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Via the New York Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, a briefing from In These Times about increasingly risky, even life-threatening, involvement in construction jobs in New York, where workers might anticipate much better than average conditions, dangers that afflict migrant laborers much more frequently than they do American born children in such positions, a contextualization of the adversity that labor faces in all arenas now that every scrappy scribe and stalwart citizen needs to hear, a grounding moreover that dovetails powerfully with a two-part report-and-analysis from World Socialist Website about the revolutionary elements and lessons of the early United Auto Workers’ victories in sit-down strikes, the pinnacle of which took place at the General Motors facility in Flint, Michigan, a delineation moreover that melds with an article from The Hill that details a new battle for laborers and their allies, specifically in regard to the withdrawal of Andy Puzner’s nomination to be Secretary of Labor under Donald Trump; the aggregate of which materials about routine class-conflicts in American workplaces counterpoints a news update from Informed Comment about the upcoming plebiscite in Turkey for more centralized executive authority, a decision in seven weeks that could affect working people in Turkey and surrounding areas for at least the foreseeable future.

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Nineteen hundred years ago, the Roman Emperor Trajan’s conquests in present-day Iraq and Armenia expanded Theodosius_II_solidus_Constantinople_439_450_gold_4480mgRome’s territorial extent to its greatest limits; seven hundred sixty-eight years back, Louis IX sent a French representative to parlay with Mongol leaders who might conceivably overrun parts or even all of Europe; three hundred eighty-seven years before the here and now, Holland’s troops expanded the parameters of Dutch Brazil with the capture of Olinda from the Portuguese; two hundred thirteen years ago, Steven Decatur led a surprise attack on the recently captured U.S.S. Philadelphia, burning it and denying it to Libyan pirates in the First Barbary War; one hundred seventy-nine years before today, a baby boy was born into a prosperous and prominent New England family who would grow up as the author Henry Adams; a hundred sixty-four years prior to the present pass, the brothers Studebaker established the eponymous wagon company that would become the iconic automobile brand decades later; MORE HERE

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San Lorenzo, California. Farm laborer with his little son a few days prior to evacuation from this . . ., 05/05/1942 lange photography depression povertyAmong the most sickening aspects of existence in the imperial ‘belly of the beast’ in the here-and-now, when and where planners and pundits and bureaucrats and beancounters and administrators galore know the score to a penny and prognosticate with some insight how production can work so as still further to enrich the already sated with lucre, must appear unavoidable complicity between almost every sector of America’s working classes and the high-hatted fat-cats who rule the roost—the proletarian technocracy actually designs and produces machines that maim and murder in ever more subtle and innovative fashion; standard and even the most lowly paid employees contribute their taxes to fuel the systems of depredation and death; even the ‘retired’ and the pensioned, the unemployed, the disabled, and the poetic lowlings who depend on various official stipends gain their supplementary income from the blood and sweat and fear and haunted, hunted desperation of the unlucky recipients of Yankee ‘foreign aid,’ and from the access to resources and goodies that the programs of plunder and rapine and evisceration yield: only the imprisoned and the altogether marginalized hereabouts escape this mantle of collusion and connivance with the forces of plutocracy and death that emanate from Gringolandia like the feared legions of Rome came forth from the empire’s center long ago—in some ways dishearteningly and in other ways fortunately, the former in terms of creature comforts and ‘life expectancies,’ the latter in terms of morality and responsibility and ethics, this culpability only begins seriously and, on the part of the ‘privileged’ sets of exploited collaborators, willfully to unravel as the ravening beasts of conquest and selfish self-interest of the ever diminishing owning classes realize that even the most gifted scions of research and theory cannot avoid the contradictory inevitabilities of overproduction and underconsumption and that, therefore, the primary realms left to pillage and predate are the very centers of teamwork and cooperation that lie at the heart of the Anglo-American phalanx itself, one obvious upshot of which unfolds as the newly discovered fact that the erstwhile minions of capital’s crimes now have every reason of their own thriving and survival to turn against the predators and stand, for a change in most cases, on the righteous side of history with those who promote the only viable path toward the future for humanity as a whole.

                  Quote of the Day                       
“What matters is that Southern slaves, at least on the larger plantations, created their own African
American culture, which helped to preserve some of the more crucial areas of life and thought from white control or domination without significantly
reducing the productivity and profitability of slave labor. Living within this African American culture, sustained by strong community ties, many slaves were able to maintain a certain sense of apartness, of pride, and of independent identity.”
David Brion Davis, Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World
                   Doc of the Day                      
Numero Uno — JEAN JACQUES ROUSSEAU began his famous Confessions by a vehement appeal to the Deity: ‘I have shown myself as I was; contemptible and vile when I was so; good, generous, sublime when I was so; I have unveiled my interior such as Thou thyself hast seen it, Eternal Father!  Collect about me the innumerable swarm of my fellows; let them hear my confessions; let them groan at my unworthiness; let them blush at my meannesses!  Let each of them discover his heart in his turn at the foot of thy throne with the same sincerity; and then let any one of them tell thee if he dares: I was a better man!’ MORE HERE

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From differing YouTube providers today, a centrally important series of views for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, first about the Black Panthers, but perhaps more particularly about Huey Newton, narrative depictions that begin with footage of a press conference in which the just-released-from-prison young leader holds forth with wit and erudition, with measured anger and historical awareness, about the nature of society, social struggle, and the ‘peculiar institutions’ with which Black people have dealt time out of mind, focusing on the plans and intentions of the Panther organization itself, a bit more than ten minutes following which observers ought carefully to ponder first a dramatization  of Newton’s life as a combination ‘interview’ and rambling interior monologue, second a record of an academic conference about the Panther’s actuality and legacy that occurred not too long ago in New Mexico, and third a remarkably evenhanded and salutory effort  from the Public Broadcasting Service about the role of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense as the Vanguard of the Revolution—all of which presents a method for measuring the veracity and utility of the work of Hugh Pearson, whose monograph   The Shadow of the Panther ferociously criticizes the movement and in many ways especially demonizes Huey Newton, a work that appears in uncontradicted profile on a C-SPAN book talk.

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Russia & Snowden Now – http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Moscow-Denies-Russia-Mulling-Giving-Snowden-as-Gift-to-Trump-20170213-0005.html

Narrative Construction & Social Relations – https://www.edge.org/conversation/paul_dolan-the-social-construction-of-stories





Organizing the Academic Precariat: Perspectives on National Trends and Recent Successes

Co-sponsored by the Scholars Strategy Network (NYC Chapter) and the Murphy Institute, CUNY
Date: Friday, March 24th, 12:00-6:00pm
Place: The Murphy Institute, 25 West 43rd St.  18th floorIn recent years, the ranks of non-tenure track adjuncts, lecturers, and other contingent faculty in U.S. higher education have continued to swell, a trend that shows few signs of abating. This academic precariat has become the faculty majority across public and private institutions, comprising 50 percent of faculty at public research universities, nearly 60 percent at private research universities, and over 80 percent at public community colleges. They earn shockingly meager pay: adjunct faculty earn only $2,700 per course on average—or roughly $21,000 per year on a full teaching load.



The KHN Center accommodates up to five artists at a time for stays that vary from two to eight weeks. Each resident is provided with comfortable accommodations, ample studio space, and a weekly $100 stipend for the duration of their stay. Deadline March 1, 2017. Location Nebraska City, Nebraska.

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