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From the combination of brilliant analysts and intrepid former spies and scrutinizing scholars who create the content at Consortium News a contemplation of the hideous hypocrisy and invidious imperial brutality that characterizes developments now in Yemen, where at least two orders of magnitude greater murder and mayhem is unfolding than has typified Syria of late, despite the fact that in the latter case U.S. ‘leaders’ have bemoaned injustice and depredation and rattled sabers while in the former, vastly more horrific, instance the same erstwhile sages and champions of ‘human rights’ have had zero to say about the genocide that our Saudi, so-called ‘allies’ have been visiting on the European people, facts and analysis that help to explain first a new Social Europe report  that, in the context of Gringo greed and predatory plutocracy, foresees a massive unraveling of the whole European experiment of union and second a just-released Duran assessment of a poll that shows at least four North Atlantic Treaty Organization members, including Turkey and Greece, where a majority of residents would elect alliance with and defense by Russia instead of the United States, in aggregate a mandatory set of empirical realities for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens to ponder.

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On this date, the United Nations Educational Science and Culture Organization marks International Mother Language Day, of particular note to scrappy scribes; in the not always easy and pleasant transition to Christianity in Scandinavia, seven hundred and seventy-two years ago, the first Bishop of all Finland lost his sinecure after he confessed to torture and forgery; two years less than precisely three centuries afterward, in 1543, Ethiopian Christians joined early Portuguese imperialists to defeat a Muslim army at the Battle of Wayna Daga; thirty-four decades ahead of the current day, the monumental thinker and scientist, Baruch Spinoza, composed his final passage after less than fifty years from his birth; MORE HERE

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By Allan Ajifo
By Allan Ajifo

At any given moment, since the chances are always precisely one that each actor on the world’s stage is performing in general ignorance of key facts and thereby lacks information or insight about central elements of the contest at hand, every particular participant likely operationalizes the moves that he makes or the decisions that she elects as either a matter of faith, in which case all one’s choices emanate from something akin to a divine impetus or will, or as an instance of intuition, in which event one does acknowledge the potential for rectitude and correction, inasmuch as the hope to intuit intelligently depends on the possibility of awareness of how things actually interconnect, even if such a fulsome consciousness will ever be dependent on guesswork and, therefore, at least somewhat elusive; on all the days of humanity’s complex dance along life’s almost ineluctably indefinite arc toward repeated definite current states of affairs, probably a substantial majority of players interpret their lines and deliver their more or less momentous perorations, whether in tragic or comic mode or some wacky mixture of the two, as if a guiding hand, a sacred directive, an overarching director were in actuality determining this ultimately indeterminate interaction of almost infinite roles, while a more or less tiny minority, despite recognizing the ultimate futility of seeking to figure everything out, will continuously concentrate on conceiving clearly and choosing wisely according to conceptual canons that connect with the way things are in all their mysterious, magical infinitude of likely inevitability and apparent option in the rising action and climactic intensity of the dramas that define our days even if we can only guess at what those dramatic moments truly are.

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I think the rich will eventually have to cave in too, because the economic situation around the world is not gonna tolerate the United States being on top forever. Nina Simone
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Numero Uno“(1) Men would never be superstitious, if they could govern all their circumstances by set rules, or if they were always favoured by fortune: but being frequently driven into straits where rules are useless, and being often kept fluctuating pitiably between hope and fear by the uncertainty of fortune’s greedily coveted favours, they are consequently, for the most part, very prone to credulity.

(2) The human mind is readily swayed this way or that in times of doubt, especially when hope and fear are struggling for the mastery, though usually it is boastful, over—confident, and vain.

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SEARCHDAYcrisis OR collapse OR emergency OR depression OR crossroads OR watershed OR breakdown thermonuclear OR "climate change" OR gmo OR overleveraged faith OR superstition OR religion OR ideology opposition OR controversy OR division materialism OR marxism OR communism OR socialism response OR strategy OR analysis OR deconstruction OR "critical thinking" solidarity OR mutuality = 2,060,000 Connections.

