not criminals.  Shoot them.  Show no mercy to them.’  With his vulgar, bullying language and his policy declarations, Duterte is working to build a fascist movement among the petty bourgeoisie and lumpen proletariat.  Isidro Lapeña, newly-appointed head of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), announced that the government would be funding the creation of a nationwide Alsa Masa against drugs.

"Mohn z06" by Zyance - Own work. cc 2.5
“Mohn z06” by Zyance – Own work. cc 2.5

Alsa Masa was a vicious anti-Communist death squad that emerged out of elements of the Communist Party in the mid-1980s when the CPP was carrying out a bloody internal purge.  Alsa Masa terrorized the population by carrying out barbaric murders, torture, the mutilation of corpses and other unspeakable crimes.  Ismael Sueño, head of Interior and Local Government, announced that the government would be creating a network of ‘village-based spy groups.'”—World Socialist Websiterect3336 space

         “On March 28, desperate, hungry protesters began gathering in front of the National Food Authority (NFA) warehouse in Kidapawan, demanding that the government deliver fifteen thousand bags of rice to the famers and their families.  Government officials claim they were unable to distribute the bags because they would not have had enough left over to stretch aid supplies until the end of the year.  Over the next few days the protesters’ number grew to over five thousand, amassing on the Davao-Cotabato Highway, a main artery to the city.rect3336 space
Negotiations with officials were unsuccessful.  Then, on April 1, police and SWAT teams began a clearance operation.  Despite the fact that it is expressly illegal for law enforcement to carry firearms or lethal weapons within one hundred meters of a protest site, the police teams were heavily armed, and reportedly used water cannons, stones and batons to disperse the crowd.  When protesters resisted and began to fight back, police opened fire.

CC BY-SA by Elvert Barnes
CC BY-SA by Elvert Barnes

Two people were killed.  As many as two hundred more were wounded, and over eighty people, reportedly including senior citizens and three pregnant women, were arrested and charged.  Bail was reportedly set at 12,000 pesos per farmer, but later reduced to 6,000 pesos, or about $127.  The average household income for farmers in the area is around $3 to $5 per day.”—Narrative.Ly

 rect3336 space
         “Americans had three major goals for occupying the Philippines.  One was to create a military presence to then access the markets of China.  The second was to utilize the Philippine raw materials for US industry.  US President William McKinley described the third.  After praying to ‘Almighty God,’ McKinley said that a message came to him that Americans were in the Philippines to ‘uplift and civilize and christianize’ Filipinos.

Filipinos thought at one point that the Americans were there to help them kick out the Spanish and end 400 years of oppression.  After fruitless attempts to negotiate, and after the 1898 Paris Treaty became known, the reality of the US intention became clear.  The Filipinos were forced to acknowledge that the Americans intended to replace the Spanish as the colonial rulers.  In The Philippines Reader, Daniel Schirmer and Stephen Shalom provide first hand accounts of this period.  ‘(On February 5, 1899 Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo urged his people to fight in response to the) outbreak of hostilities between the Philippine forces and the American forces of occupation, (which were) unjustly and unexpectedly provoked by the latter…. The constant outrages and taunts, which have caused the misery of the people…and finally the useless conferences and contempt shown the Philippine government prove the premeditated transgression of justice and liberty.’

(N)ot surprising(ly) … white Americans brought with them their racist and white supremacist mindset into the Philippine arena.  As Black soldier John W. Calloway, of the 24th Infantry, wrote to the Richmond Planet on November 16, 1899:
rect3336 spaceThe whites have begun to establish their diabolical race hatred in all its home rancor in Manila, even endeavoring to propagate the phobia among the Spaniards and the Filipinos so as to be sure of the foundation of their supremacy when the civil rule that must necessarily follow the present military regime, is established.rect3336 space

White American soldiers also instituted their racial ‘whites only’ infrastructure in restaurants and barber shops that began to proliferate during the American occupation.  Filipinos were denigrated in the same way as American blacks.

(The purposes of these vicious and noisome social policies and mass murder were easy to discern; the goals were markets, profits, and cheaply attainable ‘resources.’  Commander of the Marine Corps Smedley Butler put these objectives in perspective as racketeering enterprises).  A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people.  Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about.  It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many.  Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.’armenia, truck, military, war,
(A more recent chronicler stated the case this way).  The Philippines makes a decent representative example of the US’ first official exercise in colonial imperialism and formal empire, also referred to as ‘civilizational imperialism,’ (to which Major General Butler’s riposte is chillingly apt).  ‘Lest this seem to be the bellicose pipedream of some dyspeptic desk soldier, let us remember that the military deal of our country has never been defensive warfare.  Since the Revolution, only the United Kingdom has beaten our record for square miles of territory acquired by military conquest.  Our exploits against the American Indian, against the Filipinos, the Mexicans, and against Spain are on a par with the campaigns of Genghis Khan, the Japanese in Manchuria and the African attack of Mussolini.  No country has ever declared war on us before we first obliged them with that gesture.'”—Rizal Archive

7.28.2016 Daily Links

                    This Day in History                  

World Hepatitis Day today celebrates human advance against this disease; in the city of London four hundred seventy-six years back, England executed Thomas Cromwell for treason; one hundred fifteen years later, in 1655, across the English Channel, Cyrano de Bergerac lived out his final chapter; two hundred twenty-two years prior to the present pass, both Robespierre and Saint Just lost their heads in Paris; exactly a decade more along the temporal arc, in 1804, a baby boy took a first breath en route to his life as anthropologist and philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach;  MORE HERE

                A Thought for the Day                

world time watch clockMany are the estimates of humanity’s prospects now that foresee storm and doom rather than any sort of clement fruition, an unfortunately obvious empirical observation that ought to make us howl with hilarity or sob at the inherent tragedy of such a prevalent point of view: inasmuch as we scratch even the merest molecular surface of what logos and technos and Eros make possible—with a real knowledge of the cosmos, actual machinery and process-orientation that can fit us seamlessly into nature, and an unquenchable desire to join together for mutual benefit, in other words—we could quickly, as in overnight with the right attitudes and protocols and interactions, live richly and elegantly and ecstatically with each other, at least much of the time, and always and forever, as long as the sun burns steadily a hundred forty million kilometers away, exist in sustainable balance with the Gaia goddess of ecology and Earth that form the soil from which we grow.

                  Quote of the Day                       
“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you…. I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense. … I cannot rest, I must draw, however poor the result, and when I have a bad time come over me it is a stronger desire than ever.” – Beatrix Potter

book hor2

SEARCHDAYdespair OR futility alienation OR estrangement unavoidable OR inevitable OR concomitant OR inherent aspects OR attributes OR accompaniments capitalism OR "bourgeois society" OR "monopoly capital" resistance OR struggle OR opposition necessity OR requirement "for survival" = 45,700

book hor


              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

A World of Discovery documentary about the Bikini Islands as an instance of a community’s purposeful and utter destruction to serve the agenda’s of the Modern Nuclear Project, which at the time of the Crossroads series of nuclear tests, the first of dozens that turned the atoll into a toxic radiation sink, was more or less completely under the aegis of the United States, whose policies gave the hundred sixty or so residents no choice but to relocate and accept the compensation package that ‘Uncle Sam’ proffered, till now, when despite still dangerous levels of radiation the daily dose is not regularly lethal, a demonstration of the decades and centuries of danger and death that accompany the standard operating procedures of the Nuclear Fool Cycle, a contention that a Retro Reports segment    examines in relation to the atomic veterans, and their families, who have now for sixty years suffered cancer, heart disease, genetic disorders, birth defects, and other echoes of the “ace in the hole” that Harry Truman so delighted in using against the Japanese in order to bully the Soviet Union, both of which efforts at explication of atomic itineraries appear completely congruent with a more current concatenation  of nuclear imbroglio that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation brought to light as the secret schemes of the Pangea Corporation to bring most, or even all, of the world’s nuclear waste to ancient bedrock at the edge of Australia’s vast arid interior deserts, machinations that an unknown whistleblower made public, setting off a firestorm of oppositionand therefore leaving humankind still exposed to the growing and, presently, insoluble difficulty of nuclear poisons that will remain capable of killing everyone on Earth for decades, centuries, or even millennia.nuke nuclear explosion holocaust


student writing arm


Poets on the Coast

 La Conner, Washington
Event Date:
September 9, 2016
Application Deadline:
July 31, 2016
E-mail address:

