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Around the world, today is Polar Bear Day; Roman co-emperors sixteen hundred thirty-five years ago issued edicts ‘requesting’ all citizens to covert to ‘trinitarian’ Christianity; forty-five years hence, in 425, the daughter-in-law of one of those imperial masters helped to found the University of Constantinople; four hundred fifty-five years back, England’s rulers and the Lords of the Congregation of Scotland validated the Treaty of Berwick to expel the French from Scotland; two hundred thirty-three years before the here and now, Parliament voted against further funding of war with America’s colonies; two hundred fourteen years prior to the present pass, the District of Columbia by law came under the direct jurisdiction of the U.S. Congress; six years later, in 1807, a baby boy was born who grew up as popular poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow;  MORE HERE

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The nearly unimaginable scope of things in general means, of course, that every single fanciful notion that we entertain—no matter how engaging and fulsome, bursting with potential for insight and action, even if it becomes as popular as the latest telecommunications marvel—has a likelihood that approaches zero of corresponding precisely to the shape and parameters of the entire universal enterprise of which each of us nevertheless manifests an indelible and inalienable part, the unfolding of which dynamic delineates one of the profound and persistent paradoxes of conscious existence, to wit that we have as our ‘existential’ job, so to speak, the task of seeking what we can never, ever, ever actually find or achieve, the comprehensive comprehension of ourselves and all that is, in the total web of relations and interconnections that define even the most mundane attributes of the cosmos, whether such a routine component of everything has the label ‘I’ or ‘thee’ or something else altogether.

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It was impossible for me to believe that conditions in Europe could be worse than they were in the Polish section of Chicago, and in many Italian and Irish tenements, or that any workshops could be worse than some of those I had seen in our foreign quarters. Alice Hamilton
                   Doc of the Day                      
1. John Steinbeck, 1962.
2. Dee Brown, 1973.
3. Ralph Nader, various dates.
4. Paul Sweezy, 1987.

Numero Uno“Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Min Vackra Fru, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I thank the Swedish Academy for finding my work worthy of this highest honor.

In my heart there may be doubt that I deserve the Nobel award over other men of letters whom I hold in respect and reverence – but there is no question of my pleasure and pride in having it for myself.  MORE HERE

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A Merton Chronology – http://merton.org/chrono.aspx

Karl Jaspers @ SEP – https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/jaspers/

African Roots of War: Du Bois – http://www.webdubois.org/dbAfricanRWar.html





The 30th annual Rally of Writers Conference will be held on April 8 on the West Campus of Lansing Community College in Lansing, Michigan. The conference features workshops, craft and publishing talks, and author readings in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Participating writers and publishing professionals include poet Terry Wooten; fiction writers Landis Lain, Steven Piziks, and Jess Wells; nonfiction writer Andrea King Collier; and agent Alice Speilburg (Speilburg Literary). Fiction writer Lori Nelson Spielman will deliver the keynote. The cost of the conference is $85 ($60 for students) in advance, and $100 ($70 for students) on-site. Visit the website for more information.


A fellowship, which includes a stipend of $20,000, is given annually to a writer of nonfiction (including creative nonfiction) working on a book relating to the literature, history, culture, or art of the Americas before 1830. The fellowship includes a two-month research period to be conducted at the John Carter Brown Library on the campus of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and a two-month writing term at the C. V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. Submit a writing sample of any length, a project description, a curriculum vitae, and contact information for three references by March 15. There is no entry fee. Visit the website for complete guidelines.


Belhaven University

Assistant Professor of Creative Writing

Jackson, MS

Faculty Position in Creative Writing

Belhaven University, a Christian university committed to the ministry of integrating biblical truth and learning, is searching for the ideal candidate for Assistant Professor of Creative Writing who has a heart for Christ Jesus and students at the Jackson, Mississippi campus.