2.22.2017 Daily

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From the indefatigable collectors at Fortuna’s Corner, a sobering, likely chilling or even horrifying, report, via an article  at Newsweek, for any scrappy scribe or stalwart citizen who cares about individual and species survival a must-read briefing about the two times last week that North Atlantic Treaty Organization fighter jets intercepted Russian patrols in international waters over the Baltic Sea, confrontations between the fighting machines of Earth’s two leading thermonuclear powers–each with thousands of hydrogen bombs and so-called ‘tactical nukes’—that might readily ‘get out of hand’ in such a fashion as to make likely, or even guarantee, the mass collective suicide of humankind, a perspective that various thinkers and incisive analysis support in a new Regis Tremblay documentary work, Thirty Seconds to Midnight, a review and overview of which appears in Global Research, the title of which is an instructive litany: “The Cliff of Nuclear Annihilation–Humanity Is on the Brink of Extinction,” points that justify Tremblay’s own promotion of his film as a movie that “everyone must see.”

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In searching for ways to assess and understand the grotesque barbarity that increases year after year from the insatiable demands of imperial imprimatur, Terry Eagleton’s humorous and instructive talk about Why Marx Was Right, roughly twenty-four minutes of magnificent summary and insight that every scrappy scribe and stalwart citizen who hopes to be literate in terms of contemporary reality must see, a bullet-pointing of key aspects of Marx’s thinking and impact that virtually no one actually realizes are demonstrable, verifiable, true components of communism’s ‘founding father,’ so to say, an analytical underpinning of how the world has evolved to the way that it works now, a point of view, moreover, that underscores the murderous frenzy of empire that Regis Tremblay’s Thirty Seconds to Midnight documentary calmly and thoroughly demonstrates in all its vicious vanity and insidious invidiousness, around the world, the end result of all of which must be an ever increasingly probable nuclear war that would at the very least kill tens of millions of people outright and could easily doom every last child, woman, and man alive, all seven billion of them, albeit the last few million Homo Sapiens might die horrifically and slowly and painfully in trying against insurmountable odds to stay alive despite the lethal irradiation of the entire planet.


Self-Defeating Black Support for Devos

A Hechinger Report posting that looks at the words of an education advocate with many things to say about the current educational snafu within a racial context: “Blackness doesn’t dictate a narrow set of views about education, of course. The black tent is big enough to cover a range of approaches to reforming our school systems. But if Hurston were still here, she would certainly cast out those black organizations that are selling bad policy to black families. And last week, 51 Republicans voted in Betsy DeVos, the champion of bad policies.”


United Voices

A Pen posting that introduces to scrappy scribes an important initiative: ‘An online graphic narrative series to help amplify the voices and stories of the communities most at risk in this new and hostile reality.’


Projecting a European Unraveling

A Social Europe look at the dangers facing Europe’s political and social stability: “The danger facing the EU became starkly apparent last June, when the United Kingdom voted to leave. And Donald Trump’s election as US president has made matters far worse. The United States, Europe’s closest and most powerful ally – a crucial security partner and bearer of shared values – is now headed in a very different direction, and threatening to leave a shaken and divided Europe alone in a harsh world eager to tear it apart.”

GENISSChess & Intelligence Research

A Conversation piece that looks at the science of intelligence: “To evaluate the role of cognitive ability in expert performance, we recently carried out two reviews of the scientific literature about the role of cognitive ability in the acquisition of chess skill. We chose chess because it is one of the few fields that has a quantitative and reliable measure of skill (the Elo rating). It is, therefore, an ideal environment for studying expert performance and skill acquisition.

In fact, the study of chess players’ memory and perception has contributed to our understanding of expertise in many other fields, such as music and computer programming. “