The sixth annual Poets on the Coast weekend writing retreat for women will be held from September 9 to September 11 at the Country Inn in the historic river town of La Conner, Washington. The retreat offers a workshop, one-on-one mentoring, craft classes, and yoga for women poets. The faculty includes poets Kelli Russell Agodon and Susan Rich. Tuition, which does not include lodging or meals, is $395. Lodging is available at the conference hotel for $119 to $179 per night. A limited number of scholarships are available. The registration deadline is July 31. Visit the website for more information.



The Holes in Wall Collective Creative Residency Program is designed to span across many mediums and designations of creativity. We invite people across disciplines to engage with their practice and share collective space. Twenty-nine acres of woods, fields, pond, pool. Barn with studio space, worktables, rehearsal and workshop open space. Four bedroom cabin with full kitchen, living room, screened-in porch, working desks. Location New Jerusalem, Pennsylvania. Subsidized rates down to $35/night.


Art Aia- Creatives-In-Residence is a cultural center, a creative residency , located inside a farm in the Friulian countryside of Northern Italy, near the town of Sesto al Reghena in the province of Pordenone. The accommodation rental and studio fees vary according to the type of creative residency. If funding permits, an allowance for housing and materials may be available. No deadline.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Las Vegas Review-Journal : Assistant City Editor (Las Vegas-NV) – 07/08/16
URL: http://www.journalismnext.com/jobdetails.cfm?jid=9500

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is seeking an assistant city editor who is adept at serving both digital and print audiences. We’re looking for a smart leader who can plan and prioritize, quickly assess stories and edit well on the fly in a digital-first environment. We need a mature journalist who knows how to teach a rookie one minute and backstop a seasoned pro the next. The pace is fast and sometimes furious in a great news town.

WEKU – Eastern Kentucky University : Station-Based Reporter for Regional Radio Collaboration (Richmond-KY) – 07/07/16
URL: http://www.journalismnext.com/jobdetails.cfm?jid=9495

WEKU Public Radio at Eastern Kentucky University is seeking an experienced journalist with exceptional radio and multimedia skills to become part of the Ohio Valley ReSource. This regional collaboration includes our network of stations in Central and Southeastern Kentucky as well as six other partners in Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio.



Cognitive Behavioral Aspects of Trump

A fascinating Evonomics post that contextualizes the reasons why Trump popularity is so mixed, but pervasive, by a writer who brings an interesting theory as to what emotional reasons people use to choose their leaders: “Half of India’s population — 600 million people — is under the age of 25 and as access to the internet improves, the overall audience will grow. A huge number of people — again, we’re talking hundreds of millions — are now connecting to the Internet on increasingly affordable smartphones, and they are demanding content that represents their lives.”

WRISSGeorge Bernard ShawShaw

A Marxist Internet Archive portal to all of the iconic playwright’s work that deals with politics and social justice: George Bernard Shaw Reference Archive


Partnering With Media in Southeast Asia

A Nieman Lab that looks at the ways that Western media can succeed in partnering with media outlets farther ashore, and the reasons why this would be attractive, if hard: “Half of India’s population — 600 million people — is under the age of 25 and as access to the internet improves, the overall audience will grow. A huge number of people — again, we’re talking hundreds of millions — are now connecting to the Internet on increasingly affordable smartphones, and they are demanding content that represents their lives.”



More Dem Election Hijinks

A Salon piece that looks at the pathetic but most likely effective red herring that the Hillary-stained Democratic party is tossing out there by throwing the Russians in for good measure: “Is this a joke? Are you kidding? Is nothing beneath your dignity? Is this how lowly you rate the intelligence of American voters? My answers to these, in order: yes, but the kind one cannot laugh at; no, we’re not kidding; no, we will do anything, and yes, we have no regard whatsoever for Americans so long as we can connive them out of their votes every four years. “



Mythology and Humanity

A Waking Times look at what it means to be human, and at what losses have occured when we collectively decided to overcome our myth mind for our modern mind: “Individual selfhood came at a great cost. In fact, it could only come about when the previous gods had faded from human consciousness. And yet from this came the emergence of self-consciousness, the focus on individual selfhood, and the possibility for self-transcendence through individual inner work. That is, to take the path back toward a cosmic, sacred communion through self-volition and individual choice. This path back to the gods (the sacred source) does not imply ‘going out’ there – to reach them in some realm beyond – but rather suggests allowing them back into the human psyche. This means receiving the sacred connection once again within the inner life/self of the human. We could phrase it as bringing the sacred impulse back down into material life – the re-sacralization of the material plane. It could be said that human destiny is to know the infinite without leaving the finite – both exist simultaneously and both are necessary.”

7.28.2016 Day in History

World Hepatitis Day today celebrates human advance against this disease; in the city of London four hundred seventy-six years back, England executed Thomas Cromwell for treason; one hundred fifteen years later, in 1655, across the English Channel, Cyrano de Bergerac lived out his final chapter; two hundred twenty-two years prior to the present pass, both Robespierre and Saint Just lost their heads in Paris; exactly a decade more along the temporal arc, in 1804, a baby boy took a first breath en route to his life as anthropologist and philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach; a hundred ninety-five years ahead of the now, meanwhile, Peru under Jose de San Martin declared independence from Spain; forty-six years subsequently, in 1866, Vinnie Ream became the first female artist to receive a U.S. Government commission for sculpture, for a statue of Lincoln, and the baby girl who became English children’s author Beatrix Potter was born; two years hence, in 1868, the Fourteenth Amendment became law of the land, putatively guaranteeing Constitutional rights everywhere; one hundred nineteen years ago, Miami came into existence as an incorporated municipality; six years thereafter, 1902, the infant who became renowned philosopher Karl Popper was born; half a decade even closer to today, in 1907, a male child came along who grew up to be the man who invented Tupperware, Edward Tupper; another seven years and many thousands of miles further on, in 1914, Austria declared war on Serbia, initiating what we’ve come to call World War One; eighty-four years ago, Herbert Hoover ordered the so-called ‘Bonus Army’ forcibly evicted from their protest encampment in the District of Columbia by troops of the regular armed forces; seven hundred thirty days henceforth, in 1934, Spain and the Soviet Union established formal diplomatic relations; a dozen years more along time’s road, in 1946, a B-25 bomber crashed into the seventy-ninth floor of the Empire State Building, killing fourteen people; nine years after that moment in time, in 1954, the baby boy came into the world who matured as the iconic leader Hugo Chavez; three hundred sixty-five days beyond that juncture, in 1955, an organization formed, the Union Mundial pro Interlingua, and held its first conference in support of an international language; another decade after that conjunction, in 1965, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson authorized the expansion of the U.S. invasion of Vietnam from 75,000 to over 125,000 troops; two years shy of another decade more proximate to the present point, in 1973, a huge rock festival entertained over half a million people at Watkins Glen, New York; twelve years back, the scientific Nobellist and co-discoverer of DNA, Francis Crick, played out his last strand; another year hence, in 1905, the Irish Republican Army ended its three decade armed campaign in Northern Ireland; nine years still nearer the now, in 2014, the writer and journalist and neopagan ‘princess,’ Margot Adler, took her final breath in this realm.

