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A deeply daunting topic, as a brief from Defend Democracy Press, that clues scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens to the continuing importance of Greece, and its fleecing, by the likes of the European Union and Germany on the one hand the the International Monetary Fund and the United States on the other hand, a predatory attempt to dismantle socially democratic norms and protocols in order to usher in an exclusively profiteering regime that in many ways parallels what Information Clearinghouse proffers in its new transcript of a Bashar al Assad interview that further emphasizes the idiotically demonized leader’s sublime intelligence and stubborn integrity in the face of depredations of an almost biblical scale from Europe and America, both of which in turn appear congruent with a Global Research assessment of the EU’s unfolding fiscal crisis, which could easily spell the end of that attempted internationalization of Europe’s fractious tribes, a dire and possibly lethal blow against all hopes for world peace and prosperity.

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Four centuries and six decades and one year ago, Anglican Bishop John Hooper died, burned alive at a stake to which his accusers tied him for the crime of wanting to reform the Church of England; two hundred seventy-nine years prior to just now, a baby boy gave a first cry who would grow up as fiery critic and radical democrat Thomas Paine; thirty-eight years thereafter, in 1775, Great Britain’s Parliament declared that the colony of Massachusetts Bay was in rebellion; thirteen years later and four thousand miles East in 1788, Hapsburg forces joined Russians in their battles with the Ottoman Empire in the Russo-Turkish War; nineteen decades and two years prior to the present pass, Congress decided the U.S. Presidential election when no candidate received an Electoral College majority, out of which emanated the present ‘Two-Party-System;’ MORE HERE

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planets space saturn cosmosPerhaps, given that the galaxy’s persistent unfolding imminence has little to do with our willpower or wishes, the only expression of humankind that truly ought to irritate anyone, at least who has decided to pay attention and seek that combination of compassion and knowledge that underpins wisdom, is obdurate, willful ignorance about how things actually do work, inasmuch as such an attitude—which unfortunately for residents of the planet Earth now, and particularly the ‘belly of the beast’ in North America, is practically ubiquitous among the worshippers of ‘middle class values’ in the United States—guarantees several outcomes which are, to put the matter mildly, incongruent with sage policy, amicable social relations, or any sort of sustainable connection with the clement climes that we inhabit but have fouled with our clueless grasping after capital’s profiteering ways: put simply, a first such result is the replacement of reality with fantasy; a second is the displacement of possible solutions to crisis with fetishes that are little other than Voodoo; a third is the flight from responsibility and participation which so defines the human psyche now—why try when the entire operation depends on bullshit?—fourth, fifth, sixth, and more such suboptimality would be easy enough to list, but the ultimate upshot is a challenge upon which human survival quite likely depends, in our sort of ‘put up or shut up’ period of time, to wit, to manage this miracle of grace that is our presence here as a matter of stewardship and therefore commit to the learning and actions that such an august task requires, or to watch as inevitable cataclysm draws nigher and nigher and nigher, and those nihilists and opportunists of despicable despair can chortle while everything goes to shit and all Homo Sapiens potential devolves into either an explosively quick or excruciatingly slow manifestation of mass collective suicide.

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The activity of writing, then, is not to be distinguished from the activity of self-exploration. It consists in contemplating the sea of internal images, discerning connections, and setting these out in grammatical sentences (“I could never conceive of a network of meaning too complex to be expressed in a series of grammatical sentences,” says Murnane, whose views on grammar are firm, even pedantic.)

  • J M Coetzee “The quest for the girl from Bendigo Street,” The New York Review of Books, v. 59. n. 20, December 20, 2012
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 Numero Uno —  “The research for which George Akerlof, Mike Spence, and I are being recognized is part of a larger research program which, today, embraces hundred, perhaps thousands, of researchers around the world. In this lecture, I want to set the particular work which was sited within this broader agenda, and thatagenda within the broader perspective of the history of economic thought. I hope to show that Information Economics represents a fundamental change in the prevailing paradigm within economics. Problems of information are central to understanding not only market economics but also political economy, and in the last section of this lecture, I explore some of the implications of information imperfections for political processes.


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SEARCHDAY"anti communism" OR anti-communism OR "red scare" critique OR rebuttal OR refutation OR deconstruct OR analyze OR excoriate OR destroy OR assess OR investigate seeger OR langston OR baldwin OR marcuse OR miliband OR guthrie OR mills OR appleman OR zinn response OR discourse OR dialog OR conversation marxist OR radical = 279,000 Hits.

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An absolutely critical triptych about anti-communism that at once examines very particular circumstances, such as in the case of the highlighted archival broadcast of Deep Dish TV about the obviously illegal and invasive and predatory attempt to use Cuba’s own allocated airwaves to impose TV Marti on Cubans as an attempt to undermine the loathed commie regime that has remained overwhelmingly the choice of the residents of the islands in the face of horrific attacks again and again, an hour-long investigation that ought to rank near the top of the viewing choices of scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who hope to understand how things in general really work, which is to say to be able to deconstruct how hatred of Marx and Lenin and revolution have stayed the primary basis for ‘established’ cultural expression for more than a century now, a specific manifestation of what a YouTube piece examines, with the likes of Stephen Jay Gould and others, as a primacy of anti-communist ideation in American cultural life, as well as a defense of reactionary, even fascist, policies by a conference of intelligence agents and erstwhile academics that  C-SPAN forum presents in an hour and a quarter, of how mediated and academic attacks on communism, in a way that defends such attacks, thereby establishing the side by side presence of anticommunism itself and rational analysis of anticommunism.

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Kweli Journal is offering a six-week workshop, Art of the Short Story Workshop II, for short story writers and novelists of color, led by Founder and Editor in Chief, Laura Pegram.


For their Vinyl Chapbook Competition, YesYes Books seeks poetry, prose, and mixed genre chapbook manuscripts. They are also accepting nominations for the Pamet River Prize, an annual contest open to first or second full-length books of poetry or prose by female-identifying or gender-queer writers.

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