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In relation to multiple paradoxes of protest, resistance, and soothsaying in the current context, from Common Dreams, a centrally important assessment for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens about how such crises and conundrums as refugees and immigration inherently result from the predatory and plundering relations that upper-crust imprimatur guarantees, a dynamic that is indisputable even though the majority–perhaps the vast majority–of Americans conveniently forget or merely overlook this ineluctable factor, of particular note in ‘the age of Trump’ that is itself the natural upshot of such political ‘leaders’ as Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, a point that in a decidedly different realm–that of reproductive rights and support for Planned Parenthood–Truthout makes  incisively and with precise details, and that in yet another arena–that of energy policy and pipeline politics–The Intercept clarifies with an examination of unfolding new stories at Standing Rock and an upsurge of similar battles elsewhere.

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Internationally, today is the World Day of Social Justice; Norway five hundred forty-five years ago proffered two islands to Scotland as a dowry payment for Denmark’s Princess Margaret; a swashbuckling French explorer three hundred thirty-two years back led an expedition that founded Fort St. Louis in

Thomas Hawk - flickr
Thomas Hawk – flickr

Matagorda Bay, proferring France some reason for claiming Texas as its own; two hundred twenty-five years before today, President George Washington established the Post Office Department when he signed the Postal Service Act; MORE HERE

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art gallery exhibitionInasmuch as any random minute of a person’s existence, reconstructed in all its minute particularity so as exactly to replicate what has passed by, would necessitate all the matter and energy in motion since the beginning of the temporal function itself, the whole idea of ‘catching up’ one’s work, of evincing the capacity to ‘be on top of’ life’s chaotic cascade, of having the wherewithal to memorialize precisely what has transpired in the epic ebb and flow of a given instant, must eternally exist only in the realm of fantasy, at best a metaphorical approximation of what one seeks, similarly as a happy paddler on the complex whitewater of the cosmic stream may fancy being in command of his ride, having a total picture of her route, when in reality he or she merely manages best when fully cognizant of the ineffability of the overall flux and therefore completely committed to being present to react to that unfolding mystery in a conscious and capable fashion.

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Numero UnoIntroduction

In substance, this address, now for the first time published, was prepared several years ago, and has been delivered in many parts of the North.  Its publication now in pamphlet form is due to its delivery at Harper’s Ferry, W. Va., on Decoration day, 1881, and to the fact that the proceeds from the sale of it are to be used toward the endowment of a John Brown Professorship in Storer College, Harper’s Ferry—an institution mainly devoted to the education of colored youth. MORE HERE

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From the monumental and yet humble genius of Freeman Dyson, cautionary thinking for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens about the standard and accepted explanations for and analysis of climate change now, a presentation that demands deeper thinking and more intellectual honesty even as it notes that the now mandatory view is so easy, both in that it allows people not to confront the social and political issues that underlie the increased carbon in the atmosphere and that it encourages ‘solutions’ that are 100% congruent with what social hegemons want to do anyway, a powerful deconstructive analytical perspective which the estimable Nobelist applies in a different context at once to matters of meteorology again and to science more generally as a discipline and approach.

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From Friday’s and Saturday’s Files

Wilson’s 1919 Draft League of Nations Protocol – http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/wilson-presents-draft-covenant-for-league-of-nations

Klansman Wife’s Murder Indictment – http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/02/13/wife-of-kkk-leader-frank-ancona-who-married-him-in-full-klan-costume-arrested-for-his-murder.html

Crushing Local Rule in Dixie – https://www.facingsouth.org/2017/01/southern-cities-face-growing-efforts-state-and-federal-officials-block-local-progress



student writing arm


The Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN provides retreats of two to four weeks from May through October to enable artists, writers, and scholars of exceptional promise and demonstrated accomplishment to create, advance, or complete works-in-progress.


The Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN provides retreats of two to four weeks from May through October to enable artists, writers, and scholars of exceptional promise and demonstrated accomplishment to create, advance, or complete works-in-progress.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr



Sacramento Press is a community-centric online newspaper of professional writers and community contributors coming together to uncover, highlight, and talk about what’s happening in the city. With the launch of our new website in 2016, we are looking for talented staff writers, columnists, and community contributors to help build our new brand and bring engaging content to our site.


Millennials’ Embrace of Socialism

A Portside look at youth and the new evolution: “It’s an old idea, but the people who will make it happen are young – and tired of the unequal world they’ve inherited. I will come of age in the era of Trump. It’s a bleak generational landmark, but ideological capitulation and despair are not the answer. In the 1930s and 1940s, many of the most dedicated antifascists were communists. The antidote to radical exploitation and exclusion is radical egalitarianism and inclusion.”


Journalistic ‘Slack’ Channels

A Poynter look at tools used by journalists to keep up with things in an uncertain media atmosphere: “A few days before President Trump’s inauguration, MuckRock opened up a Slack channel to help journalists better cover him and his administration.

As of Wednesday, 250 people signed up. Most are journalists, about half from national newsrooms and half from local newsrooms around the country. Update: As of Thursday, 1,500 people have signed up.”


Media’s Contemporary Disruptive Influencers

An Editor & Publisher article that recaps the big media events that will forever change the nature of the business forever: “In a year when live streaming video feeds from social media users pushed stories of racially charged police violence into the national spotlight, and trending technologies such as expiring content (a la Snapchat and Instagram Stories) and immersive technologies including VR were promised to upend how we consume news, the climax of the year came in Nov. 8, when Donald J. Trump won the presidency. Technology’s power to perpetuate disinformation across modern media platforms had been exposed—potentially influencing the American electorate in the process. Now, the challenge for the newspaper industry will be how to respond to an age-old media problem in a new media world.” 

Nuclear Coverup

A You Tube video that encapsulates the rage felt by citizens of San Francisco upon learning their future and health was in danger due to undisclosed testing: “In San Francisco Hunters Point on February 8, 2017, the US Navy, EPA, California Department of Toxic Substances and San Francisco Health Department held an orchestrated dog and pony show to assure the people of San Francisco and the Hunters Point/Bayview community that they are properly protecting the people after health and safety whistleblowers have exposed the falsification of testing at the site for years. “

GENISSPersistent Debt Slavery for Students

A Conversation look at the bleak and seemingly hopeless debt situation that students face, a predicament that grows even more dire thanks to the sale of student debt to private investors: “The first, and most glaring reason for this is that each such sale turns education into debt slavery. This process reduces large numbers of people from younger generations into another commodity for the financial sector to trade. Each sale further alienates them from a society that should instead want to transfer to them the skills they need so that they can flourish.”