7.28.2016 Naked Links

Here readers will find, with brief titles to introduce them, a crop of yesterday’s most interesting and evocative articles and ideas.

CC BY by ToGa Wanderings
CC BY by ToGa Wanderings


Rothschilds’ $100,000 Per Plate Hillary Shilling

An SOP, Kind-of-Radical Memoir of the Sanders Campaign From the Get-Go
A Pair From Public Integrity About ‘Conventional’ Influence Peddling
Paul Craig Roberts on Europe as Uncle Sam’s Fiefdom
H.G. Wells’ The World Set Free, 1913 Novel of Atomic Bombs & Nuclear Power
A Half Century’s Retrospective on Minerva‘s Science & Society Ruminations
A Grassroots Energy & Economics & Entropy Overview
CC BY-SA by joelogon
CC BY-SA by joelogon

An Introduction to Hillary’s Behind-the-Scenes ‘War Planners’

A Rationally ‘Liberal’ Take on Police Violence in Historical Perspective
Radical Economic Analysis of ‘Helicopter Money’
Mediated ISIS Accounts & Stupefied Critical Faculties
A Take on Gladio & Europe & Paying Some Attention
Elite Ivy Education & Ideologies & Memories of Race
Data Out of Context = Noise
Citizen Rejection of Imperial Leadership & Its Technocratic Imprimatur
A Chilcot & Iraq Summation
humpty dumpty fictionBuilding Audience Through Serialized Fiction
Selected E-mails From the Democratic National Committee Hack & Leak
VaxXed Makers Threaten Libel Suits Against Scientistic Detractors
Jill, Off-the-Cuff & Powerful at the Democratic Convention
British Tridents & Megadeath
Omnipresent Surging Uncertainty
Musings About a Russian-Turkish ‘Super Alliance’
A Power Interlude of the Underground Press
"Church of the Saviour on the Blood at Night, St. Petersburg, Russia" by neil_barman - Flickr.com
“Church of the Saviour on the Blood at Night, St. Petersburg, Russia” by neil_barman – Flickr.com

Hillary’s Blame Game With Russia

Media’s ‘Translated,’ & ‘Translating,’ Future
An Undeniably Toxic, Not to Mention Authoritarian, 5G Agenda
An Invitation to Conjoin Podcasts & Blogs
Competing Ideologies: Solidarity & Individualism
Philippines at Crossroads & in Crosshairs in Disputes With China
Loneliness on ‘the Left’

7.27.2016 Naked Links

Here readers will find, with brief titles to introduce them, a crop of yesterday’s most interesting and evocative articles and ideas.


John Whitehead’s Call for Open Eyes & Stalwart Action
A Pair on MH-17 from 21st Century Wire
A Briefing on the ‘Liberty Incident’ & Fair Weather ‘Friends’
Deconstructing the South’s Ongoing Civil War


Studies on Color & Ethnicity in a Police State
Propagating Warmongering Through Propaganda
Examining the Origins of ‘Fortress Europe’
Additional Analysis of Vaccine Consequences
An Unsurprising New Heyday for Hollywood Horror
Collective Knowledge Foundation Founder Interview
Liberalism & Fear: Insights From Montesquieu
An Essay on Anger
Art & Populism
A Half-Century Old Photojournalist’s View of Fidel Castro
An Attempted Coup’s ‘Lessons’
Two Deeper Views on Turkey
Gangster-President Rodrigo Duterte’s ‘State of the Philippine Nation’


7.27.2016 Daily Links

                A Thought for the Day                

At the heart of the contemporary human project—which is to say for at least the last couple hundred years or so—lies a dynamic at once so bleak and so sorrowful that the wonder is that almost everyone in a place like Amerika is not struggling with terminal depression: more often than not, we find ourselves more or less totally alienated from whatever might become magnificent or sublime in ourselves at one and the same time that estrangement rules our relations with those of our fellow cousins whom we must engage if we are to discover and manifest the only viable, reliable sources of either personal transformation or social improvement that are possible on Earth, the meaning of all of which is tantamount to a call for mutuality and collaboration and every expression of solidarity that we can manage if what we want is a future that is not quite so in the thrall of ennui and enervation as the present putrid pass than many people now experience.

book hor2

democracy participation "sine qua non" OR "necessary component" OR "central element" = 2,550,000 Results.

book hor


              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

"Oil well" Flcelloguy at en.wikipedia - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
“Oil well” Flcelloguy at en.wikipedia – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –


http://www.ecowatch.com/big-oil-not-big-tobacco-wrote-public-skepticism-playbook-1935479546.html  –  A gold mine for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who want to be able to handle the slippery flacks whose job descriptions entail creating confusion and percolating doubt, embedded in a short article from EcoWatch that introduces the Center for International Environmental Law, which has developed chillingly damning documentation against a phalanx of big oil and monopoly tobacco companies, firms that have worked together for decades to make implementing policy reform as difficult a task as they could manage via obfuscation, public relations, science-for-sale, and statistical sleight-of-hand, in the event a narrative that parallels perfectly the responses that Black Lives Matter and community activists proffer during a spontaneous interview that followed a Berkeley screening of another documentary marvel, Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe, the unifying themes of which are corrupted expertise, routine racketeering, and arrogant impunity in regard to public health and well being.


student writing arm


Writer’s High Retreat

Event Date:
September 9, 2016
Application Deadline:
August 10, 2016

The Writer’s High Retreat will be held from September 9 to September 11 at the Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa in Young Harris, Georgia. The retreat features workshops for poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers, as well as readings and talks. Participating writers include poet Clifford Brooks III, fiction writers Joshilyn Jackson and Michael Morris, and nonfiction writer Jessica Handler. The cost of the retreat, which includes lodging and all meals, is $754 for a single room and $559 for a double room until June 30, and $779 for a single room and $586 for a double room thereafter. The registration deadline is August 10. E-mail or visit the website for more information.



Deadline August 31, 2016. The Barthelme Prize for Short Prose is open to pieces of prose poetry, flash fiction, and micro-essays of 500 words or fewer. The contest awards its winner $1,000 and publication in the journal. Two honorable mentions will receive $250, and all entries will be considered for paid publication on our website as Online Exclusives.


Deadline August 8, 2016. Author will receive $1,000 and the winning story will be published on the Gival Press website and in a future anthology of short stories. Submissions of a previously unpublished original (not a translation) short story in English must be approximately 5,000 to 15,000 words of high literary quality.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


The Las Vegas Review-Journal is seeking a star reporter to cover Clark County government, one of the most important beats at Nevada’s largest news organization. This position covers the Clark County Commission and its related agencies, which have combined budgets of more than $1 billion per year and jurisdiction over the Las Vegas Strip, a metropolis unto itself.

Denverite Social Media Journalist 

The new position is for someone who loves social media and wants to help find new ways of telling complete stories on social media platforms, especially Instagram, but including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others. While there may be the occasional opportunity to report a story in a traditional sense, this is truly a position focused on social media and forming whole Denverite products on social media platforms with the support of the rest of the editorial team.




Exposing Nukes Through Advertising

A Cross Cut article that looks at the work of a valiant anti-nuke organization that has taken extreme ends to draw attention to the fact of the huge nuclear arsenal in Seattle’s doorsteps: ““This is a wake up call,” says Ground Zero’s Leonard Eiger. “Why do these nuclear weapons exist 70 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Why do we continue to not only deploy them but why are we maintaining them and planning for a new fleet that could run over $100 billion? What are the economic, political and social costs?””