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Another mandatory melange of images and analysis for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, in the event that focuses on Syria and Russia and the bullshit and lies that typify U.S. imperialism, in first position from Information Clearinghouse a French television Bashar al Assad interview that reveals yet again the depth of intelligence and generosity and humanity that the Syrian leader brings to his day to day concatenation of terror and resistance, the grotesque presence of one and necessity of the other of which result from the fact that French and American and NATO policies generally back butchers and thugs in ISIS and Al Nusra on the ground in the Levant and then blame the inevitable ensuing carnage on the Syrians themselves, a tour de force of diplomacy and insight that seamlessly fits with a Hard Facts episode  in which a former British ambassador to Damascus simply eviscerates an Amnesty International report that accuses Assad’s government of mass murder with nothing more in the way of evidence than anonymous sources and terrorists themselves, both of which in turn match up perfectly with a Forbidden Knowledge TV piece  in which a pair of Russian comics convince John McCain that they are the Ukrainian Prime Minister and proceed to get him to reveal his commitment to mass murder and war for all sorts of false pretenses that they feed him with sycophantic glee, all of which then dovetails in dandy fashion with a Peter Lavelle brief  from Duran about why Russia is the perpetual ‘enemy’ of America’s ruling elites.

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Fukushima’s Ongoing Meltdown  – http://www.globalresearch.ca/helen-caldicott-the-fukushima-nuclear-meltdown-continues-unabated/5574756

Snowden’s Help Against CIA to Reporters – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46445.htm

A Kick in the Ass to Unions – http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/a-kick-in-the-ass-for-labor-a-union-leader-considers-1791650779



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Big Medium’s West Austin Studio Tour provides opportunities for the public to meet the local artists and artisans of Austin in their creative spaces. Regular tour and fellowship applications are now open.


Composers of all ages and nationalities are invited to submit to the Left Coast Ensemble’s composition contest. Winner receives $1500, and a performance of the winning composition by the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Center for Health Journalism

Are you a journalist with big ideas who wants your work to matter?  If so, USC Annenberg’s Center for Health Journalism  invites you to apply to apply for the all-expenses-paid National Fellowship — five days of stimulating discussions in Los Angeles, a proving ground for new ways to think about health, plus grants of $2,000-$12,000.


Women’s Resistance Role

A Social Europe posting by a thoughtful European analyst that looks at the role and responsibility of the woman warrior against social oppression: “Antagonism is mounting between today’s right-wing populists and a somewhat unexpected but formidable opponent: women. In the United States, much like in Poland, women’s rights have been among the first targets of attack by populist leaders. Women are not taking it lying down. 

The question now is whether women can win the battle against the populists. While the answer is not yet clear, they do have a few powerful weapons in their arsenal.”

WRISSFictional Views of Fiscal Meltdown

A Lit Hub offering that showcases the seminal role that fiction has in helping the culture at large come to terms with emiseration and uncertainty: “Setting works of fiction in financially uncertain places and times allows writers to tap into a host of grand themes: social instability, the conditions of wealth and privilege, and how history being made looks to those who it threatens to overwhelm. They can also offer authors their own space from which to comment on the economic misfortune affecting their characters, whether it’s a tragic fate befalling someone ambitious whose plans are dashed due to a market upheaval or a kind of karmic justice befalling an unsympathetic character.”


Canadian Grassroots Journalism Model

A useful Editor & Publisher post for anyone contemplating novel and successful media models that could provide a great framework for local media initiatives: “This is our attempt to figure out what the future of local journalism looks like from the ground up,” Male said.

Article topics for Taproot come from the website’s Story Garden, which allows paying members to plant story ideas by asking questions they’d like to see answered. When a particular question receives enough attention, Male and his partner assign the story to a freelancer. Once an article is finished, everyone who contributed to the idea from the very beginning is given credit.”

Ascendant Conservative, Reactionary Views

A City Lab look at the ideological landscape in America today, with maps and other infographs: “In five states, conservatives outnumber liberals by a whopping 30 percentage points; in 13 more, they hold a 20-to-30 point advantage, and in another 15 right-leaners hold 10 point leads, among them Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Florida. Liberals hold a numeric advantage over conservatives in just four states: Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, and Connecticut.”

GENISSBeing Selective in Trashing Trump

A Consortium News post that asks citizens not t throw out the baby with the bathwater in regards to the new ‘leadership’, even though most of it looks so bleak:  “Around the United States, massive demonstrations have protested the inauguration of Donald Trump, but there is a danger that the anti-Trump forces could block the positive elements of his message, writes Robert Parry”