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In relation to the forthcoming shakedown of America that will emanate from the Department of Education like tentacles of poison gas from a completely foreseeable combination that people have permitted anyhow, an article from World Socialist Website that foretells this devolutionary moment in the sphere of learning that results from the confirmation of a foe of both reason and democracy, an opponent of both social justice and social equality, Betsy DeVos, to lead the Federal agency, an overview that LawNewz contextualizes as five reasons that parents ought to fear this new bureaucratic excrescence, and that The Baffler delves deeply in terms of the experience of Michigan with the DeVos family, a sad and scary story of devolution and depredation in the name of privilege and profit, all of which melds snugly with a second WSWS item that begins the process of detailing the further manifestation of police state nostrums throughout much of the U.S. as State legislatures take up a ‘holy war’ against protesters and critics of established plunder and plutocracy.

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In the realm of ancient and spiritual, today is Nirvana Day among followers of Mahayana Buddhism, while those under the spell of commoditizing everything in the U.S. proclaim this date as Propose Day; at the gates of Europe in Western Russia seven hundred and seventy-nine years ago, interloping Mongols burned the city of Vladimir; just a dozen years henceforth, in 1250, the Battle of Al Mansurah began in the Seventh Crusade, with Christian forces arrayed against Ayyubid fighters; exactly three and quarter centuries along time’s arc, in 1575, the founders of Leiden University opened their doors with the motto Praesidium Libertatis, or bastion of liberty; another dozen years onward, in 1587, the executioner’s ax separated Mary, Queen of Scots’ head from her body for the crime, allegedly, of conspiring to murder her cousin, Elizabeth; just nine years further along time’s path, in 1596, over five thousand miles Southwest in Mexico City the younger Luis de Carabajal ‘testified’ against other members of his family for the ‘crime’ of relapsing into Jewish practices, for which, soon enough, he and all of the rest of them suffered incineration at the hands of the Inquisition; MORE HERE

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CC BY-NC-ND by dianecordell
CC BY-NC-ND by dianecordell

Once one has food for the belly and a place to sleep, plentiful water to drink, and the air and space and, perhaps, clothing necessary to breathe easily and move naturally and remain warm and comfortable, one almost always gives at least passing attention to issues of provenance, pondering where this wide world and obviously indeterminately immense universe, have come from, how they’ve originated and delivered not only all that one sees around about one’s life, but also one’s exact and particular life itself, with all its external marvels and that combination of the delicious and the dreadful that subsist inside each and every one of us: without a single doubt, any ‘certain’ answer to such inquiry is at best a ‘cry in the wilderness,’ albeit a shout out that arguably all people should attempt, in the event, and to wit, this note, which avers that a great god, Ran-Dom rules over all and has yielded all the vast variety that so magically manages to manifest its variegation here—that such a bracing existential leap might prove chilling to the unwilling, a bit of a diversion from the solipsistic and narcissistic wishful thinking that some other, more godly, God, holds one’s particular palpitations more closely in His grasp, does not in and of itself reduce the compelling logic of the idea that, with enough space and matter in motion literally everything can happen, and ultimately, as one’s crazy concatenations could attest, will in fact transpire.

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Numero Uno“Mrs. Baroda was a little provoked to learn that her husband expected his friend, Gouvernail, up to spend a week or two on the plantation.


They had entertained a good deal during the winter; much of the time had also been passed in New Orleans in various forms of mild dissipation.  She was looking forward to a period of unbroken rest, now, and undisturbed tete-a-tete with her husband, when he informed her that Gouvernail was coming up to stay a week or two.

MORE HERE from Kate Chopin and others

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SEARCHDAYproduction OR economics OR output necessity OR inherent OR requisite OR compulsory empire OR imperialism OR colonial critique OR rejection OR dispute anarchism OR syndicalism OR socialism OR communism psychology OR psyche OR “social relations” OR spirituality history OR origins OR development synthesis OR conjunction OR interrelated OR intertwined OR interconnected = 2, 750,000 Conjunctions.

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For scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, whose needs must ever include struggles to attain understanding and acquire knowledge, two very different conversations about such processes, the first from Jacobin, presenting a magnificent interview with Eric Foner that examines a period in history utterly critical for comprehending the current context, the days of reconstruction, which the estimable historian, from a family of blacklisted radicals, deconstructs in ways that are mandatory for erstwhile ‘progressives’ to consider, the second from Fast Coexist, proffering videos of the masterful public intellectual and gadfly of ignoramuses, Hans Rosling, whose TED talk  on how to avoid ignorance remains an essential twenty minute commitment for all folks who hope to forestall their own descent into the land of ‘know nothings’ and boobs.