Writers Voice

A Writers Digest post that provides advise to all those looking to find their best way for self-expression through their writing: “There is a lot of writing advice out there, some good, some not so good, and I’ll try not to repeat it. I’m only going to talk about what works for me, and I hope it can provide some guidance and help for you as you develop yours. So with that caveat in mind, let’s talk about Voice.”


Nuclear Propaganda

An EcoWatch article that exposes some of the false propaganda mainstream media puts forth about nuclear energy: “The New York Times published an astonishing article last week that blames green power for difficulties countries are facing to mitigate climate change.

The article by Eduardo Porter, How Renewable Energy is Blowing Climate Change Efforts Off Course, serves as a flagship for an on-going attack on the growth of renewables. It is so convoluted and inaccurate that it requires a detailed response.”




Volatile Weapons

A Tom Dispatch post that contextualizes the arms race as it continues today: “And, oh yes, then there’s that other business, the one that actually makes things that go boom in the night.  I’m talking, of course, about the weapons trade.  As TomDispatch regular Bill Hartung, author of Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex, points out today, it has an almost monopolistic grip on its global market and, like Hollywood, regularly has cheery news to offer about the billions of dollars it pulls in from countries at war or fearing future conflicts.  In fact, for a business that — bottom line — kills people rather than simply thrilling them with bloody mayhem, it, too, has a remarkably upbeat sense of itself.”





Afghanistan Shames

A Common Dreams article that analyses the shameful acts that hurt civilians:  “”Every single casualty documented in this report—people killed while praying, working, studying, fetching water, recovering in hospitals—every civilian casualty represents a failure of commitment and should be a call to action for parties to the conflict to take meaningful, concrete steps to reduce civilians’ suffering and increase protection,” stated Tadamichi Yamamoto, the U.N. Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and head of UNAMA.”

7.26.2016 Daily Links

          BREAKING NEWS RIGHT NOW          

http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/27/us/politics/spy-agency-consensus-grows-that-russia-hacked-dnc.html  –  In a development that portends, no matter the veracity or falsehood of the allegations, greater impetus for conflict between the United States and Russia, which inevitably could induce additional steps toward war, which might ineluctably lead to nuclear cataclysm, an announcement from the New York Times, not known for any sympathies whatsoever with Moscow, that the hacking of the Democratic National Committee e-mails that Wikileaks released–correspondence that proves beyond doubt the conspiratorial and underhanded protocols with which Hillary Clinton and her cabal of neoliberals conducted the presidential primaries–traces back to Russian infiltration of DNC computers, an evolving story that scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens must follow closely, like their lives depended on it, which, in certain predictable scenarios, it might very well do.

                    This Day in History                  

On this date every year, Cuba celebrates a Day of the National Rebellion to commemorate the launching of the 26th of July Movement under the aegis of Fidel Castro; on the Arabian Peninsula, meanwhile, a thousand three hundred and fifty nine years ago, the factional and fractious fighting of the early post-Prophet period of Islam continued with the Battle of the Siffin, where the forces of so-called “Rightly-Guided,” or Rashidun Caliphs clashed with the supporters of the ‘Sons of Umayya,’ or nascent Umayyad Caliphs; a thousand ninety-six years ahead of today, in the Islamic incursions into Europe via the Iberian Peninsula, an utter rout of Christian forces occurred at Pamplona, laying the basis for nearly complete Muslim dominion over what is now Spain;


                A Thought for the Day                

From conception’s hopefully joyous miracle through youth’s florid flower, we can pray for the fortune and search for the grit to lay the basis for the power of a prime from which will spring whatever propagation that we have to proffer, thereby preparing, with a modicum of luck, a smiling decline into dotage, and eventual exit to where all our achievements are finally and eternally beyond either our ken or control, which is why our choices while conscious determine whatever memorial that we merit.

                  Quote of the Day                       
Sir,—Mr. Mallock’s controversy with Mr. Chiozza-Money over the figures of Mr. Keir Hardie may very well be left to the embarrassed silence in which good-natured people sit when a person of some distinction volunteers an absurd blunder as a contribution to a subject which he has not mastered.  The notion that the people who are now spending in week-end hotels, in motor cars, in Switzerland, the Riviera, and Algeria the remarkable increase in unearned incomes noted by Mr. Keir Hardie have ever invented anything, ever directed anything, ever even selected their own investments without the aid of a stockbroker or solicitor, ever as much as seen the industries from which their incomes are derived, betrays not only the most rustic ignorance of economic theory, but a practical ignorance of society so incredible in a writer of Mr. Mallock’s position that I find it exceedingly difficult to persuade my fellow Socialists that he really believes what he teaches.  MORE HERE

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SEARCHDAY"public health" OR "community health" OR resilience crisis OR emergency OR danger looming OR pending OR imminent autism OR "neurological disease" OR "developmental disabilities" background OR origins "social determinants" OR "socioeconomic sources"  = 17,500 Hits.

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Living an Organizer’s Life


Slave Patrol Policing

Not Teaching Ethics Has Consequences
Truman’s 1963 CIA Warning
MSF Hospital Bombing War Crimes Investigation
As Predicted, ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ May = ‘Right to Forget News’
U.S. Solar Installation Data
Bribing Doctors to Sell Drugs
nuke nuclear explosion holocaustMonopoly Media’s Shilling For Nukes
A Longer View of Brexit & ‘Terror’-Driven Migration
T.E. Lawrence’s Swindling ‘Long Con’
The Atlantic Council’s Imperial Marketing Protocols
NATO & Russia at Loggerheads in Syria


CC BY-SA by Elvert Barnes

Riot Gear Sales Spiral Up


America’s Longstanding Political Prisoners
A New Access-to-Research Platform
Monopoly Media’s Self-Criticism
Critiquing the Lionization of ‘Grit
Deconstructing Social Science’s ‘Relevance’
A Turkish Web Paradox
Israel’s ‘Diversion’ of Palestinian Aid Resources
Huge Chilean Marches Against Privatized Pensions
America-Firsters, From Lindbergh to Trump


              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  


http://www.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/24790/arab-studies-institute-announces-release-of-gaza-i  – From the estimable scholars and heartfelt human advocates who produce the argument and insight atJadaliyya–appropriately enough, dialectic in Arabic–an overview of a recent documentary briefing, “Gaza in Context,” that graphically grounds a viewer in the harsh realities of oppression that rule in that tiny strip of land where well over a million Palestinians seek to live, while simultaneously hammering home the conclusion that peace will never come to the region short of something akin to liberation of the people who are struggling there now or the annihilation of every last one of these suffering souls who cannot help but desire lives that they know are possible but for colonial hegemony and imperial profiteering.


student writing arm


Willapa Bay AiR

 Oysterville, Washington
Application Deadline:
July 31, 2016
E-mail address:

Willapa Bay AiR offers monthlong residencies from March through September to poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers on 16 wooded acres near Oysterville, Washington, 30 miles north of the Columbia River. Residents are provided with a private cottage with work and living space, bath, and kitchen, and all meals. Using the online submission system, submit up to 10 pages of poetry or up to 20 pages of prose with a $30 application fee by July 31. Visit the website for complete guidelines.



The winner will receive $1,000, and the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up will be published in StoryQuarterly 50. Limit: up to 6,250 words. Deadline August 1, 2016.


