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In the dead and deepening center of our ever-more ‘spectacular’ society, an announcement from The Hill about the Senate’s four-to-one majority in favor of confirming a fake-wrestling magnate as the head of the Small Business Administration, something that the vast majority of ReDemoPubliCratiCan luminaries are proclaiming as a godsend for innovation and entrepreneurship in the teeth of retracting real cultural opportunities and the ever-more conformist and constricting creative boundaries that America now promulgates, information along the lines of ‘a word to the wise is sufficient’ for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, a peek inside the contradictory machinations of governance now–uproarious ‘protests’ against so-called ‘Trumpism’ at the exact same time that an unshakeable consensus persists about the nature of the beast that living in its belly represents, a contextualization in turn that blends in chillingly interesting fashion with a new Just Security posting  that takes a look at how ‘top Constitutional-Law scholars’ view with loathing and even contempt the White House’s Stephen Miller’s perspectives on the absence of a ‘judicial supremacy’ that would eliminate real “judicial review” upon which ruling class imprimatur has depended since at least such storied instances of stare decisis as Marbury v. Madison and more.

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Today of course allows a worldwide opportunity to celebrate lovers with the erstwhile Christian melding of Pagan symbology that occurs on Valentine’s Day, while in more contemporary parlance this date marks V-Day as a commitment to end social violence against women and girls; in the early decades of Islam’s growth to worldwide prominence, seventeen hundred sixty-two years ago, Rome’s Imperial authorities continued their predatory attacks on Christians with the beheading of the spiritual leader whom we now know as St. Valentine; seven years shy of five centuries afterward, in 748, the inevitable schisms that always characterize such religious expressions of culture unfolded with a consolidating of the Abbasid Revolution over Umayyad imprimatur when rebels overthrew the defending garrison at Merv, a provincial capitol; MORE HERE

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"6sided dice" by Diacritica
“6sided dice” by Diacritica

Possibly the most likely scenario that attends the persistent continuation of capital’s inherently casino-style, winner-take-all operational and ideological evolution is the thorough expunging of human life from this fair planet, in turn the likeliest, though far from the only, method for accomplishing this feat some sort of thermonuclear event that would incinerate a fortunate plus or minus half of humankind outright and leave the remainder to waste away after enduring a few seasons of irradiated, wintry conditions and determining before their exit that cannibalism of radioactive manflesh does not suit survival in the least—a simple way to summarize such inferential prediction would state the matter thus, “Either we institute social equality via socialism, or we face extinction:” if extinguishing Homo Sapiens ‘brief candle’ seems a sad, or better, totally tragic, response to the good grace of all-that-is in placing us in such clement climes on this third rock from a minor star at the fringes of one of billions of galaxies in the cosmos, then time is short for the vast majority of the cousins here to organize themselves to manifest a mandate for power ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people,’ before we altogether pass away, finally, from this arena that was akin to a blinding stroke of luck, apparently, where because of our unwillingness to see things as they are we elected mass collective suicide over cooperation and mutuality.

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“A certain critic — for such men, I regret to say, do exist — made the nasty remark about my last novel that it contained ‘all the old Wodehouse characters under different names.’ He has probably by now been eaten by bears, like the children who made mock of the prophet Elisha: but if he still survives he will not be able to make a similar charge against Summer Lightning. With my superior intelligence, I have out-generalled the man this time by putting in all the old Wodehouse characters under the same names. Pretty silly it will make him feel, I rather fancy.”
P.G. Wodehouse, Summer Moonshine
                   Doc of the Day                      

The artist is the creator of beautiful things.  To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim.  The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.

The highest as the lowest form of criticism is a mode of autobiography.  Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming.  This is a fault.

Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated.  For these there is hope.   They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only beauty. MORE HERE

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

From the friends on YouTube at the Riverbends channel, an hour of classic Cambridge debate in which a pair of undergraduates barely differ on the proposition at hand, that the ‘American dream’ has transpired at the expense of “the American Negro,” and James Baldwin delivers an impassioned and brilliant affirmation of that view, which brings forth an unprecedented, minutes-long standing ovation from the assembled privileged matriculants, before, in absolutely riveting defense of White Supremacy and bigotry–ideas that scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens must peruse despite their noisome nonsense and conceptual muddle–in the name of ‘helping the Negro’ from none other than William F. Buckley, an amazing spectacle altogether that makes a seamless mesh with a tamer and yet in some ways equally moving new Aeon profferral that permits viewers to ponder the lives and tasks that talented and yet marginalized immigrants are almost universally leading and undertaking in the current context, which is to say as caretakers of the discarded members of the vaunted ‘affluent society,’ all of which fits in provocative fashion with a powerful and passionate report, and indictment, from Mint Press News that briefly and potently presents the incontrovertible fact that everything that ‘resistance’ hopes to forestall under Donald Trump became the policies and prospects of Barack the Magnificent himself, whom almost none of the people in the street now saw fit to protest then.

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From Sunday’s and Monday’s Files

FBI Infiltration Permissions – http://www.blacklistednews.com/FBI_Rule_Book_Reveals_Loopholes_For_Infiltrating_Groups_Protesting_Pipelines/56598/0/38/38/Y/M.html

‘Liberal’ Views of Lies & Truth

The Age of Total Lies

Devos As Farce & Tragedy – http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/02/08/devo-f08.html





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pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


University of Toledo Department of Communication

The Department of Communication at the University of Toledo seeks applications for an instructor position in multimedia/broadcasting journalism.  Teaching responsibilities will primarily focus on journalism in a television studio and multimedia lab environment. Candidates should be prepared to teach undergraduate multimedia courses such as reporting, video production, and digital newsroom. Candidates should be prepared to contribute to curriculum development emphasizing cross-discipline integration of new media technologies and multi-platform journalism. The successful candidate will be expected to teach four to five courses per semester and advise a student media group.  A start date of August 2017 is expected.


Fidel’s Legacy Now

A Global Research look at the true legacy and importance of one of the most important leaders of the past century or so, in spite of the fact that he rejected commemoration, by a by a Canadian journalist: “Fidel Castro challenged all this and more. Yet, instead of desiring recognition for the longest-lasting resistance to the biggest military and economic power in the world, he rejected such remembrance.”

WRISSFollow the Money: Good Advice & Journalism

A Nieman Lab post that discusses a novel approach to media in the form of a new venture that seeks novel and successful ways to finance itself and interact with readers: “The duo (along with Mark Koster, who now works at another Dutch publication), conceived Follow the Money in late 2009 and began publishing in March 2010. The site covers business, economics, and government misconduct, and its investigations have focused on issues like banking scandals, housing regulations, and the health care industry. But it’s committed to making their work connect with readers — both through direct engagement and by building a sustainability model that relies on reader memberships.


The American Fear of Literature

A Nobel Prize lecture that speaks to a certain cultural vice first noted in the 30s which contemporary people of letters would be wise to revisit: “I wish, in this address, to consider certain trends, certain dangers, and certain high and exciting promises in present-day American literature. To discuss this with complete and unguarded frankness – and I should not insult you by being otherwise than completely honest, however indiscreet – it will be necessary for me to be a little impolite regarding certain institutions and persons of my own greatly beloved land.”


Planning to Make Protest Illegal

A World Socialist Web Site report on the soon-to-be-lost most basic democratic rights in this country: “At least 10 state legislatures are planning to vote on bills attacking the right to protest in various ways. “I’ve never seen a coordinated attack on protesters’ rights anywhere near this scale,” stated the American Civil Liberties Union’s senior staff attorney Lee Rowland to the Washington Post. “What all of these bills have in common is they may be dressed up as being about obstruction or public safety, but make no mistake about it: These are about suppressing protests with draconian penalties so that the average person would think twice before getting out on the street and making their voice heard.””


The Conquest of Bread

A Gutenberg Project full-length offering of a revolutionary classic: “The Conquest of Bread is a revolutionary idyl, a beautiful outline sketch of a future society based on liberty, equality and fraternity. It is, in Kropotkin’s own words, “a study of the needs of humanity, and of the economic means to satisfy them.” Read in conjunction with the same author’s “Fields, Factories and Workshops,” it meets all the difficulties of the social inquirer who says: “The Anarchist ideal is alluring, but how could you work it out?”