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Mother Jones Archive – http://archives.lib.cua.edu/findingaid/jones.cfm

EP Thompson’s Preface – http://libcom.org/library/preface-making-english-working-class



student writing arm



The Baltic Writing Residency is extremely excited to announce the establishment of the Stormé DeLarverie writing residency, specifically aimed at under-represented writers. Offers six to seven days in a Victorian apartment in historic Old Louisville, or off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in idyllic Boone, North Carolina. The date of the residency will be decided through discussion with the winning writer, as will the choice of Kentucky or North Carolina. Each year one writer will be chosen. Applications are accepted by any author of poetry, plays, screenplays, fiction, or creative nonfiction writing in English, regardless of their home nation (translations are admissible). A modest honorarium of a minimum of $100 will accompany the residency. The writer will need to provide their own transportation.


The Michigan Journal of Sustainability is seeking timely, innovative, and informative scholarly articles focused on the human-environment interface. This journal presents articles about sustainability research that are useful and usable to practitioners and policy makers.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Atlas Obscura is seeking a highly creative editor to help us launch a new vertical dedicated to wondrous and unusual food & drink. This isn’t the kind of food-journalism job focused on attending restaurant openings or reviewing dining experiences. Rather, you’ll be tasked with defining and executing what Atlas Obscura’s approach to this topic should be. We’re a site about history, science, geography, exploration—any subject that’s filled with wonder and surprise. What we’re looking for is an editor who understands our mission, who’s passionate about food, and who’s got a ton of ideas about how to marry the two on a variety of platforms.

You’ll assign and edit articles, supervise contributions by our community of users, and collaborate on videos, podcasts, events, and more. You’ll report to the editor-in-chief, and work from our offices in Brooklyn, NY.


Reading 1914 Protest Poetry Now

A Brain Pickings revival of a powerful poem relevant to now, brought to us by a contemporary creative spirit: “The words reached across time to strike me with their extraordinary relevance today, and I set out to find their source. Literature being the original internet, as I’ve long believed, Carson’s letter became a de facto “hyperlink” to another text — the words she cited, though frequently misattributed to Abraham Lincoln, turned out to be the opening lines of a piercing poem titled “Protest” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (November 5, 1850–October 30, 1919), from her 1914 book Poems of Problems (public domain | public library), written at the peak of the Women’s Suffrage movement and just as WWI was about to erupt.

WRISSRhetoric, Ideology, & ‘Rightward’ Drifts

A Quillette offering that looks at the role that rhetoric has played in changing the sociopolitical landscape, an idea of particular relevance to all scrappy scribes: “Yet of course one’s admiration only goes so far. There are those of us, conservatives, liberals and left wingers, who like arguing and, more significantly, treasure the importance of dialectic as a means of ascertaining truths. It is a depressing feature of modernity that our discourse has become so hostile, so vulgar and so crude, and these new right wing ideologues seem to be enjoying the decline. Anyone who trusts a news item on Breitbart is a potential bridge-buyer, while, if you’re like me,watching Yiannopoulos prance about America discussing his sexual proclivities during arguments about “trigger warnings” will make you want to retire to the library out of boredom.

But this would be weak. It is despair. It is surrender. We have to engage with our culture if we have ideas and standards to defend and promote and that requires rhetoric.”


May Tyler Moore and the Hollywood Reds

A Tikkun article that contextualizes a beloved and surprisingly progressive TV staple of the 70’s, during a time of remembering its passed star:  “Lou Grant (1977-82), with lefty Ed Asner reprising his role as Mary’s boss but in the toughened status as journalistic muckraker and all-too-obviously Jewish radical, was arguably the first dramatic show to take on America’s imperial crimes, along other calculated crimes and disorders in high places. Red-baited continuously, Asner was as much as chased from the air, although he had his revenge in leading the Screen Actors Guild and serving as a burr in the saddle of the CIA-linked AFL-CIO leadership of the age. By that time, M*A*S*H, had long since spun off from a film co-written by Ring Lardner, Jr., one of the most famous of the blacklisted screenwriters, and was well on its way to becoming both the most watched (through residuals) and most peacenik series in television history.” 


ReDemoPubliCratiCan Infighting

An Ian Welsh look at some of the ridiculous infighting among the elites, and contextualizes the overall hypocrisy of the ruling classes: “For the fools, this doesn’t mean that Trump will keep his most important promise: the ur-promise of prosperity for the forgotten Americans. Of course, Obama didn’t keep his ur-promise either, which was of a fundamental change in how DC did business and how the country was run. Rather the contrary, Obama institutionalized George Bush’s abuses, leaving those powers in place for use by Trump.

But Trump won because he told truths other people wouldn’t tell.”

GENISS School Shootings’ Tracking Unemployment

An important Ars Technica article that analyses the tie-in between generalized unemployment and school shooting, pointing to the generalized results of poverty and the destruction of the social fabric: “The authors decided to compare these periods of increased shootings with the unemployment rate because unemployment is an aggregate statistic that summarizes many economic hardships. Unemployment may summarize the hardships faced by students’ families, as well problems that older students face as they make the school-to-work transition. Strong evidence in the literature also suggests that children feel the impact of their parent’s employment status.