Submit shorts of up to 500 words each. Each entry considered for publication. Each entry fee includes a one-year subscription. First prize $1,000. Deadline July 31, 2016.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


The Commercial Appeal Memphis TN

The Commercial Appeal, Memphis’ 175-year-old brand for local news content, and part of the USA Today Network, plans to add an experienced columnist to provide insight and reported commentary on a wide range of local issues, everything from the city’s efforts to rein in violent crime to its remarkable record as a home for entrepreneurs. If you can report and write confidently about race and demographics, business and economics, government and politics, even sports on occasion, and focus on the city’s inspiring cast of characters working to make Memphis better, we’d like to hear from you.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada’s top print and online news organization, is looking for a pair of smart, aggressive, experienced reporters to cover the tourism/gaming and real estate/economy beats for its Business section. Tourism and gaming are the dominant industries in Las Vegas, and the Review-Journal needs someone with big shoulders to cover the action. We are looking for a reporter who can quickly turn around a breaking news story for online, then beef it up with the necessary context and perspective for print.


Pension Protests

A Tele Sur article that discusses the ways the Chilean people mobilize to demonstrate their displeasure at the privatization of retirement benefits: “The rally was organized by trade unions and received support from the country’s secondary and post-secondary students, who have organized their own large-scale mobilizations against the government of Michelle Bachelet in recent months. Smaller rallies were also held in a dozen other cities and towns.

The Bachelet government expressed a willingness to review the country’s pension system, which is dominated by private providers known as AFPs. The system was created in 1981 during Chile’s right-wing dictatorship.”

WRISSFacebook and Media

A Monday Note post that breaks down the uncomfortable relatioship between media sites and the famous networking site: “June 29 2016 should have been a bad day for several news publishers’ stocks. That day, Facebook announced a significant change in its algorithm. In short: to the detriment of news contents, more family and friends-related material will show up in the users’ newsfeed. This is a statement of priorities for the social network that serves 1.65 billion people across the world.

For the first time, Facebook stated explicitly that it didn’t care too much about news.”


Ethical Moral Difficulties

A Atlantic look at the failure of education in regards to teaching proper ethical standards: “I was satisfied that students were clearly thinking about tough issues, but unsettled by their lack of experience considering their own values. “Do you think you should discuss morality and ethics more often in school?” I asked the class. The vast majority of heads nodded in agreement. Engaging in this type of discourse, it seemed, was a mostly foreign concept for the kids.”


Historic Crash

A Contra Corner sober and frightening look at the coming economic fall predicted by certain markers: “It’s not just former Fed economists who are getting worried. So is Goldman.

As we wrote last weekend, “With “Stock Valuations At Extremes” Goldman’s Clients Are Asking Just One Question“, namely how much longer can the rally continue.  This followed another Goldman warning from two weeks ago, where as we noted before, “Goldman Warns Of A Sharp Plunge In Stocks In “Next Few Months.”




Israel Analysis

A Counter Currents posting that contextualizes the history of Israel, and how many aspects of it have little to do with an actual Jewish movement:   “Zionism is primarily a Christian Protestant enterprise that has little to do with Judaism. This explains why US Christians are the most ardent Zionists and the most powerful supporters of Israel. The largest opposition to Zionism came initially from the rabbinical elite, which viewed it as heretical and an aberration of the Jewish faith. Zionism represents a break with Jewish tradition and historical continuity. Israel has to be seen in terms of European nationalism, colonial expansion, and geopolitical interests rather than as the divine fulfillment of biblical prophecies or even a culmination of Jewish history.”

7.26.2016 Quote of the Day


IN January, 1909, Mr. Keir Hardie delivered an address in which he pointed out that the remarkable increase in our national income, of which so much was being said in the controversy then raging between Free Traders and Tariff Reformers, had not been shared by the working classes, who were no better off than before. Immediately Mr. W. H. Mallock wrote to The Times accusing Mr. Keir Hardie of ignorance of political economy, on the ground that an educated man would have known that as the increase had been produced by the exceptional ability of the employers and inventors, there was no reason to claim any share of it for the employee class. Thereupon I lost patience with Mr. Mallock and wrote the following letter to The Times.

CC BY by ToGa Wanderings
CC BY by ToGa Wanderings



Sir,—Mr. Mallock’s controversy with Mr. Chiozza-Money over the figures of Mr. Keir Hardie may very well be left to the embarrassed silence in which good-natured people sit when a person of some distinction volunteers an absurd blunder as a contribution to a subject which he has not mastered.  The notion that the people who are now spending in week-end hotels, in motor cars, in Switzerland, the Riviera, and Algeria the remarkable increase in unearned incomes noted by Mr. Keir Hardie have ever invented anything, ever directed anything, ever even selected their own investments without the aid of a stockbroker or solicitor, ever as much as seen the industries from which their incomes are derived, betrays not only the most rustic ignorance of economic theory, but a practical ignorance of society so incredible in a writer of Mr. Mallock’s position that I find it exceedingly difficult to persuade my fellow Socialists that he really believes what he teaches.  They regard me as a cynic when I tell them that even the cleverest man will believe anything he wishes to believe, in spite of all the facts and all the text-books in the world.rect3336 space
However, that is not the point that moves me to utterance on this occasion.  If Mr. Mallock does not know the difference between the rents of land and capital and the ‘rent of ability’—if he is so ignorant of ordinary business and patent law as not to know that the cleverest inventor cannot possibly extract a farthing more from his invention than his stupidest competitor when it has been communized 14 years after its registration—he must not expect the Socialists to educate him.  My quarrel with him is deeper than the technics of distribution.  Mr. Mallock is preaching an ideal; and I want every gentleman in England to repudiate that ideal, whether he be Socialist, Individualist, Liberal, Free Fooder,Tariff Reformer, or Home Ruler.rect3336 space
The ideal is, not that the greatest among you shall be servants of all the rest, but that whenever one of us discovers a means of increasing wealth and happiness, steps should be taken to restrict the increase to the discoverer alone, leaving the rest of the community as poor as if the discovery had never been made.   If Mr. Mallock does not mean this, he means nothing.  If he does mean it, what does his University say to him?   What does the Church say to him?  What does every officer in the Army and Navy to him?  What does every Civil servant say to him, every statesman, every member of the humblest local authority, every professional man, every country gentleman, every man of honor, gentle or simple, who asks no more than a sufficient and dignified subsistence in return for the best service he is capable of giving to his country and to the world?  This is not a question of the difference between the Socialist and the anti-Socialist: it is a question of the difference between the gentleman and the cad.   Lord Lansdowne is not a Socialist, and Lord Charles Beresford is not a Socialist; but Lord Lansdowne has not asked for the hundreds of millions he saved Europe by making our treaty with Japan, and Lord Charles Beresford, if the German fleet attacked ours, would not refuse to conduct our naval defence unless the country were to be given to him as prize money when he had saved it.  It is true that we have tradesmen—some of them in business on a very large scale both here and in America-impudent enough and base enough to demand for themselves every farthing that their business ability adds to the wealth of their country.  If money international yuan china trade tppthese canaille were surgeons with a monopoly of a capital operation, they would refuse to save a patient’s life until they had extorted his entire fortune as a fee.  If they were judges, they would sneer at a judge’s modest £5,000 a year, and demand the total insurance value of the protection they afforded to society.  If they were lifeboat coxswains or firemen, they would bargain for the kit of a drowning sailor or the nighty of a child in a burning house before they would throw a lifebuoy or mount a ladder.  They are justly despised by men of Mr. Mallock’s profession and education; and when Mr. Mallock challenges the right of our workmen to a share in the increased product of industry by asking whether their labor ‘has become more productive in respect of the laborer’s own exclusive operations,’ he not only lays himself open to the obvious counter-question as to whether the ‘exclusive operations’ of our employers could produce anything more than the exclusive operations of our laborers, but, what is far more serious, he seems to be lending the credit of his reputation, his education, and the high social and intellectual prestige of his class to the most abandoned sort of blackguardism that is still outside the criminal law.rect3336 space
It is fortunate for us that few of our tradesmen are so vile or so silly as the commercial theory by which theorists attempt to justify them.  The man who has ‘made’ £20,000 a year for himself knows very well that his success does not afford the smallest presumption that his services have been more important than those of a police-constable with 2qs. a week.   He does not dream of posing as the superior of the captain of a battleship with a modest income of three figures.  Mr. Carnegie ‘divides up’ his surplus millions, and makes wildly Socialistic proposals, never for a moment suggesting that he is 50 times as clever as Mr. Mallock because he is 50 times as rich.   I am not supposed to be an exceptionally modest man; but I did not advance the fact that I have made more money by a single play than Shakespeare did by all his plays put together as a simple proof that I am enormously superior to Shakespeare as a playwright.  Our millionaires unload—awkwardly and unwisely sometimes, it is true, but still ‘they unload’—and do not talk nonsense about being 650 times as clever or as sober or as industrious as a dock- laborer because they have 650 times his income.  The man who pretends that the distribution of income in this country reflects the distribution of ability or character is an ignoramus.  The man who says that it could by any possible political device be made to do so is an unpractical visionary.  But the man who says that it ought to do so is something worse than an ignoramus and more disastrous than a visionary: he is, in the profoundest Scriptural sense of the word, a fool.
rect3336 space
In conclusion, may I confess that nothing is so terrifying to the Socialist to-day as the folly of his opponents?  There is nothing to keep the inevitable advance steady, to force the rank and file to keep their best men forward.  A paper called The Anti-Socialist is brought out with a flourish of trumpets.   I open it, and find vers de societe and a caricature of myself by a French artist, who depicts me in a French frock-coat, a Grand Old Man collar, and the countenance of Henri Rochefort.   A Belgian navvy is labelled ‘Ramsay Macdonald:’ an American knockabout from the cafe chantant is carefully marked ‘Keir Hardie.’  Is it worth while to spend so much money to provide our Socialist debaters with footballs?  If the Socialists did not know the difficulties of Socialism better than their opponents, and were not therefore far sterner Tories than the tariff reformers and far sounder Liberals than the free-traders; if all decent men were not nine-tenths Socialists to begin with, whether they know it or not; if there were any possibility of controversy as to the fundamental proposition of Socialism that whoever does not by the work of his prime repay the debt of his nurture and education, support himself in his working days, and provide for his retirement, inflicts on society precisely the same injury as a thief, then indeed the prospect would be black for civilization.  As it is, I will continue to back the red flag against the black one; and with that I leave the Anti-Socialist League to sweep up the fragments of Mr. Mallock and produce their next champion.”  George Bernard Shaw; Fabian Society Series Number Eight

