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On this day, the festival of Terminalia, held in honor of Terminus, occurred in Ancient Rome, and it marked Red Army Day in Soviet Russia; in the Turkish reaches of the Roman Empire one thousand seven hundred and thirteen years ago, Diocletian ordered the destruction of the Christian Church in Nicomedia, inaugurating almost a decade of severe persecution; not quite twenty-three decades subsequently, in 532, Byzantium’s Emperor Justinian called for construction of a new place of worship in nearby Constantinople, which would become the renowned Hagia Sophia; nine hundred twenty-three years later, in 1455, the publication of the Gutenberg Bible first took place, the inaugural Western book printed with movable type; MORE HERE

                A Thought for the Day                

nuclear nukeProbably the most dangerous element of the potential for nuclear extinction is how it might occur either quickly, in a heated rush of thermonuclear incineration and irradiated vomitus, or slowly, in the accumulated genetic and cellular damage from the succession of Chernobyl’s and Fukushima’s that must occur unless humanity’s collective energies eliminate these inevitable engines of murder and suicide from our midst, in either case the mere existence of the possibility for such eventualities a long-term, ticking time bomb that sooner or later will, inarguably and without exception, go off and take all of us with it at some point, though not now, of course, not yet; perhaps the most sinister, one can definitely say insidious, aspect of how the Modern Nuclear Project continues to receive top-billing and the highest possible priority despite this absolutely ineluctable and inevitable proclivity for ecocide is how the badge of authority silences learning about, or participation in regard to, nuclear matters, a hidden and horrible component of nukes’ apparently unstoppable presence that in turn flows from the simple proposition that capitalism’s leaders and the planetary rulers who answer to them have identified fission power and fusion weapons as a sine qua non for their continued ascendancy, meaning that quite plausibly many of them would take their chances in the shelters or in a stable Earth orbit after the missiles flew and all but a few human beings were expired, since by their own estimation of things the alternative would be their demotion from the heights of the global plutocracy that currently calls the shots to merely a small group of clever people with no extra rights because of their wealth, accumulation of capital, and so forth, including the Hydrogen Bombs and nuclear power plants that we need to dismantle and otherwise eliminate.

                  Quote of the Day                       
There is an electric fire in human nature tending to purify – so that among these human creatures there is continually some birth of new heroism. The pity is that we must wonder at it, as we should at finding a pearl in rubbish. John Keats
                   Doc of the Day                      
1. W.E.B. Du Bois, 1915.
2. Karl Jaspers, 1941.
3. Thomas Streeter, 1996.
Numero Uno ‘Semper novi quid ex Africa,’ cried the Roman proconsul; and he voiced the verdict of forty centuries. Yet  there are those who would write world-history and leave out this most marvelous of continents.  Particularly to-day most men assume that Africa lies far afield from the center of our burning social problems, and especially from our present problem of World War.  Yet in a very real sense Africa is a prime cause of this terrible overturning of civilization which we have lived to see; and these words seek to show how in the Dark Continent are hidden the roots, not simply of war to-day but of the menace of wars to-morrow.  Always Africa is giving us something new or some metempsychosis of a world-old thing.  On its black bosom arose one of the earliest, if not the earliest, of self-protecting civilizations, and grew so mightily that it still furnishes superlatives to thinking and speaking men.


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