7.26.2016 Day in History

CC BY-NC-ND by izahorsky

On this date every year, Cuba celebrates a Day of the National Rebellion to commemorate the launching of the 26th of July Movement under the aegis of Fidel Castro; on the Arabian Peninsula, meanwhile, a thousand three hundred and fifty nine years ago, the factional and fractious fighting of the early post-Prophet period of Islam continued with the Battle of the Siffin, where the forces of so-called “Rightly-Guided,” or Rashidun Caliphs clashed with the supporters of the ‘Sons of Umayya,’ or nascent Umayyad Caliphs; a thousand ninety-six years ahead of today, in the Islamic incursions into Europe via the Iberian Peninsula, an utter rout of Christian forces occurred at Pamplona, laying the basis for nearly complete Muslim dominion over what is now Spain; eight hundred thirty-eight years onward from there, in 1758, across the wide Atlantic, English fighters succeeded in ousting the French from Louisburg and taking control of the Gulf of St Lawrence in the midst of the French and Indian Wars, the North American version of an early world conflict of capitalism; twenty-seven years later, in 1775, the Continental Congress established the mail delivery service that would become the US Post Office, pacing Benjamin Franklin in charge of the entire operation; twenty-one years on the dot past that momentous passage, in 1796, a baby boy was born who would grow to become the artist and explorer George Catlin;just over a quarter century thereafter, in 1822, further South in the Western Hemisphere, Jose de San Martin arrived in Guayaquil to parlay with another Latin American Revolutionary, Simon Bolivar, and across the wide Atlantic and through most of the Mediterranean, in Greece, Ottoman Imperial defenders clashed with Greek rebels at Dervenakia; exactly a quarter century subsequent to that conjunction, in 1847, with the help of nascent US imperial adventurers, Liberia declared its ‘independence;’ nine years to the


day henceforth, in 1856, a little baby boy opened his eyes who would rise as George Bernard Shaw, a redoubt of truth and empowering women and working people, not to mention winning the Nobel Literary Laureates; just shy of two decades farther along the path to now, in 1875, another male infant entered our midst who would mature as the maestro of myth and psyche and introspection, Carl Jung; seven hundred thirty-one days more in the direction of today, in 1877, across the wide Atlantic from Europe and Africa, U.S. soldiers gunned down thirty workers in the Battle of the Viaduct in Chicago, where five thousand or more strikers and protesters had been assembling and seeking redress in what later court decisions agreed was an entirely legal and acceptable manner, not that this observation did much to assist the dead proletarians or to minimize the cruel class war that characterized America then, much as it still does now; eight additional years along time’s path, in 1885, back in Europe, a male infant first looked round him to see his family’s great fortune en route to a life as a thinker and writer and storyteller who took the name Andre Maurois in times of the tumult and depredation about which he wrote prolifically as a French bourgeois operative of empire and intrigue; another two years further along, in 1887, ‘Dr. Esperanto’s first book,’ Unua Libro introduced the concept of a Babel-deconstructing tongue to the world, a favorite of certain occultists, new-age thinkers, and others at the cultural fringe; an additional thousand ninety-six days past that point, in 1890, roughly six thousand miles or so to the Southwest in Argentina, a disjointed ‘Revolution of the Park’ unfolded that managed to unseat the Republic’s president, even as its inchoate program and disorganized uprising didn’t accomplish a lot else except to show the underpinnings of influence and corruption that were operating then, much as now, in the Southern Cone; fourteen hundred sixty-one days yet later on, in 1894, President Grover Cleveland ordered the railroad railway train track hobo homeless transient povertycreation of a Strike Commission to investigate the recent Pullman and railroad strikes that vaulted Eugene Debs to national prominence as a spokesperson for labor rights that amounted to more than a slightly less noxious form of slavery that what the Emancipation Proclamation had supposedly ended, and an infant boy cried out who would mature as the omniscient writer and social critic, Aldous Huxley; three years yet nearer to the here and now, in 1897, halfway round the world at the border where England’s and Russia’s empires met, something like 10,000 Pashtun fighters in a third Anglo-Pakistan War laid siege to a British outpost in what is now the ‘tribal’ area of Pakistan; not quite a full decade onward from that, in 1908, back round the globe in North America, the U.S. Attorney General Joseph Bonaparte, inaugurated the Office of the Chief Examiner, which soon enough, after another transitional name change, would become the Federal Bureau of Investigation; four years afterward, in 1912, in West Virginia, clashing colliers and company gun thugs exchanged 100,000 shots, which resulted in the death of a dozen miners and four of the so-called guards; seven hundred thirty days in the future from that, in 1914, back across the wide Atlantic in the Balkans, Serbia and Bulgaria recalled their ambassadors in anticipation of the greatest martial blood-letting in human history to that point; eleven years hence, in 1925, the important analytical philosopher and mathematical logician Gottlob Frege underwent his final theorem, and the baby boy bounced into the world who would rise up as the filmmaker and screenwriter of terror and fetish and psychological

CC BY-NC-ND by Adam Polselli

ennui, Stanley Kubrick; nine years past that precise moment in space and time, in 1936, back in Europe, the fascists announced intentions to intervene in the Spanish Civil War on the side of Francisco Franco’s reactionary forces, with no similar support, except from Russia, for the Republicans; half a decade onward, in 1941, Japan’s occupation of French Indochina led President Roosevelt to declare a freezing of all Japanese assets in the United States; a mere year subsequently, in 1942, the literary genius and popular storyteller William Faulkner accepted a job with Universal Studios to write screenplays; six thousand miles to the East, and another three hundred sixty-five days onward in time, in 1943, a male child was born in wartime England who would become in some senses the King of Rock lyrics an showmanship, Mick Jagger; another year en route to today, in 1944, across the English Channel and much of Europe, Soviet troops liberated Lviv in Western Ukraine from German occupation to discover that fewer than 1,000 of the more than 100,000 Jews who had lived there five years before remained alive; another year toward today, in 1945, England’s Labour Party displaced Winston Churchill in an electoral victory that suggested the social changes that war had wrought, while across the English Channel, Churchill himself, Harry Truman, and Joseph Stalin signed the Potsdam Declaration which fatefully – if disingenuously—called for ‘unconditional surrender’ of the hiroshima war explosion nuke nuclearJapanese, at the same time that shipboard components arrived in the South Pacific of the nuclear weapon which would soon incinerate Hiroshima, Truman’s ‘ace in the hole’ against the Soviets in Europe; two years even closer to the current context, in 1947, Harry Truman signed off on a police state and militarized economy by putting his signature on the National Security Act, which projected the creation of the President’s National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the subtly bogus Department of Defense among other components of the Federal bureaucracy of control and catastrophe; another year further down the pike, in 1948, in a subtly divergent development of imperial America, Harry Truman signed Executive Order 9981, which advanced the absolutely essential element of social justice, equal opportunity, that rulers and founding fathers and such had for hundreds of years been blatantly and purposefully withheld from people of color, among others; three years more on the march to this moment, in 1951, Walt Disney’s wizards of animation debuted Alice in Wonderland in London; a pair of years further onward in time, in 1953, Fidel Castro and his comrades conducted an assault on the barracks at Moncada, a disastrous raid that nevertheless marked the initiation of the Cuban Revolution; three additional years more proximate to the present pass, in 1956, Egypt’s leaders, having pondered the World Bank’s denial of further funding to the Aswan High Dam, elected to nationalize the Suez Canal Zone and begin a crisis of earthshaking scope; another three hundred sixty-five days in time’s flow, in 1957, thousands of miles to the West in Guatemala, a likely-paid assassin who conveniently enough soon ‘committed suicide,’ murdered Carlos Castillo Armas, the beneficiary of the C.I.A. coup against Jacobo Arbenz, within a day or so of which United Fruit regained all of the lands that it had lost as a result of earlier nationalization; a half dozen years hence, in 1963, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration launched Syncom 2, Earth’s first geosynchronous satellite, and in a completely different sort of advance for the forces of order and empire, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development voted to permit Japan into its ranks; half a decade helicopter war vietnampast those big days for modern capital, in 1968, a more dour, and in the event dire, situation unfolded in Vietnam as the leader of the ‘democratic republic’s’ opposition faced a five year sentence at hard labor for suggesting a coalition government with the Viet Minh; a half dozen years in still closer proximity to today’s light and air, in 1974, Byzantine developments in Greek politics saw a civilian Prime Minister assume administrative oversight for the first time in seven years; a thousand ninety-six days forward from that occurrence, in 1977, Quebec’s National Assembly declared French to the province’s official language; another three years later still, in 1980, the farsighted analyst of public opinion, George Gallup, lived through his final poll; nine years subsequent to that passing, in 1989, a defining moment of the computer age took place when Federal authorities orchestrated an indictment of a Cornell graduate student, Robert Morris, for his part in ‘infecting’ the early Internet with the Morris Worm; three hundred and sixty-five days thereafter, in 1990, the still young performer and songwriter of the Grateful Dead, Brent Mydland, overdosed and died; two years nearer still to today, in 1992, Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act, which mandated “reasonable accommodation” on the job for folks with crippling injuries or congenital disabilities, and a progenitor of Motown’s signature sounds, Mary Wells, sang her swan song; seven years back, in 2008, a series of twenty-one terrorist bombings happened in Ahmedabad, India, killing fifty-six and injuring hundreds, one of a series of three days of attacks in different cities; another cycle round the sun toward the present point, in 2009, a vastly more hideous and deadly uprising transpired in Nigeria, as the state police summarily executed a Boko Haram leader for sedition and conspiracy and his cohorts the day after that led attacks on police stations and a state of near civil war ensued, in which at least a thousand citizens lost their lives

7.25.2016 Daily Links

        BREAKING NEWS RIGHT NOW         

http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/25/sports/olympics/rio-russia-ban-doping.html –  From the paper of record over the weekend, a scoop about the still unfolding story of how Olympic authorities have responded to U.S. insistence that Russian athletes have no chance to compete in Rio, in the event with stern reprimands but far short of a total prohibition, with requisite individual necessity to show that a particular performer is drug-free in order to enter the fray.

                    This Day in History                  

Today in the Incan tradition was a time to honor the God of Thunder; in what is now Italy a thousand seven hundred and ten years ago, the Emperor who would in many ways define the operation of imperial Rome as a positive process, the first Constantine, accepted his ascension to the throne at the behest of his troops; five hundred fifty-eight years beyond that celebratory moment, in 864, a Frankish leader, whom people knew as Charles the Bald, announced various defensive measures against marauding Vikings;  MORE HERE

                A Thought for the Day                

"MQ-9 Reaper in flight (2007)" by U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson
“MQ-9 Reaper in flight (2007)” by U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson

Wherever one focuses one’s attention these days, one encounters a more or less complete, and completely cavalier, abdication of any sense of collective liability for causing carnage and chaos—Americans shrug about the slaughter by drone forces, for instance, or the even greater massacres that have resulted from conventional forces, that such murder and mayhem is not their problem, a ‘political’ eventuality that is outside their purview—at the very same time that the erstwhile ‘forces of order’ who operationalize these mass killings insist ever more strictly that American society must maintain the highest standards of individual accountability: in the event, the former evasion is inevitable since every aspect of the culture operates to stupefy and distract citizens from the capacity to think, the access to real sources of information, and even the merest semblance of how or in what way grassroots power might ever manifest itself, and the latter fantasy is not even vaguely attainable because of the systematic destruction of the very notion of social responsibility—an unfortunate conundrum indeed as the thermonuclear minute hand edges ever closer to a final midnight.

                  Quote of the Day                       
“Poetry is not the proper antithesis to prose, but to science.  Poetry is opposed to science, and prose to metre.  The proper and immediate object of science is the acquirement, or communication, of truth; the proper and immediate object of poetry is the communication of immediate pleasure.  This definition is useful; but as it would include novels and other works of fiction, which yet we do not call poems, there must be some additional character by which poetry is not only divided from opposites, but likewise distinguished from disparate, though similar, modes of composition.  Now how is this to be effected?   MORE HERE
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http://www.wakingtimes.com/2016/07/25/the-chilling-history-of-monsantos-rise-to-power/ –  A short historical overview of Monsanto, whose predatory, parasitical, and relentless activities to increase profit and market share no matter the consequences mirrors the so-called “super-pests” that the wanton application of the company’s killing chemicals nurtures and induces, here in the form of a briefing from Waking Times, a tale that Abby Martin also conveys in a recent episode of her Empire Files, “Monsanto, America’s Monster–a specific focus that in turn matches such accounts as an In These Times agricultural investigation portrays when it delves into the way that capital intensive pesticides and other corporate farming applications, MORE HERE

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SEARCHDAYcontraband OR prohibition OR "war on drugs" plot OR scheme OR conspiracy profiteering OR "black market" elites OR "ruling classes" "intelligence agencies" OR "central intelligence agency" OR CIA corruption OR perfidy OR hypocrisy analysis OR explication OR research OR investigation history OR origins OR background = 86,500 Citations.

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http://www.mintpressnews.com/global-war-terror-created-heroin-epidemic-us-afghanistan/218662/ –  From Mint Press News, two essential views for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who give even half a damn about democracy and any potential for a humane and joyous existence in the increasingly fascistic police state that predominates in Amerika, in the headline position an historical and contemporary demonstration of the fact of U.S. imperial complicity in enabling international drug operations, most recently in Afghanistan but over the past century and a half as a profitable and insidious methodology for carrying out all the necessary but not necessarily ‘dirty-work’ of empire, beginning with English monopolies over poppy crops and processing in early-to-mid-nineteenth-century India and the promulgation of twin Opium Wars to bring China down soon thereafter, and in a more intimate and horrifying illustration of how this explicit policy of hypocrisy and depredation afflicts us right here at home, a twenty-minute cell phone footage of militarized police in Alexandria, Virginia who invade a townhouse full of innocents who only manage to hold on to their lives and their liberty because they had more moxie and calm than ninety percent of the rest of the population, a homeinvasion that transpires because some snitch phoned the police and reported the “smell of marijuana” coming from somewhere.




Cape Cod Writers Center Conference

Cape Cod Writers Center Conference
Hyannis, Massachusetts
Event Date: August 4, 2016
Application Deadline: July 22, 2016

The 54th annual Cape Cod Writers Center Conference will be held from August 4 to August 7 at the Resort and Conference Center in Hyannis, Massachusetts. The conference features workshops and craft classes in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, as well as mentoring sessions with editors and agents. Fiction writer Peter B. Abrahams will deliver the keynote.



PLAYA, in south central Oregon, is a retreat for creative individuals who are committed and passionate about their work and who will benefit from time spent in a remote location. PLAYA offers seclusion and quiet in a natural environment and the opportunity for interaction, if desired, with a cohort of residents and the local rural community. A residency provides the time and space to create substantive work or to research and reflect upon one’s creative or scientific processes. PLAYA’s residencies are open to artists, scientists, naturalists, and individuals engaged in forms of creative research. Residencies are awarded for two to eight weeks and include housing, work or studio space, and twice weekly group dinners at no cost. There is a $35 application fee for individuals ($70 for collaborative teams). Deadline September 1, 2016.


Individual Artist Fellowships are awarded to practicing New Jersey artists through an anonymous, competitive application process to help them pursue their artistic goals. Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation provides administrative support and organizes application review for the New Jersey State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Fellowships program. Deadline July 15, 2016.


Local Radio News Reporter – KDWA FM 97.7 & AM 1460 – P/T 20 hrs/wk (Hastings) hide this posting

compensation: $800/mth

employment type: part-time

KDWA AM 1460/FM 97.7 is looking for a part-time news reporter.In this exciting position, you’ll be responsible for collecting breaking news and following stories that matter to the local community. We need someone with great writing skills and a desire to learn how radio and the news business work.

Cannabis Website Seeks Writers (The Internet) hide this posting

compensation: Pay negotiable but generally at about 5cents/word.
employment type: contract

Sprout.News is looking for writers for one or more weekly pieces.
Our website is about all things Cannabis with a tendency to focus on Business, Laws, Activism and Culture. We are looking for both news stories and original content. We need writers who can keep their fingers on the pulse of marijuana in the news and on social media to report the newest and rarest stories without repeating what all of the other websites have already done.
Subject experience, writing skills and WordPress knowledge will be the foundation of this gig.

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A Viable Way to Rebuild Capital
Real Resistance, 1940’s
Tomgram’s View on Warmongering & Such
Afghanistan, Empire, Vietnam
9/11’s Real Deal?
Police State Deconstruction
Battling for a Seat at the Table
Club Orlov’s Transcript of Widely Ignored Putin Presentation
Fetishizing Competition
Fighting Debtors’ Prisons


Bank for International Settlements Overview

Munich, & Norway’s Sorrowful Anniversary
NATO & Nukes
A Rising Insurgency in Puerto Rico
So Much for Demilitarizing Police


Hiroshima’s Scout

GMO’s & Rural Decline

A Gonzo Journalist’s FBI File


Deconstructing Individualism

Armageddon on the Horizon
CIA’s Ongoing ‘Murder, Inc.’


Deconstructing Israel

The ‘Gulen Is Guilty’ Thesis


Fukushima FUBARS

Design & the Expression of Insane Rational Discourse


Death Squad Discoveries

A History of Data of a Certain Account
Plutocracy’s Multiple Plunderings


Rogue Coppers and History Lessons

A Portside article that looks at some of the issues related to police abuse and race: “Our narratives and debates about good cops and rogue cops, better training and community policing are important but entirely insufficient. No doubt the patty rollers of the 1850s could have been trained to reign in their brutality. Given the gloriously diverse dispositions of our human family, patrollers likely ranged from the breathtakingly cruel to the queasily reluctant enforcers of patent injustice. All that is, at bottom, beside the point. Whether cruel or kind, restrained or rogue, their job was to police – and by policing, maintain – a barbaric system.”

WRISSUnleashing Creativity

A blog post that describes a useful process for all those who require use of their creativity at all times: “Anyone can learn to be creative by using these five steps. That’s not to say being creative is easy. Uncovering your creative genius requires courage and tons of practice. However, this five-step approach should help demystify the creative process and illuminate the path to more innovative thinking.”


Trust in Media

A New York Magazine article that contextualizes the “For decades, the pollsters at Gallup have been asking Americans if they trust their media. In 1974, the year Woodward and Bernstein brought an end to Richard Nixon’s presidency, 69 percent of them did. In a poll released last year, that number was at a historic low. Today, the only institutions Americans have less faith in than television news (21 percent) and newspapers (20 percent) are Congress and “big business.” That’s pretty damn low — humiliatingly low, especially for a group of people who fancy themselves members of “the Fourth Estate.””


Spreading of Riot Gear

An Activist Post which should serve as a warning to all, even the most mild-mannered citizens: “Obviously, this state of affairs can’t continue indefinitely. There is a flashpoint somewhere down the road, when the people of the world reach their breaking point, and the elitists who run their societies will do everything they can to hold onto their power. It’s going to be ugly, and it’s going to be global in scope.

The governments of the world clearly know what’s coming. That’s why they’re stocking up on riot gear at an unprecedented rate. We know this because globally, sales of riot gear are rapidly growing.”



Russia Against GMOs

A Waking Times article that looks at the possibly unlikely ally of those who care about wholesome food access: “Russia has announced a game-changing move in the fight against Monsanto’s GMOs, completely banning the use of genetically modified ingredients in any and all food production.

In other words, Russia just blazed way past the issue of GMO labeling and shut down the use of any and all GMOs that would have otherwise entered the food supply through the creation of packaged foods (and the cultivation of GMO crops).”